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Sep 30 2016

Slick new iPhone 7 case restores the headphone jack

I think it’s always funny when you see companies trying to dictate the path of technology in such a way that it angers people. Apple’s newly released a new iPhone 7 it’s causing a star with the absence of the headphone jack. There was a lot of discussion about the release of the iPhone 7, …

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Mar 09 2016

FCC looking to give low-income families broadband Internet service for under $10

I saw in a blog post today by the FCC Chairman Tom wheeler that the FCC is planning on extending the Lifeline program to give low-income families access to broadband internet service. While some people don’t have access to broadband internet service at all, most don’t have broadband internet service because the price is too high. …

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Mar 25 2014

Microsoft $100 credit isn’t going to push users to Windows 8

You really have to give it to Microsoft on having operating system that’s almost 15 years old and people are still using it. Irregardless of the security problems and performance issues with Windows XP, it’s still an operating system that’s in full effect in lots of companies. Windows XP survived the release of Windows Vista; which was a complete failure.

Mar 06 2011

Smartphones/Tablets – The Keyboard Won’t Die

I’ve been talking lately about tablets and Smartphones; they’re really nifty and while the bulk of sales for 2011 and 2012 should be in the market of the tablet and Smartphones— this is why PC’s and Smartphones aren’t going to just rule… Keyboards… There’s something inherent about using a keyboard to get your work done. …

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Jan 21 2011

Thoughts on Comcast/NBC Universal Merger

I was reading an article on the merger of Comcast and NBC Universal on Ars Technica,  [article] and how Al Franken is displeased with the merger of the two giants; and he should be, because he’s the only one who’s not talking out their… bias. The simple fact is that corporation like Comcast and NBC …

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Jan 06 2010

Get the Calendar Back in Thunderbird v3

For Thunderbird I won’t say I’m resisting the web based email websites like Google, but I like to say I still prefer the local email client; having my information on my own PC. And having a feature rich client for email is just so much fun. It’s a lot more interesting than what you can …

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May 05 2009

Security Risk: Using Older Versions of Web Browsers

While some browse the internet with reckless abandon, I choose not to. I make the connection that those who [using Windows] are informed and make wise decisions are using Firefox from Mozilla as their current web browser; it’s updated often, it’s fast, it’s customizable, secure and free. You really can’t beat that. I’m not going …

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