Sep 15 2016

Review: Dragon Professional Individual version 15

img_57d37a29135f3 Review: Dragon Professional Individual version 15

Nuance recently released a new version of their speech recognition software, Dragon Professional Individual version 15. The Dragon Professional Individual series started with version 14. Nuance made some improvements to the existing Dragon NaturallySpeaking application, trying to make it more applicable to professionals. Version 14 offered the addition of transcription, auto texts, and Dragon Anywhere [subscription service].

The Dragon Anywhere is an application you can download to your Apple or android device, using the application you can leverage the speech recognition abilities of Dragon pretty much anywhere you want. The vocabularies you have on your desktop can be synchronized with that on the Dragon Anywhere application. You can also synchronize Dragon Anywhere documents using various cloud services.

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Sep 02 2016

Facebook Can Help You With Your Political Affiliation

image Facebook Can Help You With Your Political Affiliation

Facebook is interesting, in the fact that it’s collecting all this private information on people and building these digital profiles. So even if you don’t know what your political stance is on the US elections, Facebook can help you, because they already have you figured out; and labeled.

Oddly enough, I don’t normally do any kind of articles on this website about politics because of how polarized it is. Most people avoid conversations of religion and politics just by policy, but because this website is based on technology topics, I have to report that Facebook is keeping track of your political views.

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Aug 31 2016

Sling TV adds NBC Channel; kinda

image_thumb-8 Sling TV adds NBC Channel; kinda

I just recently did an article about Sling TV adding the NFL channel. I think it’s great that Sling TV is gaining more speed and more acceptance with the Cord Cutter community. They are providing a service that everybody wants; streaming channels to just about any type of device. Essentially, Sling TV is a digital/Internet antenna for your mobile device.

Right now, it seems like everyone is fighting to provide their own media channel. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox all have their own individual streaming channels, of sorts. Most of the channels don’t have live streaming TV, they offer playback of episodes that were viewed previously.

Sling TV was supposed to be different in the aspect that it provided live streaming television, but somehow they’ve cut a deal with NBC to incorporate their broadcast lineup [playback only], mixed in with their live television streams.

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Aug 29 2016

Is Rotten Tomatoes really hurting movies that much?

image_thumb-4 Is Rotten Tomatoes really hurting movies that much?

Short answer; no- and here’s why.

And you really don’t have to look far for an explanation. The past couple of years, there’s been a shortage of blockbuster movies with a good turnout. A couple of weeks ago when Suicide Squad was about to be released in theaters, a lot of the top critics on Rotten Tomatoes was giving it really low reviews. Oddly enough, there was a petition to shut down the Rotten Tomatoes website because of all the negative reviews the movie was getting, and it wasn’t even out in the theaters yet.

Was Suicide squad a victim of Rotten tomatoes negative reviews, or was it just another situation where Hollywood has created a crap movie and is upset that people don’t like it and have a venue to voice their opinions about what they think of the movie?

After seeing the movie myself, the answer is clear.

image_thumb-5 Is Rotten Tomatoes really hurting movies that much?

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Aug 26 2016

Facebook, what are you doing with your trending topics?

image_thumb-6 Facebook, what are you doing with your trending topics?

Facebook is the most dominating website on the Internet for social networking and they’re constantly looking for ways to mess around with the interface; making small changes.

I still haven’t figured out why Facebook won’t leave my personal settings alone, so that when I’m looking at my newsfeed, it leaves it on the settings that I want; not the settings in it wants. Ah, it’s okay keep jacking with stuff and see what sticks.

Friday night was interesting in regards to the main page for Facebook. On the right side, where the top typically has trending topics, they changed the layout a little bit from the normal.

They changed it to show a one line topic and the number of people talking about it. It was vague and stupid.

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Aug 26 2016

AMC is on Roku now, but still requires a cable subscription

image_thumb-3 AMC is on Roku now, but still requires a cable subscription

If you’re a big fan of the AMC channel, you’ll be happy to know that they now offer a channel on the Roku. The catch is if your a Cord Cutter, this doesn’t help you; you have to be such a subscriber to cable, satellite or your local telco provider to get full access to all the content that the AMC channel is going to offer.

I think this is the problem with a lot of content providers/channels through cable, satellite or other. AMC thinks that they’re reaching out to the Cord Cutters by offering a streaming solution for the content they provide, but they put a caveat on saying that you have to have an existing subscription.  Without the subscription, you only get a few snippets and trailers.

That’s a crap offering.

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Aug 25 2016

Cord Cutters rejoice as Sling TV adds ESPN and NFL Network channels

image_thumb-2 Cord Cutters rejoice as Sling TV adds ESPN and NFL Network channels

Cord Cutters are like the first adopters of the next generation of television. Cord Cutters are those people who are discontent with the standard established way of how cable companies operate. Users who are doing just streaming options for sports are very limited, especially for football. Historically. the NFL has really offered anything for streaming services.

But this year, Sling TV has added the NFL Network and the ESPN channel.

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Aug 23 2016

Netflix Raised Their Prices, And I Don’t Care

image_thumb-1 Netflix Raised Their Prices, And I Don’t Care

I normally get upset if I get a notification from a provider about rate increases. I mean who openly thinks that increasing prices on services is a cool thing? Only the service provider. But you know what, I got my notification earlier this month from Netflix that my service rates were going to go up. I one of the many people that were already using Netflix and got grandfathered into a price moratorium, but sadly, that time is past. I’m going to have to start paying more for my Netflix service. Almost an extra $25 a year.

And I’m more than happy to…

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Aug 10 2016

Suicide Squad had great potential, but failed to wow audiences

img_57bb434587169 Suicide Squad had great potential, but failed to wow audiences

This past weekend, I went to go see Suicide Squad. I was really excited to see what Warner Bros. and DC comics had cooked up for a live-action Suicide Squad movie. A lot of the advanced trailers that people were seeing about the movie looked to be fairly promising. The studio had secured established actors for the movie, like Jai Courtney, Will Smith and Margot Robbie. But from the very beginning, I was very skeptical of Warner Bros. being able to put together a live-action movie that could follow through with what this movie is supposed to be about.

Unfortunately, it started with rating the movie as PG-13. I understand that studios want to be able to have the widest range possible on their audience, but were talking about the Suicide Squad. This is supposed to be a collection of people that are the worst of the worst. Warner Bros. failed to understand that and they moved forward with using kid gloves when making the movie.

You have the potential of collecting all these great characters together and mixing it with Batman and the Joker, and virtually any other DC character in that universe and making an awesome movie, and you don’t.

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Aug 08 2016

Hulu’s Free Streaming Service Is No More

image_thumb Hulu’s Free Streaming Service Is No More

Unless you’re living under a rock, streaming content is becoming big business. Depending on who you ask, streaming content is a threat or it isn’t. If you’re looking at streaming content from the large networks, streaming content is not that big of a deal. If you’re on the side of the Cord Cutters, streaming content is a huge deal; and that market is very competitive.

Hulu recently announced that is going to be doing away with its free streaming service. Going forward, if you want to use Hulu, you’ll have to use their premium services with ads or without; roughly 8 dollars and $12 a month respectively.

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