PC Topics

PC Basics aims to provide some essentials to having a PC; common programs and utilities that your average common users should have.

This is a collection of programs and utilities that can assist you in situations of a PC viral infection or Mal-ware attack.

This is a personal collection of programs that I found useful and that can be loaded on a jumpdrive and taken with you anywhere.


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PC Basics

There’s a few things that you can do to make sure that you have a healthy PC and try to ensure that that PC stays running and virus free.PC’s require a level of responsibility make sure you are doing your part by protecting your PC. Here’s a few things you can do to keep your …

PC First Aid – Malware Removal Tools

Updated: 1/30/2014 The focus of this page is to address issues of Microsoft Windows Spyware/Malware or infectious problematic issues and possible ways to resolve those problems. This information is presented to those who would’ve or have system issues with viruses or Spyware/Malware . While this is not a step by step how to; it provides …

PC Life by Jumpdrive

In this section, I’m going to start listing all the fantastic and useful programs you can put on a jumpdrive [USB Drive] to keep you and your information together; where you can get things done. Browsers, security, personal information managers, productivity applications… Check back later for more updates. Mozilla Portable Always a good choice for …

PC Essential Applications

This section is about essential applications to load on a PC to make it more complete. Here are some applications that I would recommend loading first on your PC, if you are having to reload. Notice: This is a living document that’ll be updated periodically, or as necessary… E-mail Handling Thunderbird eM client Document Managers/Viewers …


If you’re a FARM TOWN fanatic, then your going to love this! If you wished Farm Town was a little easier, it can be and is now. With Rapido Farmer no more clicking and no more playing because your carpal tunnel is acting up. With Rapido Farmer you use the keys on your keyboard to …

Fast Add [for Dragon NaturallySpeaking]

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