Dec 16 2015

Windows Live Writer goes Open Source- Open Live Writer


It’s been obvious for a long time that Microsoft has been completely neglecting one of the most popular applications they’ve ever seen for bloggers; Windows Live Writer. Lots of information and rumor has been spread for a long time about Windows Live Writer going open source.

The moment that devout Windows Live Writer users have been waiting for has come true. Windows Live Writer has been released as open source. Some more good news is that there’re plenty of volunteer programmers that have stepped forward to donate portions of code to make Windows Live Writer better.

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Dec 14 2015

Review: [Offline Blogging Editor]


As a person who generates articles on a regular basis and has been blogging for a long time, it’s very exciting to hear that WordPress has released their own version of offline blogging software. It’s also very interesting to know that WordPress is releasing their software at almost the exact same time that Windows Live Writer is going open source [Open Live Writer].

As with any new software release, I’m sure more functionality and features are coming, but this article is focused upon what WordPress is providing right now.

Ironically, is not a fancy name for the application that is offering; it’s just referred to as

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Dec 04 2015

2015 Christmas Gift Ideas For Smartphone Users


I think it’s always difficult to try to purchase a gift for someone who’s into technology. If you’re someone who’s not technically inclined or know what the latest gadgets are, you might need some pointers on what’s cool.

For this article, which is going to be focusing on accessories for smartphones. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone and they are used for a wide range of activities. Here’s a quick list of some things you can think about for your special techie.

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Dec 02 2015

Speech Recognition: Dragon Anywhere vs. Google Docs


I recently had the opportunity to do a review on Dragon Anywhere from Nuance. At the same time I was doing the review for Dragon Anywhere, I recalled seeing an announcement/article where you can now do continuous speech recognition into Google Docs. This sparked the concept that Dragon Anywhere and Google Docs could be poised against each other. So how does Dragon Anywhere compare to Google Docs?

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Nov 30 2015 Releases A New Offline Blogging App


There’s a new option in the world of off-line blogging. As one of the many people who use WordPress as a blogging platform, I’m very excited to hear that is going through a major update. Eventually, the stuff that they’re releasing will make it down to other self-hosted WordPress sites.

WordPress has made great improvements towards making the blogging platform online easier to use; better editing tools, better composition tools, cut-and-paste images, media handling and supporting plug-ins, but I was really interested in the announcement that WordPress is going to release a desktop application for their blogging platform.

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