Jul 27 2014

What does the early leak of The Expendables 3 mean?

224 What does the early leak of The Expendables 3 mean?

This past week, the Internet was buzzing about the leaked release of Expendables 3. Expendables 3 wasn’t supposed to be released for approximately another three weeks. Having a movie like this leak out onto the Internet so early is really going to hurt the bottom line of this movie release, but the bigger point here is the number of times that the movie was downloaded [200+k] in such a short period of time, how much money it’s going to lose on opening day and/but why is pirating movies so popular?

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Jul 21 2014

The sad difference between the News vs Bloggers

865 The sad difference between the News vs Bloggers Two years ago, I wrote an article that was basically discussing the comparison between newspapers, journalists and bloggers. Last week was a big week for world issues and tragedies. News services around the world were scrambling to get journalists on site to document and report back to current issues that were happening. While the various news services or trying to get people on site to verify incoming reports, civilians and regular people with smartphones were already posting pictures to Facebook and Twitter. I find it beyond disgusting that some people have no moral decision-making process in place about posting stuff to social networking websites. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 18 2014

Roku 4 better impress; Android TV is coming

702 Roku 4 better impress; Android TV is coming

Ever since I was introduced to the Roku, I have been impressed. I think the Roku does a great job at what it does; streaming media content. Roku has clearly been the leader in providing Internet-based content to customers. Essentially, a Roku box converts any TV into a Smart TV. It allows customers to be able to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other sources.

But the area that Roku has been short in, has been getting content providers to provide channels/applications for the Roku. And in this same area, the android platform has been excelling at getting content providers to create applications/channels for its operating system.

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Jul 16 2014

The argument against buying a Smartwatch

594 The argument against buying a Smartwatch

The argument against Smartwatches seems to be clear. I think that most people would agree that Smartwatches are a novelty item. Smartwatches fulfill that age-old futuristic look of having a communicator on your wrist, like Dick Tracy; but it’s not practical. I might be able to see people using Smartwatches to get notifications or quick text messages, but it’s kind of in the same category of you look at it, you don’t use it to enter information.

But today, as I was browsing the Internet, I saw a new video. the video was labeled as the first ever keyboard for a Smartwatch. My mind immediately jumped to ‘oh, dear Lord— this has to be a joke!’

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Jul 14 2014

Review: Logitech H600 USB Wireless Headset

225 Review: Logitech H600 USB Wireless Headset

I’m a big user of voice recognition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but I also in a person who likes to be able to move around as I’m using speech recognition. Sometimes it’s a more fluid motion to be able to stand up and pace around the room, making discussion and trying to make a point, as opposed to sitting in front of a computer and dictating to a computer using a headset that’s wired.

A couple of years ago, I purchased a USB headset from Asus; it was a wireless headset as well utilizing a USB dongle. before I had the wireless headset, I was using a wired headset and a limited my mobility while using voice recognition. My initial headset from Asus work very well, but recently that headset decided that it’s lifespan was over.

Having previously had a great experience with USB headsets, I decided to go with another one. I mean really went over to eBay and just did a search on USB wireless headsets. I found that there were a lot of wireless USB headsets, but luckily I was caught by surprise with a daily deal on a USB wireless headset from Logitech. it was the Logitech H600 USB Supra-aural Wireless Headset . It was a refurbished item selling it less than half its original price; list at roughly $25. The wireless headset normally list around $70.

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Jul 11 2014

I hate Facebook and why I can’t quit

470 I hate Facebook and why I cant quit

I guess it sounds funny for someone to say that they hate Facebook, but in my case, it’s true. I hate Facebook. I hate Facebook for all the arguments it causes, all the drama it instigates and social awkwardness it imposes on people by having someone leave an off-color comment.

But you really have to respect Facebook the fact that they have integrated itself into pretty much everything. When you buy a smart phone, Facebook is included with the base package. Most of the time, you can’t uninstall Facebook. Facebook application for mobile devices can be installed on smart phones and tablets; it’s everywhere.

And because that Facebook has become so popular and so huge, it has actually ingrained itself into the baby boomer generation and further. So much that older individuals, that would not normally want to step away from the normal operations of your pocket calculator, have decided to embrace Facebook to make sure they are connected with their friends and family.

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Jul 08 2014

Should Google and Netflix Embarrass and Shame the ISPs?

youtube video quality report Should Google and Netflix Embarrass and Shame the ISPs?

Apparently, Google and Netflix have taken it upon themselves to do the honorable duty of exposing Internet service providers as the culprits behind why customers can’t get quality Internet service. First it started out with Netflix exposing Verizon customers to a small notice that indicated that Verizon’s networks were not up to par and that’s why Netflix customers experiences were being affected.

But now it seems that Google has just as much stake in exposing Internet service providers shortcomings as Netflix does. YouTube has been establishing itself as a media providing company for years. YouTube has realized that it’s fighting the same problem that Netflix has; Internet service providers throttling their connections.

So the question is, is it the right thing to do to shame the Internet service providers who are suppressing their customers experience with Internet access and media resources? Absolutely.

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Jun 19 2014

Why Amazon’s Fire Phone was a bad move

856 Why Amazons Fire Phone was a bad move

Amazon has released their own smartphone called Fire Phone and they seem to be very proud of it, but I think there’s a lot of people who saw the presentation of Fire Phone and just thought of themselves ‘big deal’.

I think it’s really hard to say that any manufacturer or provider is going to come into the smartphone market right now and make a huge splash without something hugely spectacular.

The hardware specifications for the new phone are fairly impressive, but for the bulk of the new features that Amazon was showing was nothing more than slight improvements to the user interface and android applications that can be installed on any android platform smartphone.

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Jun 18 2014

iRulu offers $99 Smartphone and Tough Tablet for active people

884 iRulu offers $99 Smartphone and Tough Tablet for active people

About a year ago, I purchased an iRulu tablet that was a dual core device that had some flaws and didn’t perform very well. A couple of months ago, I was approached by member of iRulu and asked to do a review of one of their newer tablets. Having never been asked to do a review on a device like this by another company, luckily I was able to float the resources to purchase this new iRulu tablet. I had every intentions of returning the tablet after I finished the review, but as fate has it, my son fell in love with the android tablet that I had purchased. Lucky for me again, the 10 inch android tablet was only about $125.

My son uses the iRulu 10 inch android tablet almost nonstop. He gets so much use out of it is unreal. He spends more time playing games on his iRulu 10 inch tablet than he does with his Xbox or Wii.

About two months ago, I was asked if I would like to do another review on another one of iRulu’s dual core android tablets. This time it was going to be presented to me as a demo and to do a video review; from which, I will actually be giving away here in a few weeks as a promotional item.

The point of telling you all this is that I have found that the group of folks at iRulu are really trying to show what a wide range of android devices are available.

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Jun 11 2014

Facebook: Asking how well do you know someone?

547 Facebook: Asking how well do you know someone?

Facebook continues to be the most popular social networking website. And as everyone knows, Facebook is always looking out for ways to collect more personal information about you every minute of every day. For the past couple of years, Facebook has been periodically putting a provocative question the bottom right-hand corner. The provocative question is very straightforward and asks the question how will you know one of your friends.

First off, I don’t think that it’s any of Facebook’s business how well ‘I think’ I know someone. If Facebook wants to know, or get an idea, how well I know someone, they can easily check their databases and see how well, or how often, I interact with that particular person. This would easily indicate to them how much I like talking to that particular person or which interests that we share.

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