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Aug 13 2010

Motorola Droid Firmware Update 2.2

Verizon is pushing out the update for Motorola Droid phones and I just couldn’t wait. I‘ve only received one firmware update on my phone since I’ve had it and while I was not displeased with anything, I was really looking forward to the update. I was on the web the other day and found instructions …

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Feb 22 2010

Windows 7: Microsoft Continues their SPYING practices

Microsoft posted a disturbing article… Does everyone remember that wonderful time in the last 10 years as Microsoft continued to muck with everyone’s machines with WGA; interrogating and SPYING on peoples machines to see if they were ‘genuine’? And does anyone remember the back lash from the public about the rampant parade of false positives, …

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Feb 15 2010

Adventures in Scripting: AUTOHOTKEY

Everyone has pointless entry and clicking tasks that they have to do on a regular basis; whether it be for work or at home you can associate with this statement. The point to using scripting to remove or reduce that crap for you, make the computer do what you want it to do. I think …

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Sep 30 2009

VOIP: Everywhere You Want To Be

I’ve already posted that I think ISP’ are going to change to to ‘media company’, but the more interesting thing is the communication lines like telephone. It’s not enough to have a phone line anymore; full well, Verizon isn’t interested in land line phone connections anymore. Just about every Internet connection is going to offer …

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