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Hello, and thanks for your interest in advertising with LEHSYS!

LEHSYS is a technology based website/blog focusing on new and current technology, hardware, software, social networking, blogs and how to’s. The bulk of LEHSYS content is driven to the user/consumer; not so much directly to corporations.

LEHSYS allows for allows for advertising with various ads to be placed in this site’s sidebar for a means of supporting the site, maintaining the content, supporting the family, etc.


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LEHSYS offers banners in several locations and sizes.

  • 300 x 250

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  • 468 x 60

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  • 125 x 125

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  • 600 x 120

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Pricing of the banners vary, predicated on their location, but if you are interested in advertising for 3 months or more, there’s a 25% discount.

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For Gadgets, Gizmos and Hardware reviews…

From time to time, I’m contacted by companies and manufacturers that’d like me to do a review for them. I although I’m compensated for doing the reviews, I like to give back as a way to say thanks.

I do this by giving $50 [credit] of ad space to the company that donated the item. They can set up the advertisements however they’d like. Through the advertisement page.

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Sponsored Posts

image_thumb-1 Advertise with LEHSYSI’m asked from time to time to do a post for a product or service.

To define that, a Sponsored Post is where an outside party/author wants to create/publish an article on my site promoting their product or service.

Published posts will have a disclaimer ‘This blog post was sponsored by (Name Brand Here).

LEHSYS only does honest reviews. LEHSYS is focused on proving information to readers that can help/educate them with technology, using it, understanding it or help make decisions about it.

I also accept prewritten articles as well, but with some conditions.

Here’s the rules for everyone:

  • The article must be family friendly.
  • The articles must be original. Rewrite/Spun articles will be declined.
  • I check all the links in the articles. Any ‘junk links’ going to promotional sites or any site that’s suspicious/malicious will be removed/declined.
  • All links in the article must be relevant to the topic of the article; no junk links.
  • The author can set a singular [1] dofollow link to your site in the author bio section; author section not to exceed 200 words; no junk links.
  • Article should be well written and greater than 500 words; without author information. Article will include a singular [1] dofollow link.
  • Any images to be used with the article need to be provided with the article, not linking to a web image.
  • Please present articles in DOC [Microsoft Office] or ODF [OpenOffice] format. Or we can discuss other options.
  • LEHSYS reserves the right to lightly edit the article for cosmetic & presentation reasons.
  • Once the articles are submitted, they become property of LEHSYS, but all credit for the article will remain with the author.
  • Once everything is submitted, both parties agree on the article and the publish date, payment [PayPal] will be made prior to the article being published.
  • LEHSYS reserves the right to take down/delete the article [at any time] if found to violate any of the rules listed above, or if the basis of the article are found to be misleading, deceptive or anyway harmful to a visitor/reader of LEHSYS.

If you think none of the above-listed items could be a problem, please feel free to send over your article for review.

Please use the PayPal option below for payment.


Donations or Payments

LEHSYS does take donations via PayPal. Albeit, we have never received a donation… wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile Advertise with LEHSYS But if you’d like to do so, please use the PayPal option below.

If you chose to be an advertiser with LEHSYS, after the ad has been approved, please use PayPal to make your payment; only then will the ad go live with the placement and duration you requested.

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Contact me

You can email me at LEHSYS {at} Gmail {dot} com if you have questions.

If you’ve any questions, please let us know…

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