Feb 11 2015

Review: IRulu Universe 1s (U1s) Smartphone

A week ago, I was given the opportunity to review one of the latest smartphones from iRulu, the U1s. In the past, iRulu has focused on low-cost android tablets, but within the past year, iRulu has been focusing more towards smartphones. I’ve done other reviews for iRulu in the past on the tablets and I’ve done one review on their entry-level smartphone.

The U1s smartphone is a android-based device with a quad core processor and expandable memory up to 32 GB. It has a 5 inch IPS touchscreen. It has a lot of the abilities of high-end phones but without the cost.

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Feb 07 2015

Techie Review: Sling TV – It’s a good start!


I got my invite for Sling TV last night. Trying out Sling TV has been one of the things that I’ve been looking forward to  looking into.  Sling TV is a streaming service allows you to watch live television on selective channels;  it’s not a full range yet.

Sling TV offers channels like ESPN, TNT, TBS, food network, CNN, cartoon network, ABC family and a few others. Sling TV is being offered as a streaming service for these types of channels for only $20 a month. With the extra channel packages added, there’s a total of 27 channels.

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Feb 06 2015

Techie Review: trakAxPC v4

Entering into the arena of video editing can be a bit overwhelming. Simply making the decision that you want to edit video is sometimes not that easy. There may be some topics that you’re not familiar with, like codecs, video drivers and video file formats. And in the world of video editors, it’s important to have a video editor that fits your mindset and it’s going to make the video editing process easy, intuitive and fun. Nothing kills a inspired project worse than difficult software.

I became aware of trakAxPC a couple of months ago when I was investigating options for video editors. TrakAxPC offers a free download other video editing software and they offer a trial period. Irregardless of the video editing software you might be using now, it’s always important to try new video editors because you might find something that fits better.

This post is a review of trakAxPC video editor v4 [v4.02.4]. I’ve had some time to go through this video editor and test out a few things and make some general observations.

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Feb 04 2015

Streaming Video: Being A ‘Cord-cutter’ Isn’t For Everyone



Being a ‘cord-cutter’ is an attractive decision if you’re looking to save some money, but the truth is that it’s even more attractive if you’re a tech person. With everyone pushing for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, with all their programing/shows/movies, one would ask, “Why do I need to pay for cable TV?”

For most people, TV is an entertainment to zone out and relax and a way to escape problems. Those type people don’t want problems, issues, nuances; they just want ‘it works’.

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Feb 02 2015

Customers aren’t making this up – Comcast Sucks

Comcast is one of those companies who has spent millions of dollars in 2014 lobbying putting themselves in a position where customers have no other option but to use their service. The money they spent bends everything to their direction. And for the most part, Comcast has been enjoying a very comfortable monopoly type environment.

But you know, there’s a lot of people who have Comcast service that really don’t want it. The reason they don’t want Comcast service is because they suck. Comcast has been voted the worst customer service in America a couple times and it’s been rated the most hated company in America. And for those lucky few who have been able to escape the dark clutches of Comcast, and most people would say every day without Comcast is a great day.

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