Feb 22 2016

The FCC Says That Cable Customers Can Ditch Their Cable Boxes For Streaming Services


This past week should have been pretty exciting for customers who are fed up with their cable companies and Cord Cutters alike. Last week, the Federal Communications Commission ruled that customers should be able to get their cable through other venues besides having to rent a cable box.

This means that customers should be able to avoid having to pay for the traditional cable box they have to get from the cable company, they should be able to purchase their own cable box [independently] and you should be able to start getting your cable subscription programming through other venues like Amazon fire TV, Apple TV, android TV and streaming media boxes like Roku.

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Feb 18 2016

Encryption: Apple Is Standing On Principle – And They Are Right.


Since the time of Edward Snowden revealing that the governments of the world are spying on their citizens with their electronic devices and their mobile devices, encryption has become much more important. People don’t appreciate the idea that their information could be eavesdropped upon at any given time.

Since the expose of global spying on citizens electronically, a lot of people have adopted encryption methods. It’s safe to say that the governments of the world they were using these eavesdropping methods are now really unhappy that there spying techniques have been exposed and their abilities to just walk in and grab information easily has been taken away.

Over the past couple of months, there’s been a lot of discussion from government entities, officials and individuals from the perspective of using encryption. Citizens say that encryption is absolutely necessary for privacy. It’s expectation that consumers/citizens expect from the electronic devices they use. On the other hand, the various government entities want manufacturers that employee encryption methods to build in backdoors so that they can get to your personal information anytime they want. Obviously, this is a conflict of interest.

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Feb 16 2016

With Luck, Deadpool Will Change The Rules For Comic Book Movies


Like a lot of other people this past weekend, I went to see the new Deadpool movie; actually, I saw twice. If I’m being completely honest, would go see the movie the first time to make sure that it was kid friendly; it wasn’t. There was a lot of F-bombs, violence and language. It was awesome, it just wasn’t for kids. But it doesn’t change the fact that the movie was awesome.

I love the fact that Ryan Reynolds had to wait 11 years to do Deadpool the way Deadpool needed to be done. I hate the fact that Fox studio was so stupid that they couldn’t understand the character or the script.

Fox had zero confidence in the script for Deadpool. They gave Deadpool one of the lowest budgets ever for a movie, but somehow the Deadpool team was able to make it come around. Fox only allowed for roughly $58 million for the rated R comic book movie to be made.

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Feb 11 2016

There’s Definitely A Problem With Lip-syncing and Smart TVs


I recently purchased a new TV. It wasn’t because my old TV was bad, it was about five years old, but surprisingly, my wife was actually wanting a bigger TV. I like to preach that I don’t want a smart TV, I want a “dumb TV”. I just want a TV that can display a nice, clear and crisp picture. The sound doesn’t even have to be great, I have a sound system for that; as most people do.

The new TV that I purchased was a Vizio E65–C3. It’s a 65 inch LED display, and it’s a smart TV with a quad-core processor. It’s not necessarily the TV that I wanted, but it was a great deal for the price.

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Feb 08 2016

Internet: Xfinity Comcast vs. EPB

There continues to be a battle in Tennessee to allow municipalities that provide Internet service to expand beyond a certain range. Companies like AT&T and Comcast, and other cable companies, are fighting to keep their territories monopolized.

Comcast’s strongest point with customer retention as a do with long-term customers who don’t like change or are afraid of change.

Personally, I have not been a Comcast Xfinity customer for a very long time, but since Comcast contacted me about changing from EPB, I decided to indulge myself with a little bit of research and comparison between Xfinity and EPB Internet services.

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