Dragon Naturally Speaking v9 – 64bit

I recently purchased a new PC and I’ve been in the process or reloading and migrating to the new system. My new system is a 64bit Vista OS. For what I decided to get, I think I found a really good PC. It was an ACER Aspire x1200.

Historically, I’ve been a person that would buy the pieces and put together my own PC, but considering everything that would have had to purchase, I opt’d to just buy a whole PC and work from there. I couldn’t have bought all the parts for what I paid as a whole.  Apart from Vista, I am very happy with the system.

Now what I find interesting is that 6 months ago I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking 9. This package is truly superior any other voice to text product on the market [my opinion], but I found that Nuance’s DNS products are not 64 bit compatible. No where on the documentation, the box or the install disc is there a mention that it won’t run on 64bit operating systems. I bought the package because it says Vista compatible; I find that it’s holistically not.

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Remote Desktop: CrossLoop

CrossLoop Logo

With as many people I deal with on a regular basis that have computer issues, I wanna keep my options open. Now I am not a full time tech [nor do I play one on TV], but I more than the average knockle-head. Which make me popular when a PC or laptop dies.

I once did remote desktop support from TN, to a laptop in Baton Rouge, LA, wirelessly, to a friends laptop, that was sitting outside a fire station because they had free Wi-Fi. I am a true friend.

I like to sample the buffet and try different options. This free option is a ‘good try’ effort, but the execution is not flavor that sets well with me. It’s a free program, it does what it says, but my issue, it wants you to create an account. I hate creating accounts… but this place had bigger ideas than just helping someone.

In a world where every website [including ours] wants the users to create accounts, that process gets old quick. But these guys are setting them selves up for a endless supply of volunteer techs that are going to offer their services at their prices.

The remote access technology is based on VNC [free open source]. The bonus they are offering with their program is a relay service and for you to get paid for your services. They simplified a VNC connection GUI and made a few changes.

VNC connections won’t work directly, there’s got to be a connection going to and a connection from. Typically this mean there’s going to be a firewall adjustment by either the host or the client. By using the CrossLoop service the requirement for firewall is negated.Not only are you fixing peoples issues, you are putting your self out there as a remote tech, couple of clicks and boom, yer helpin someone.

It’s an option, not the best option, but it really depends on what yer goals are.

CrossLoop download and review – simple secure screen sharing from SnapFiles.

Transformers Movie: Revenge of the Fallen – Devastator

The new Transformers movie has a new cast member, Devastator. He’s composed of 7 different robots to make of one of the largest and most powerful Decepticons of all. He’s powerful, has a history of challenging Megatron and track record of not being too smart; a vocabulary equal to that of the Hulk.

Preliminary illustrations make him look big. In comparison, Devastator should be a huge foe for any Autobot to take on. This is why I am hoping for the Dinobots.

As a avid fan of Transformers and a proud owner of about 60+ Transformers, I can truly say the Michael Bay has really bastardized the franchise. Never in the history has Transformers has it been focused on humans as much as Bay did.

The First movie, the Transformers were a side effect of a human drama and the Transformers themselves had very few lines to speak of. It was never shown the true struggle of power within the Decepticon ranks and the mentoring, honor and respect the Autobots present and offer.

In comparison to the original Transformers movie, it was a travesty to actually place some of those scenes on film.

But as a fan, and as any true fan of something, you will stay with it to find/watch/witness that one point where redemption happens and previous errors will be forgiven. So yes, I will be watching and waiting for the next movie. From my perspective, it has to be better and honestly, who can get tired of watching vehicles transform?!

‘Until all are one…’

Web-Based Remote Desktop Support: TeamViewer

OMG!! It’s Friday night you chillin out from a long week of a whatever-hell you have to go through and loh-and-behold there’s a phone call, it’s your friend, you mom, your dad, a person that only calls you when their computer breaks.

teamviewer Web-Based Remote Desktop Support: TeamViewerSo normally you might be there, you might be within driving distance, but what if yer not; what if they are here and you are there and there are hundreds of miles of asphalt between the two of you. Enter TeamViewer.

Well, if they have HS Inet service and you have HS Inet service this is the program for you. Before you try to teach the person on the other line what a mouse is really for, and the start button really can shutdown the PC, try this service. It will save you some frustration, gray hairs and a couple of valuable relationships.

