Jun 18 2014

iRulu offers $99 Smartphone and Tough Tablet for active people

884 iRulu offers $99 Smartphone and Tough Tablet for active people

About a year ago, I purchased an iRulu tablet that was a dual core device that had some flaws and didn’t perform very well. A couple of months ago, I was approached by member of iRulu and asked to do a review of one of their newer tablets. Having never been asked to do a review on a device like this by another company, luckily I was able to float the resources to purchase this new iRulu tablet. I had every intentions of returning the tablet after I finished the review, but as fate has it, my son fell in love with the android tablet that I had purchased. Lucky for me again, the 10 inch android tablet was only about $125.

My son uses the iRulu 10 inch android tablet almost nonstop. He gets so much use out of it is unreal. He spends more time playing games on his iRulu 10 inch tablet than he does with his Xbox or Wii.

About two months ago, I was asked if I would like to do another review on another one of iRulu’s dual core android tablets. This time it was going to be presented to me as a demo and to do a video review; from which, I will actually be giving away here in a few weeks as a promotional item.

The point of telling you all this is that I have found that the group of folks at iRulu are really trying to show what a wide range of android devices are available.

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Jun 11 2014

Facebook: Asking how well do you know someone?

547 Facebook: Asking how well do you know someone?

Facebook continues to be the most popular social networking website. And as everyone knows, Facebook is always looking out for ways to collect more personal information about you every minute of every day. For the past couple of years, Facebook has been periodically putting a provocative question the bottom right-hand corner. The provocative question is very straightforward and asks the question how will you know one of your friends.

First off, I don’t think that it’s any of Facebook’s business how well ‘I think’ I know someone. If Facebook wants to know, or get an idea, how well I know someone, they can easily check their databases and see how well, or how often, I interact with that particular person. This would easily indicate to them how much I like talking to that particular person or which interests that we share.

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Jun 09 2014

Review: WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro 4.2

382 Review: WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro 4.2

I was recently given the opportunity to review WonderFox DVD Ripper, for copying DVDs. I believe everyone has reached a point where they recognize the importance of being able to back up their DVD collection, but more importantly being able to enjoy their media collection anywhere they wanted. Being able to enjoy your media collection anywhere, means that you have to be able to rip your DVDs into a standard format that a software package can use to transmit over the Internet or put in a format that can be used on a portable device, like MP4.

When you purchase DVDs or Blu-ray DVDs, sometimes these purchases come with ultraviolet versions of those movies, but because the complications and the licensing and the accessibility,  plus the issue of redundant streaming of the same movie; it’s a hassle. It’s easier just to encode your own movies and take them anywhere and do what you want to with them. This is where WonderFox DVD Ripper comes into play.

I believe most people understand that DVDs by default cannot be just copied, they have encryption on them that keep them from being copied and one of the benefits of this software is that it allows you to bypass those encryption schemes.

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Jun 05 2014

Techie Review: iRulu 7″ Android Tablet [S/NX7301]

562 Techie Review: iRulu 7 Android Tablet [S/NX7301]

I’ve been taking the past week or so to go through a new iRulu 7″ android tablet [phablet]. It’s a dual core android tablet, but more than that it’s actually a large smartphone w/GPS.  This particular tablet is what I would consider a baseline model. It has the ability to do things like watch Netflix, Skype and play some low-end games.

One thing that I’ve found with portable devices and especially android tablets, and this is true for PC’s, the more complex the operating system and the more complex the applications, the more additional processing and memory is required for the device to function on an exceptional level.

IRulu was gracious enough to allow me to do a review on this particular tablet and while I think the tablet functions on baseline level, I think with some additional memory, I think this tablet would perform much better. Background discussions with them were that it would be possible to increase the memory of this particular tablet to 1 GB, as opposed to the standard 512 MB.

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May 26 2014

Review: PhraseExpander Pro 4.1.1

867 Review: PhraseExpander Pro 4.1.1

I’ve been testing out a new text expansion software called PhraseExpander. I have been a long-time user of text expansion applications in I feel like that they save users a ton of time. The benefits of using text expansion applications is that if you have any repetitive phrases or information that you have to provide a regular basis, these applications can boost your productivity immensely. In addition to boosting your productivity, these applications also had the ability to correct most common misspelled words.

Fortunately, text expansion applications are not built all the same. Some are more complex than others, and some offer baseline assistance with text expansion. PhraseExpander is one of those applications that are detail oriented and seem to be driven towards the professional community.

