Video Controller Taps into Brain Waves – AW COMON!

Mind reader

I’m not going to sit here in front of my monitor and lie and tell you I didn’t see this comin, but I did. Some scientist has come up with a way to read your thoughts with a snap on head-band so you can sit in your chair and play video games. Now as a old timer, I can remember the scene from ‘Demolition Man’ where Sylvester and Sandra snap on a pair of head sets and pretend to have video game sex.

Are we really going to welcome even more lazy habits for the aging Americans and die hard gaming kids? I guess so. This invention when perfected will require absolutely no movement on a humans part. Why do I vision the half ton man with this thing strapped to his head, but in the virtual world, he’s Andrew Dice Clay in Ford Fairlane.

But this isn’t the end. It’s going to be there for pilots, race car drivers and office workers. And in thinking about this I envision the officer asking the woman [after the accident] what happened? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! Do we really want to know? But the true tragedy is that lying will be impossible because the equivalent to the airplane flight recorder [little black box] will be recording every thought you’ve had while wearing that neuron gleaming device. Darn.

What I want to say is, when is technology going to stop? At what point is too much technology? Where is the balance of benefit to technology vs the degradation of the human race. I guess we’ll find out when Call of Duty 36 comes out…

Head Games: Video Controller Taps into Brain Waves: Scientific American.

Two More Riddick Sequels Coming – Vin Diesel

MTV Movies Blog » Vin Diesel Promises Two More Riddick Sequels

V For Vin Diesel from Jeremiah Lewis on Vimeo.

The way I look at it Vin Diesel has just a good a shot at playing Conan in space as anyone else. If Arnold can do it, so can Vin. First there was Pitch Black and then Chronicles of Riddick; technically there will be 4 total. I guess the serious roles don’t really get him paid.

I actually liked the ‘Cronicles of Riddick’… The acting wasn’t top notch, but it was worth it for those shined eyes and the killer knife action.

My Notes Keeper – Personal Information Manager, Notes Organizer and Notes Manager Software

MNK Screenshot

Where as I would normally just avoid shareware all together, this is a great program. I’ve been using for almost 3 years and love it. Keeping in mind that everyone’s brain works differently and how they store it in their brain is important. This is a RTF based editor, with a tree like structure to organize [outline] your ideas, tasks or just keep track of general stuff. You can store not only text, but images and files in the programs database.

Main My Notes Keeper - Personal Information Manager, Notes Organizer and Notes Manager Software

The program allows for import and export of the information you put in to it. You never want to be locked in to a program when you have so much invested in it.

The program is also portable; you can put it on a jump drive and go with it. Running from a jump drive is fast.

If your lookin for a place to keep your thoughts and have them go with you everywhere; this is good start.

My Notes Keeper – Personal Information Manager, Notes Organizer and Notes Manager Software.