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Adobe to 64-bit users: NO FLASH PLAYER FOR YOU!

You’ve got to be kidding me. 64-bit machines have [not are] flooded the market. Everyone has witnessed the flood of 64-bit systems to the market and yet there’s no 64-bit FLASH player! Nah, forget it Internet Explorer users I’m not even discussing Internet Explorer. Just about as far as anyone cares, that browser is dead. […]

Windows 7 RC: Coming to a PC near you.


Microsoft has released it’s release candidate. This is basically it folks. If you want to see what the next version is going to look like; this is it. Next to nothing will change from now to production time. The long and short of it is this… download it, burn it to a DVD, install it, […]

Dragon NaturallySpeaking ‘Essentials’ Customers: No Updates for you!


I’m very disappointed in Nuance. I saw on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Facebook {April 8th 2009} that Nuance has decided not to support or honor their earlier statements to support the ‘Essentials’ customers. For months, Dragon NaturallySpeaking customers have been promised updates. Nuance is showing that they are not people of their word. They have practiced […]

64-bit Web Browsing: Slow Market Penetration


64-bit PC’s and laptops are hitting the market consistently now. 64-bit systems are flooding the market, just one of the lacking points is the development of a 64-bit browsers and their components. It’s pretty obvious that the software developers don’t place a lot of emphasis on this fact. The natural evolution of software says you’ve […]

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Essentials – the Orphan

Dragon NaturallySpeaking to Nuance is a bastard child to a really great family. Referencing a post I made a while back, it referred to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Essentials suite from Nuance. The Essentials suite is a custom package that’s only sold at target; ONLY at Target for $40. See Nuance doesn’t sell Essentials anywhere else, […]


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