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May 24 2013

Don’t let Google make you stupid

More and more I find myself in situations where I’m completely dependent upon my smart phone. I hate to say that having a smartphone is making me stupid, but the simple fact is, if I have my smart phone, I know that I don’t have to remember pieces of information and therefore I consider the …

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Nov 10 2010

Oracle Triggers Mass-Defection of OpenOffice Developers to LibreOffice

I’ve been a longtime supporter of OpenOffice, I’ve been a longtime supporter of OpenOffice and I like to take the option to suggest that others use OpenOffice if their place in the position of needing a light weight and feature rich office suite, but recent developments are going to force me to change my recommendations, …

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Apr 28 2009

The "unfixable" Windows 7 Exploit

Researchers at a recent hackers’ conference in Dubai have demonstrated what they claim is an unfixable exploit for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. Apparently, they’ve found a way to gain control of a Windows 7 machine during the boot up process though the use of a tiny 3KB program dubbed VBootkit 2.0. Since no data is …

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Dec 13 2008

Tech-Support: The Realist Story

One of the most common things to expect nowadays when purchasing a PC is 24/7 tech-support. The people behind the scenes to provide these types of services; not all of them are super smart at what they do. Some of them look at screens that give them instructions on how to fix problems, others have …

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