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May 14 2014

WLMP Consolidator for Windows Movie Maker

WLMP consolidator thumb WLMP Consolidator for Windows Movie Maker

If you have ever worked with Windows Movie Maker 2011 or 2012, you may have run into a situation where you’re working on a project where it’s partially done, but you need to build a Project to another location, on another PC and be able to work on that video project there as well.

Windows Movie Maker provides some baseline video editing abilities, but one of the things that it does not do is consolidate all of the media that are being used in the composition/rendering of the video. About two months ago, I was in the Windows Movie Maker support forums and there was an individual who is requesting for Windows Movie Maker to be able to grab all the media that was being used for his video composition and consolidate all media types into one folder.

Unfortunately, Windows Movie Maker 2012 doesn’t do that. When you’re working with a video project in Windows Movie Maker, Windows Movie Maker simply looks to the location where the source video is and works from there.

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Apr 29 2014

Internet Explorer Security failures – Again.

567 Internet Explorer Security failures   Again.

Internet Explorer Security problems has once again risen the browser to the top of the world’s most UNWANTED list. Internet Explorer was released in 1995; it’s been almost 20 years since Microsoft’s Internet web browser has been in circulation/available.  You would think after almost 20 years of having a web browser in circulation and being included with the Windows operating system, that Microsoft would have taken the time and effort to really get into making their web browser the most secure— considering that Microsoft makes it a requirement that their Internet browser be integrated with the operating system— but NO, they haven’t done that.

Back in January 2010, United States and Germany both advised all their users not to use Internet Explorer because of security flaws. I can respect the fact that Microsoft wants to continue pushing Internet Explorer as the default Internet browser and that they want everyone to use their browser default, but sadly, Internet Explorer has always had an excessive amount of security flaws to it and Microsoft seems disinclined to take Internet browser security seriously.

Internet Explorer has consistently and repeatedly shown itself to be the worst performer of Internet browsers available. Google’s Chrome and Firefox have repeatedly established themselves as the Internet’s most secure browsers. So it comes as no surprise, that since the latest security problem with Internet Explorer, users are being advised to use either Chrome or Firefox.

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Apr 12 2014

Techie Review: iRulu 9.7″ Android Tablet

147 Techie Review: iRulu 9.7 Android Tablet

This is a hands-on review of the iRulu 9.7″ Android Tablet [AZ941]. I did an earlier review of another iRulu Tablet about nine months ago. At the time, the purpose was to try to find a low-cost android tablet that met all the requirements I was looking for; nothing really high end, but still very functional. While I didn’t keep the last tablet from iRulu, they have kept developing low-cost android tablets; selling them through eBay, Amazon and other portals.

Recently, I was approached by a member of iRulu who had seen the previous review that I did on their tablet and they asked me to give them another chance and do another review on their latest version tablet. I purchased the latest quad core tablet through Amazon. It has 8 GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, HDMI out, USB and microSD memory expansion [32Gb]; all for about $129. My goal was still to find an android-based tablet that performed very well and had a very economical consumer appeal.

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Apr 07 2014

Leaving Roku for Android TV

Android TV Google TV thumb Leaving Roku for Android TV

The Verge reported over the weekend that Google is getting ready to release Android TV; a replacement to Google TV. The interesting thing about this move for Google is that it’s not really a move at all, they just embracing what’s already out there in the market and focusing on the high points of streaming media.

As a solid Roku user/customer, I have to admit that my curiosity over Android TV is really spiked because Android TV is going to bring a lot more to the table than what Roku has. Roku has the ability to provide various different streaming services to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc., but where Android TV is going to excel is an area of games. The android market has a time of videogames.

The videogame market has been a top performer even through the past couple of years of the recession. While everything else was failing and people were losing jobs, the gaming industry was still making money. People still need entertainment to take their minds off of their daily responsibilities.

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Apr 07 2014

Google Chrome Is The King Of Internet Browsers

Googles Chrome comparison chart February 2014 thumb Google Chrome Is The King Of Internet Browsers

Google Chrome growth chart

Google Chrome has done very well for itself in a short period of time. Chrome is a modern browser that was built on existing technologies with the concept of streamlining and improving web browsing, performance, but at the same time having the highest level of security. Chrome has been able to do this fairly easily.

The development schedule of Google Chrome has set a whole new standard on how often a web browser should be updated. the rapid development of Google’s Chrome set the pace for every other web browser that’s offered on the Internet. Before, Internet browsers were updated almost quarterly; even less with Microsoft. Looking at how young Chrome is, you wouldn’t expect that the web browser would be so dominant on Internet, but the development schedule, the speed enhancements and the security that it offers during web browsing is unmatched.

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