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Jun 20 2012

Mozilla Thunderbird v13 gets large attachment handling

While others may be flocking to the web for their e-mail handling/management, Thunderbird is still my e-mail application of choice, and I still think having my emails local, where I can filter, reply and compose is better than having to deal with the web interfaces; which, for me, seems like they are trying to catch …

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Feb 16 2012

How to: Send PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird [easy]

There’s a problem with PaperPort  that’s lacking a little bit, but for the most part I believe the overall interface of PaperPort is outstanding, the flow of the application works for me and I can organize my stuff the way I’d like to, but the problem I have is fairly simple and Nuance has been …

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Dec 17 2010

Top 10 Plug-ins for Mozilla Thunderbird in 2011

Mozilla Thunderbird is still the most popular eMail client on the Internet; mostly because of the plug-ins you can use with it to build and customize the application to specifically how you want it to function. I’ve compiled a list of plug-ins for Thunderbird that makes it a very productive eMail client. With plug-ins like …

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May 19 2010

Solved: Windows Live Writer and Twenty Ten Theme Images

I’ve seen a few posts and complaints from folks saying they can’t get Windows Live Writer and the new WordPress Theme ‘Twenty Ten’; they can’t align images in EDIT mode. There’s some heat flowing in the direction of Windows Live Writer for not being compatible, or people complaining that they’re going to drop Windows Live …

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Dec 18 2009

Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]

Xobni has come on the scene like gang busters providing what seems a basic function that been should’ve been there and has been over looked for so long. It’s the perfect email client data miner. Xobni has exclusively developed for Outlook. Microsoft must really be loving that the Xobni crew is putting so much effort …

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Jun 03 2009

Public Announcement: Email is ‘kinda’ dead

With every technology there’s a point where a particular function or feature is hot topic and it’s the peak of everyone’s interest, and at this point email has past it’s prime. Email has served it’s purpose and has put a hurt’n on package/postal couriers and just about put all fax machines in the junk yard. …

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Oct 21 2008

Corporate Emails: What is offensive?

In the corporate world emails are common. They’re more common than the phone or voice mails. If someone can’t get you by voice they email you. You get your new policies, documentation and common communications. Honestly, it’s a awesome way to communicate for pretty much everything, but it can also be a demons wrath on …

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