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Nov 25 2011

Crushing IPad- That’s what the Android operating system is doing.

This holiday season advertisers are pushing everything and nothing seems to be more popular than tech and gadget items. And what’s absent from a lot of advertisements [from what I’ve observed] is the iPad. The iPad has been the staple standard for tablet PC’s for an over extended period of time, everything is compared to …

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Nov 22 2011

2011 Holiday shopping online – be Froogle’r

Have you ever visited Google’s shopping website? with the new interface it has? It’s really nice. And as everyone gets ready to charge the stores for Black Friday’s shopping specials, it’s nice to have fall back options… My wife is really big in to shopping, as most women are, but for them it’s an art, …

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Jul 19 2011

Tablets Are Popular, But Not Productive

I think it’s pretty obvious that tablet PCs are the ‘IT’ toy right now. The idea of having a small device that could have access to your e-mail, Internet and be able to do an abundance of other things is very attractive; not to mention the ability to touch the screen and have things happen. …

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May 16 2011

Which is more popular? 3D TV or Internet Enabled TV

I’m not going to draw this out. 3D TV loses on this battle field. If you want to stop reading here, you can; but the simple fact is Internet TV can offer more to customers than 3D ever could. 3D to a standard TV is my comparison to a light bulb with glitter; it’s a …

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May 05 2011

Getting everything from your Internet connection…

I was reading through the article the other day about how Comcast had had a spike in consumer subscriptions into Internet broadband services. The fact that Comcast is having a spike in Internet subscriptions doesn’t surprise me one bit, actually I would expect to have more subscriptions, but what may be keeping consumers from adding …

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Mar 14 2011

Review: Motorola Xoom

This review of the Motorola Xoom isn’t a comparison of the iPad; it’s simply a statement of what it is and how well I believe it performs… The release of the Motorola Xoom has come and gone, and while the commercials depicting the awesomeness of the tablet, the question has to be does it work …

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Mar 07 2011

Techie Review: Nook Color

I recently ventured in make an attempt out the Nook Color. The overall presentation of the Nook Color was nice and it had some good points to it. The overall goal was to purchase an ebook reader for my wife, but she had just about as much hands on as I did. While she was …

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Mar 07 2011

Coming 2012: TRON: Uprising – Animated Series

If you have read my site before, you know I’m a big TRON fan, and when the movie came out it was met with sharp criticism, but the fact is the movie really has restated a complete make over for Disney and helped jumpstart the digital movies and what they can be for the movie …

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