Senate Intelligence Committee: Don’t Use Kaspersky Antivirus Software

image_thumb-3 Senate Intelligence Committee: Don't Use Kaspersky Antivirus Software

This morning (5/11/2017), in the Senate intelligence meeting, the committee asked the leaders of our respective intelligence communities if using Kaspersky antivirus software was a good idea. None of those individuals endorsed using Kaspersky antivirus software to secure the computers.  Kaspersky antivirus software is based in Moscow, Russia and has been recently mentioned/associated with the Russia spy effort in the United States.

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Dragon Professional Individual version 15 not compatible with Skype for Business version 15.0.4900

image_thumb Dragon Professional Individual version 15 not compatible with Skype for Business version 15.0.4900

Since the time of me being able to download and install Dragon Professional Individual version 15, I’ve had continuous problems with using the software with Skype for Business version 15.0.4900. one of the advertising points of Dragon Professional Individual version 15 was that it was compatible with Skype for Business; version 13 and 14 were not. Version 15 was supposed return that functionality, but I have yet to see it.

Over the past couple of months, at least since late September 2016, I’ve been trying to work with Nuance support on a resolution. So far, nothing.

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Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v11

image_thumb Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v11

In a time where everything is stored on solid-state drives, USB drives, SD cards and microSD cards, people tend to forget that the storage options can fail. Pictures and videos can be deleted by accident or they can become corrupted and you can lose them altogether. You would think that the respective operating systems would have this ability for recovery if something goes wrong, but most operating systems don’t have a robust ‘data recovery’ option built-in. Users are left to their own resources to find a good solution.

While there are a lot of options out there for data recovery wizards EaseUS has been in the data recovery business for a while and has a very good reputation, and thankfully they offer a free utility to cover data that’s been deleted, formatted or lost from most storage devices.

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Review: GONGNIU – USB Car Charger

image_thumb Review: GONGNIU - USB Car Charger

This is a quick post about something I found on So, first I was looking for a car charger that would fix my problem where I use my GPS on my phone and unfortunately, my car charger would not charge my phone fast enough so as I’m using my GPS, my phone is also dying.

Previously, I purchased an inverter, but I found that the inverter was a little bit noisy and it took up more space that I wanted to offer.

On Amazon there was a car charger from GNCB that boasted about ‘blazing charge times, reporting that it’s compatible with USB-powered 5 V devices. The price to Amazon was only about 10 bucks and with free shipping, I thought it was an easy deal.

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AI, Robotics and Automation vs. Human Worker

image_thumb-4 AI, Robotics and Automation vs. Human Worker

I don’t normally write stories about stuff like this, but it’s becoming strangely apparent that artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, and how it affects the human worker needs to be addressed; we need to talk about it.

I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about robotics, artificial intelligence and automation in general. The combination of those three factors are very strong indications that the human worker is not going to be able to contribute to the manufacturing world of the future.

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Open Live Writer is available at the Windows Store

image_thumb Open Live Writer is available at the Windows Store

I’ve been blogging for a long time and my favorite application to use for generating my articles is/was Windows Live Writer, but Microsoft has since sunset that product. It’s been replaced by Open Live Writer. Over the past year, since the Open Live Writer team took over the development of that application, the development team on GITHUB has been busy in the background making small improvements.

The latest version of Open Live Writer can be found on the Windows Store. Just do a search for Open Live Writer. The application will be installed and should be available for automatic update as they’re issued.

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Holiday Shopping + Free Shipping = Done.

image_thumb-4 Holiday Shopping + Free Shipping = Done.

With Christmas 2016 just a few weeks away and most people wanting to avoid the annual day of shopping terrorism called Black Friday, a lot of customers are turning to cyber Monday for their Christmas shopping. It makes perfect sense. You don’t have to leave your house, your safe, you might save some money, you definitely save stress and in most cases, you get exactly what you’re looking for.

I would like to say that for my shopping habits, when I’m looking for items to purchase off the Internet, I’m looking for items that come with free shipping.

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Blocking BS News starts at the browser level, at least for Google Chrome – BS Detector

image_thumb-1 Blocking BS News starts at the browser level, at least for Google Chrome - BS Detector

On the heels of the post-presidential election, arguably one of the most stunning upsets in American history, people have become angry with websites that spread misinformation or flat out lies. In my previous article, I mentioned that Facebook and Google are going to be making efforts to try to weed out fake news.

But the simple fact is that’s only part of the pie, and only a very small portion. Yes; Google and Facebook do carry a lot of weight when it comes to Internet traffic in public interaction, but if you want to filter all the fake news websites, you have to start at the browser level.

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Fake News Sites Are Going To Be Punished

image_thumb Fake News Sites Are Going To Be Punished

At least 50% of America is unhappy with the latest US elections. Some people are extremely excited about having a Donald Trump presidency while the other half are unanimously disgusted.

The overall consensus in America is that the two choices that we had for president were not good; it was like having to choose between two piles of discarded feces. But I think, more than any other presidential election, and mainly because of the sheer number of people on the Internet with access to publication abilities, there’s been a lot of misinformation, fake news and just flat out lies.

Some people have the conception that if it’s on the Internet, it must be true. Some look at the Internet and say this website looks professional, it looks reputable, it must be true. But the simple fact is that a lot of the information you have access to on the Internet is not true. Just because someone has the ability to publish information, doesn’t necessarily mean that that information comes from a respectable source.

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5 Ways to Conserve Smartphone Battery Power During the Work Day

image-5 5 Ways to Conserve Smartphone Battery Power During the Work Day

You forgot to plug your phone in last night, and you’re starting the work day with only 20 percent battery life. It’s a situation that’s happened to everyone, and it’s no fun at all. But with some battery-saving tricks up your sleeve, you can make minimal battery life last you through the workday. Plus, when you use these tricks all the time, you’ll conserve your battery, increase the time between charges, and decrease the likelihood that you end up stranded with a drained phone and no charger.

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