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I'm a techie, I'm a blogger- I'm interested in all things technology. I like renewable energy, I like hardware/software/gadgets that make life more fun, productive and useful; and then sharing that with others. I attempt to take in all the information I have and make conclusions, sharing commentary from time to time. Job wise, I was in the United States Marine Corp, I've been a Customer Service Director, Tech Support Technician, and currently in Document Imaging Project Management. I'm also a Microsoft MVP. Feel free to contact me…

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Aug 31 2008

ISP’s Controlling You

I have been watching the buzz about the ISP bandwidth caps and content filtering; it’s all a preamble to repression and keeping people in a particular spot and the companies retaining their business. It’s self preservation, but the Internet is the wrong place to impose like this… Over a year ago, ISP’s [COMCAST] were basically …

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Aug 28 2008

Video Controller Taps into Brain Waves – AW COMON!

Mind reader I’m not going to sit here in front of my monitor and lie and tell you I didn’t see this comin, but I did. Some scientist has come up with a way to read your thoughts with a snap on head-band so you can sit in your chair and play video games. Now …

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Aug 26 2008

Two More Riddick Sequels Coming – Vin Diesel

MTV Movies Blog » Vin Diesel Promises Two More Riddick Sequels V For Vin Diesel from Jeremiah Lewis on Vimeo. The way I look at it Vin Diesel has just a good a shot at playing Conan in space as anyone else. If Arnold can do it, so can Vin. First there was Pitch Black …

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Aug 26 2008

My Notes Keeper – Personal Information Manager, Notes Organizer and Notes Manager Software

MNK Screenshot Where as I would normally just avoid shareware all together, this is a great program. I’ve been using for almost 3 years and love it. Keeping in mind that everyone’s brain works differently and how they store it in their brain is important. This is a RTF based editor, with a tree like …

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