LEHSYS Software

Here’s a few applications that were written with AutoHotKey to help me, and possibly others, on some small tasks that happen all the time. On this page, I’m sharing all those…

Fast Add for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

If you utilize Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a regular basis, you might find this application useful. Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t have an option to select a word and add it to the vocabulary permanently, but this application can do that. You can select a word, press the hotkey and it adds it to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking vocabulary for the future.


GreenShot Updater/Updator

if you’re a fan of Greenshot, the screenshot taking application, you’ll probably like this application because it’s able to automatically go out to the website, grab the latest version of the application, downloaded and then install the latest version for you without any intervention.


My Little Helper

I wrote this for the small things that come up with browsing through or composing information. It provides quick access to dictonary.com and thesaurus.com, as well as resources to Google services.


PaperPort to Thunderbird

PaperPort is a cool application for organizing documents and images, but it lacks the option to intelligently export to Thunderbird. This plug-in allows you to export one document at a time from PaperPort to Thunderbird. It’s more useful than Apple pie.


PhraseExpress Export

I use PhraseExpress on a regular basis, but I wanted to be able to get information out of the application from time to time, but I found PhraseExpress didn’t have an export option, so I made one.


Plex Media Server Updater/Updator

Plex Media server is the heart of using Plex Media center or having Plex on other devices, and it’s important to keep it updated. but Plex media server doesn’t update itself, so I wrote an update application to do just that. The update can be scheduled to run completely without intervention. [Windows]

Rapido Farmer for FarmTown [Facebook]

For those people who play FarmTown, I thought that clicking each square for doing actions was silly and time consuming, so I wrote an app to use the keyboard; easier, faster and more fun.



Tracking packages can be a PITA a majority of the time. The tracking codes aren’t the easiest in the world to recall and then find the right website to track them. I wrote a quick select, copy and process application to track packages easy and fast. And it also puts the track link in your clipboard to paste in to an email for others to use.


Windows Live Writer — Change the Drafts and Recent posts folder

Windows Live Writer is a great blogging tool, but one thing people had been asking for, for an over extended period of time, was the ability to change the recent and drafts folder location. It’s not openingly possible through the application, but it can be done via a registry entry. And because people shouldn’t be mucking with the registry, I wrote this application to help them. As of 7/06/2013 it was still working for me.

VLC [Media Player] Auto updates

VLC is another application that tells you there are updates, but it doesn’t download or apply them for you. This application goes out to the website, looks for the new version; if there’s a new version, it downloads it and installs it for you.

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