What I love about this program is it’s simple and it’s a server and a client in one. It works flawlessly.

You download the program; they download the program. It gives you a client ID and PW and the other person has ID and PW. Who ever is going to connect to whom, that person gives the other the ID and PW and boom, yer in. Easy as hell.

You can remotely control their PC transfer files and so on. The service is free for personal use, but they seem to have very reasonable fee based programs as well.


TeamViewer Screenshots.

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Will Have “Blindingly Quick” Boot Times, Float on the Cloud

I think this is in response to the upcoming to announced release of the instant-on technology from the major hardware makers. I think if Ubuntu can show they can be comparable to the instant-on solutions then maybe people will turn to them more, but ultimately I still think that the weblications are going to win.

Ubuntu: Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Will Have “Blindingly Quick” Boot Times, Float on the Cloud.

15 Seconds or Less – Done and done.

Again, Microsoft has missed the boat. For me, it’s hard to fathom that these bone heads can’t put two and two together. Put the operating system on a removable chip [or flash memory if you will] making the OS hardware based. The OS has to be hardware based and use the hard drives for the storage of the processed data; just like the cell phones do

Are they really going to sit around and piddle with their 3rd thumb to come to realization they can’t do it. Yeah. Yeah they are.

Getting tired of the same ole’ crap every year about performance and boot time issues, manufactures like Dell plans to deploy the ‘Instant-on’ technology is, I think, going to really be a awesome innovation. ‘Instant-on’ is the companies version of how everything else in the world works, before Microsoft put us in boot-time hell. When you turn on a TV, a phone, a light, a blackberry or use a toaster for a pop-tart; it’s on- you can use it. You don’t have to wait 3-5 minutes to get to a point where you can do something with it. It’s just not feasible.

People’s patients is out the window; they want it on now and if they can’t get it now their gonna be pissed. I need to use it now- it’s that simple. While Dell may be deploying this really soon [maybe by the end of the year], this is not a new concept. Other manufacturers are doing this. Phoenix and others are getting ready to make this somewhat of a standard on laptops and PCs. Seems like the obvious choice.

While I like Ubuntu and the Linux distros, this is going to be the answer to the hardware makers tech support issues; cutting a lot of boot time problems with Windows. Saving the companies load of money in support they don’t have to provide. And while I’m writing this I know it’s predicated from Microsoft, it’s also going to affect the Linux OS as well, BUT amazingly enough the basis for these instant-on technologies is Linux.

The Instant-On is LINUX. The programs they are offering upon boot up are free, Linux based programs; all free. While Dell offers PC’s with Ubuntu, this is going to be the better option. I would expect Ubuntu to be built right in to the hardware some time soon; providing a complete computing package for the customer.

So there you have it. Microsoft is going to spend loads of money trying to keep their business model intact, fighting what they say they have been trying to improve [technology] for decades. They’re focusing on how to make PC’s boot faster; just in the nick of time-ay guys?!

Coming to a Laptop/PC near you!

Review: ShrinkPic [freeware]

In a world of this ones too big, this ones too small, this ones just right… everyone us sending emails to family and friends or God forbid posting them to the Internet. It’s not so easy to just take a file from the ole’ digitial camera and past it to the web; that’s insane…

Most digital cameras 8mp and up will generate a 3-4mb JPEG file. Someone with a dialup connection will surely track you down via Switchboard and email bomb you.

NO! You have to be smart, be savy and not torture you family and friends with these giants of color and pixel. You need ShrinkPic.

Small, portable, and fast. It’s a program on a mission [sounds like a line from Tron]. What’s it’s purpose, well while size matters, small is king on the web and email.

This is a freeware program. It’s purpose in life is to gra yer photas and makem small. The files can be done in batches or one at a time. The changes to the files are made with no changes to the orginal file [unless you want] and it’s down with out a loss in quality.

I use this program to email batches of pictures to family and friends and to create the smallest version of graphic files for various web posts. 

I really like this program. 

Play hard and code even harder!

Google’s Chrome Browser – Review

Google released it’s new browser today. The browser is an instant hit with DIGG’rs as I expected.

For this review/test I did all this on VISTA [argh] PC, AMD 64bit, 4gb mem and 8200 video card. The browser installation is fast and painless. I was surprised at the lack of questions about the installation; I just ran the installer and a few seconds later it was installed and ready to use.

