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Nov 25 2012

Preparing for Cyber Monday

It’s been a tough time for everyone with the economy being so bad this past year, but if you are searching for a silver lining, notice the sales numbers from this season. It’s been reported that sales are up 20+% this year for black Friday sales. This is naturally going to translate into higher Cyber …

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Apr 12 2010

Free Anti-Virus For Windows Servers

I was recently in the hunt for anti-virus software for Windows server, but the problem with Windows servers are most server platforms are being utilized in corporate environments. And being as such, they’re expecting you to purchase an enterprise level antivirus software package, but maybe that isn’t your case. Maybe you just have a home …

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Oct 19 2009

Norton 360 won’t let users ‘just go’ – their uninstall isn’t working properly

If your one of the lucky ones that are having issues with your PC after you uninstalled Norton 360; not being able to access any service but HTTP requests- your in a large group of users that are victim to Norton 360’s ability to uninstall properly. The symptoms are you can’t get any other anti-virus …

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Aug 06 2009

Renting software: Would you pay for a software subscription?

I was recently asked for my opinion, in regards to software subscriptions,  and I don’t know in what regard a software subscription would actually work well. I understand the concept of anti-virus software and having subscriptions to make sure they’re maintained. You get the latest updates/patches for viruses, but it’s hard to say a substitution …

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Mar 18 2009

Handling and Removing Spyware

Spyware is right up there with viruses, malicious actions and just plain evil people. And it’s really hard to tell the two apart… These things are just the scum of the Earth and they serve no purpose at all, but to muck up your daily routine, take your data and irritate you to no end. …

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