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image thumb53 Advertise with LEHSYSLEHSYS allows for allows for advertising with various ads [text and graphical], to be placed in this site’s sidebar for a means of supporting the site and maintaining the content.

LEHSYS is a website that focuses on technology in general. We currently have an estimated 70,000 page views a month, all original content, a consistent reader base, a bounce rate under 5% and an Alexa ranking in the top 2% of websites; these are numbers we’re proud of…


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 Advertise with LEHSYS


Advertising Options…

Banners/Box [at this time] are for the sidebar only. A single ad can be placed on the side bar. Rates are applied by ad size and run time— contact me.

But we’re open to other options, e-mail me if you’d like to talk about it.


Graphical Adverts [125 x 125]

LEHSYS is now offering 125 x 125 graphical adverts on the site, in the top-right sidebar of the site for the best reader exposure. The adverts are offered on a monthly basis.

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If you are interested in submitting an advert to LEHSYS, please send the advert image to my e-mail address [napoleonag.tss [at] gmail [dot] com] for approval with the link you have a need to use. Upon approval, payment can be issued via PayPal.




If you choose to Advertise with LEHSYS, enter your website name and Choose Pay Now.

Please email me the links* you want to have applied to the site at napoleonag.tss [at] gmail [dot] com – please reference your website when you send the email [I hate puzzles].


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Contact me…

You can email me at napoleonag.tss [at] gmail [dot] com if you have questions.


I also have Skype and Instant Messenger right here…

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Notice: LEHSYS is a family friendly website and strictly watches URL’s and site content. LEHSYS also reserves the right [ at any time] to remove or text links [without refund] if the links/images are changed, altered, or forwarded to a site that’s repugnant, malicious or doesn’t suit the nature of the LEHSYS readers.

If you’ve any questions, please let me know…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.


* URLS and Payment will be placed on hold while the URLs are checked. LEHSYS reserves the right to decide if the placement is in line with the rest of the contact of the site. If the URLS aren’t accepted the PAYPAL transaction will be refunded.

 Advertise with LEHSYS