I launched the browser to a clean the layout [as expected]. I started hitting some websites and seeing how the browser sped along and it’s fast; I won’t argue that point. How much faster than Firefox or IE- it’s going to be in the milliseconds. Giving FF it’s due, it was filtering ADs as it was loading. Where are you ADBLOCKER, but surely this is against Googles financial interests [hehe].

Chrome features; there aren’t alot of what you would consider features, but more of options and GUI changes. Chrome takes a unique approach to the GUI and browser experience. The tabs at the top move around very nicely. The browser allows you to drag a tab from one instance of Chrome to another. Seems nice to me if you are a researcher wanting to seperate articles.

Chrome Plug-ins; the program doesn’t have options for plug-ins [sure their coming]. In the properties, there’s only 3 tabs. So much for getting lost in the toggles and switches. This thing is stripped down as you get and as a result, it screams on loading pages- it’s a speed boat on water doing it’s thang’.

Memory usage; after testing the browsing of pages, I wanted to see the memory usage. Using TSS as a guinne pig, I opened FF, Chrome and IE. IE open at a staggering 50mb of usage, FF was using 33.6mb and Chrome using 23mb [in 2 seperate files*]. So the foot print of Chrome is small. Maybe why it’s faster. In the future I will be intersted to see how the plug-ins are wound with the browser.

Under the hood, Chrome uses WEBKIT as the browsing engine. SImplistic as they called it. The browser breaks down the individual components of the browsing and places them together, but they are still appart. So if the browser component fails the whole thing doesn’t fail. This is the most innovative thing we have seen anyone do in a while as far as browsing goes.

What I really liked [personally] is when I load Chrome it shows me snapshots of the pages I visit the most [TSS] and I can just click on them and go. While this is nice, I can see people that would not like this for privacy reasons.

From their own blogpost, mistakenly this project was launched early and they say [not verbatim] they took from others and they want others to take from them; this project is open source and I would expect this project to change the way browsing is approached in it’s entirity.

5000+ Digg’rs can’t be wrong. Download it here. Tell me what you think!

Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project

google-chrome Google Chrome, Google's Browser ProjectWhile I am not a fanatic of Google, I do like a lot of what they do and what they promote. They offer free office tools, free operating systems and among many other things, free web based email.

Google is by far the biggest search engine on the planet. More people have Google as their start up page simply because of the design or the simplicity.

They have just entered the cell phone race, but this next move was not unexpected. They are producing their own web browser and you can expect it to take off like a rocket. If they just mention the release of the new product people are all over it and because it’s going to be open source, expect it to be accepted quickly.

I think that Google has been working at trying get MS off their feet for so long that they may have realized the only way to get a knockout punch is going to be to provide their own browser, their own OS and their own superior services.

I look forward to the months ahead for those using this new browser.

Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project.

Update [official blog]:

PhoneTray Free – identify callers, zap telemarketers and block unwanted calls with this free Caller ID software

screen2 PhoneTray Free - identify callers, zap telemarketers and block unwanted calls with this free Caller ID softwareWhile I am sure I would find this product useful if I had a traditional telco line, I don’t; therefore the ability to use this program is beyond me.

Using a traditional telco with a standard modem would be fine, but the issue is that persons/people using Vonage, Comcast, FIOS and VOIP in general will get less than perfect performance from the hardware in the PC.

The issue is that VOIP and traditional telco services are similar in feature and function, but both are approached in completely different ways.

So what are they?

Well telco services are handled via a analog line and when the call comes in the current is put through the lines and the phone devices pick up the Caller ID signal.

VOIP services are completely digital, they are compatible with traditional features, but when the phone rings the information is sent over the lines to the phone devices where the Caller ID is displayed. Problem is that the signal is not as predominate as a traditional signal and PC modems will not pick up on this signal 80% of the time; negating the service of the program.

And while I love the basis of this program, I can’t figure out why they can’t drop the program on a EPROM chip, encase it in plastic and wrap it in box and sell it at Wal-Mart? Seems like a perfectly applicable tool for everyone. There’s probably some FCC violation I am missing, but I like this program; if you have a telco line.


PhoneTray Free – identify callers, zap telemarketers and block unwanted calls with this free Caller ID software.