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Aug 10 2012

My Dragon NaturallySpeaking tweaking tips

I’ve been an user of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for an over extended period of time; it’s a massive boost to productivity and key to getting things like emails, documentation or just getting your thoughts out on something really quick. I was recently in an online chat with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking [Nuance] team the other day in …

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Sep 20 2010

5 Suggestions: Things That Would Make Nuance PaperPort [12+] Awesome

There’s nothing on the market as public, to the public, as PaperPort [current version 12.1]. And while the application does good to try to organize your documents and images, I believe it’s missing a few key points for people who are attempting to use it in a more professional manner. And the PaperPort application is …

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May 02 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Display Issues On VirtualBox

The latest release of Ubuntu is out, and it’s fantastic! This is no joke; it’s an impressive release to be sure. Ubuntu developers have been climbing and improving with each release, and the latest release is the most impressed I’ve been so far. It’s got the fastest boot time I’ve ever seen, even from a …

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