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Apr 15 2011

Microsoft gives Vista users the FINGER with no Internet Explorer 10

With Microsoft not delivering on a mobile platform that works, and with their declining desktop operating system market dropping, Microsoft has decided to make an attempt to speed the process of their demise… by giving the finger to their customer base… that’s right— Microsoft has decided that Internet Explorer 10 is too good for Vista …

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Nov 03 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 Turns ONE

The Redmond giant is enjoying some very nice news. They’re still enjoying the growth of Windows 7 and estimates are that within the next 2+ years, the market will be flooded with Windows 7; wiping out Windows XP— finally. According to Microsoft they’ve sold 240 million copies of Windows 7 [from October 22nd 2009], but …

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Dec 21 2009

eMclient sets a date for end of BETA

eM client is an excellent email client, and recent releases have been very impressive. They’ve done an outstanding effort to poise themselves as the Microsoft Outlook killer/alternative. The community looking at eM client have been watching it’s development closely. The eM client crew recently released this from their website. This was their release… No related …

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Dec 16 2009

An Alternative to Adobe Reader

Everyone has their own taste for applications, but it always comes down to simple yet powerful and arguing PDF readers and arguing browsers is almost the same, but you’ve more fighting ground. I’m going to argue on which is the best, but I’m going to say that about 3 years ago I found a program …

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Sep 23 2009

Replacing Textbooks with eBooks and Kindles

When kids go back to school/college, and typically have to pay a fee for the use of textbooks, or purchase textbooks altogether. I don’t quite understand why kids are still taking textbooks to school. The school systems purchase textbooks for the kids to utilize, but the problem is that they’re doing this 6-12 times, if …

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Jul 31 2009

LEHSYS Report – July 31st 2009

The site is a constant work in progress. It’s a labor of love you might say. Someone was asking me the other day, why I maintained my site, and it’s the same reason it was 3 years ago, it’s to share information I have with others who may not know and to offer helpful insight. …

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Jun 03 2009

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 beta 2: Not trendy enough

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 [shredder] is still in Beta. I download the beta yesterday and I just am not impressed with anything they’re pumping out. They’re making a lot of corrections and the bugs they’ve corrected is extensive, but where’s the functionality? A lot of users are loyal to Thunderbird and 3 years ago it was …

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