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digsbyIf you want to chat about the website, articles or issues, let me know.

If I’m online, you can Instant Message me.

I don’t mind answering a few simple questions. I look forward to chatting with you.

Remote Desktop Support

Remote desktop connections to someone’s machine is always, in my opinion, the best and quickest way to resolve a issue.

A lot of the time terminology is the worst enemy in tech support. Being able to see what the other person is talking about makes support so much easier.

In most situations, you turn to those you know for help. If you’re working with family or friends and you need a way to connect in to their machine to help them, I can offer some suggestions.


This is an excellent application for remote support. It has two wonderful flavors, USB [portable] and standard, where you can install it like any other traditional application.

Free for Personal use.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer Full Version

This option offers a very robust option set for those who do remote support often.
yuuguu YUUGUU
Yuuguu’s approach to screen-sharing goes straight through your instant messaging clients, although they’re not required to run the program. It’s a multiprotocol messaging program that supports the biggest IM services—Yahoo, MSN, Google, AIM, ICQ, and Skype.
ScreenStream screenshot SCREENSTREAM
One of the main advantages of ScreenStream is that the viewers do not need to install any special software to view your screen. They just open it directly with their normal internet browser.
UltraVNC is an easy remote support program to use, but it’s not without requirements of adjusting a firewall.


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