Sep 30 2015

Upgrade to SSD: Give new life to older PCs and laptops


Last week, I got into a quick discussion with my dad about his Acer 7750 laptop. He was telling me that he thought that his laptop was getting slower and slower. Normally, this wouldn’t be an out of place comment if someone was using a laptop on a relative basis, adding a lot of files a lot of music and video and surfing the web a lot, but he didn’t do that.

My dad had his laptop for at least the last four years and it’s worked perfectly, but knowing that sometimes you get the best components with laptops, I decided to check the hard drive for errors and to also check the hard drive S.M.A.R.T. status.

Come to find out, hard drive did have a few errors on and the hard drive S.M.A.R.T. status was showing that the drive was on its way out. I used crystaldiskinfo to get the S.M.A.R.T. status.

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Sep 25 2015

Windows 10: Microsoft Print To PDF


Since the release of Windows 10 from Microsoft, everyone has been talking about all the benefits that the new operating system can offer. One of these small things that Windows 10 offers for me, and others might find beneficial, is that Windows tend now has the ability to print natively to a PDF.

For years, anytime that I would have to reload the Windows operating system, one of the first things I would do would be to load a PDF printer. I always loaded a PDF printer just in case I wasn’t going to be able to access one, if I ran out of ink or if I was traveling and I needed to save an important document for later. Saving important documents to PDF for later is one of the best things that I think people can do because I strongly believe in document imaging.

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Sep 23 2015

Automatically Dim Monitor Based On The Time Of Day

I think anyone who has ever used a PC experiences the same problems either walking in late at night or early in the morning to use the computer; it’s that abrupt and painful brightness of your computer screen coming on and just blasting your eyes. It can be painful.

In the age of mobile devices and smartphones, one of the best things I’ve learned to like about mobile devices is the ability to dim the screen based upon the lighting in your surroundings at the time. I really liked the ability and concept behind adapting the brightness of your PC screen to a particular lighting condition or time of day.

I have been looking out for an application that could use my WebCam to adjust the screen brightness on my PC, but I haven’t found anything yet; and I’m not sure how that would actually work with just a WebCam, but I did find a very interesting application that will adjust the appearance of my screen based upon the time of day.

It’s called F.lux.

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Sep 14 2015

Windows 10: Great OS, bad supporting software


Windows 10, from its base release, seems to be a really good operating system. All irritating stuff from windows 8 and 8.1 seems to have been refined and fixed. Microsoft returned the start button and mixed in a little bit of the Metro tiles. Everything seems to have a little bit of an adjustment to it, so you can personalize exactly what you want to see.

But after playing with Windows 10 for about a week or so, one of the things I’ve noticed about the operating system is that it’s not the operating system itself, it’s the supporting software this supposed to make the operating system more robust.

I’m talking about applications for mail, calendars, handling video, video playback, managing music, etc.

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Sep 11 2015

Windows 10: Cortana and Search – Users want to use Google search


I think one of the best things that comes out of the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, is the option for sending feedback. Microsoft has put a option and allow other applications that allows the operators to send direct feedback on that application.

It’s probably one of the only things that Microsoft has given its users in years that even close to letting them know what is on the docket of things to fix. A lot of applications on the Internet have a bug tracker website that lets users look at what’s outstanding, what other people have reported and what’s considered high priority.

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