Oct 31 2014

Roku Adds Google Play – Fails To Impress


roku now has google play so what 18991 Roku Adds Google Play   Fails To Impress


I guess what most people would consider good news today is that Roku now has Google Play. Google/YouTube has been putting itself in a position now for streaming content directly to customers, but unfortunately Google Play hasn’t done anything differently to make themselves stand out over any other streaming service.

Besides the fact that Google Play now has a presence on Roku, there’s nothing special about the service. It looks almost identical to any other streaming services available on Roku. The biggest letdown of Google Play is that it’s doing exactly the same pricing scheme is everybody else. Everybody and every TV show which you want to watch as a price associated with it.

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Oct 28 2014

Eweat EW902 Android TV – First Impressions – Pt1

830 Eweat EW902 Android TV   First Impressions   Pt1

Recently, I was given the opportunity to do a review on a new Android TV device from Eweat the EW902. I was doing searches for Android TV devices and I came across some really good specifications for what I would consider some nice hardware specifications.

The EW902 is still early production and Eweat seems to still be working on some fine details with the unit. But about two weeks ago, I received my Eweat EW902 Android TV device.

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Oct 27 2014

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13: Compatibility Troubles?

249 Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13: Compatibility Troubles?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 was recently released and Nuance is very proud to say that with each new release of speech recognition software it gets better with its accuracy and the performance increases. Nuance routinely refers to Dragon NaturallySpeaking as being able to be at least 3x more productive by using their speech recognition software.

As a user of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the last 10 years, I can say without a doubt that using speech recognition software is an absolute benefit to creating emails, doing documentation, taking notes and any other task that requires people to write large amounts of information. With the latest release of version 13 Nuances speech recognition software, the latest release offers the greatest amount of accurate recognition of speech that can be offered to the general public.

Historically, I have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking and just about every application I can think of. It’s been immensely productive and it’s one of the must-have applications from my toolbox— until version 13.

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Oct 24 2014

Review: iRulu 7″ Quad Core Android Tablet [R1710]

671 Review: iRulu 7 Quad Core Android Tablet [R1710]

A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to review another iRulu 7 inch android tablet; it’s the R1710 with quad core processing, running the latest operating system android. I’ve done other reviews for iRulu before, but this tablet in particular has become my favorite because of its lightweight, portability and performance.

In this article, or take just a few minutes to run down some of the things that I found notable about this tablet.

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Oct 22 2014

HBO Go Subscription overpriced for streaming media customers?

13.01.31 HBO Go HBO Go Subscription overpriced for streaming media customers?

Last week, HBO announced that they were going to allow customers next year to have HBO Go without having a cable subscription. This is big news for people who want to cut the cord with their cable subscription. More customers are finding that they can get exactly what they want, entertainment wise with streaming content from the Internet, versus having a full-blown cable subscription.

This is a good move for HBO. HBO has one of the most popular TV shows, Game of Thrones, but it’s only available to HBO subscribers through their cable subscriptions. HBO was clearly alienating a whole group of potential customers by not offering streaming service directly to people who use devices like Roku.

I like the fact that more companies like HBO are starting to recognize that there’s a huge market for customers who don’t want a cable subscription, but would like to get entertainment from the media providers directly. But what’s troubling is that early rumors [unconfirmed] are HBO Go is going to cost roughly $15-20 a month.

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Oct 20 2014

Peyton Manning chose printouts over Microsoft Surface

119 Peyton Manning chose printouts over Microsoft Surface

I think Peyton Manning doesn’t like Microsoft Surface. Last night, I was watching Sunday Night Football [Broncos versus 49ers] and while Peyton Manning was on his way to breaking the all-time record for quarterback touchdowns [509], I just happened to notice that Peyton was not using Microsoft Surface on the sidelines to examine the other teams plays.

Since the NFL season started, Microsoft hasn’t been a big supporter of the league this year. All the commentators, sports analysts and not to mention all the Microsoft Surface billboards and advertisements during the NFL games. it’s pretty obvious that Microsoft is pushing its Surface tablet.

But what struck me funny was that Peyton Manning was not using the Microsoft Surface tablet, he was using the old printouts of player positions.

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Oct 15 2014

Streaming TV: Charging Per Episode – Nope.

503 Streaming TV: Charging Per Episode   Nope.

Being able to stream TV shows from Netflix and Hulu for one flat fee is what makes those services great.

The other day I was browsing with my Roku, and I was curious about what TV shows I could find. I finally found a TV show that I wanted to watch, but unfortunately, the TV shows were not on Netflix or Hulu; they were found under services like MGO, Amazon and Vudu. So while I could find the TV shows, these other services want me to pay $1.99 or $2.99 for HD, per episode. The idea of paying almost 3 dollars to watch a single episode [22 minutes] of a TV show is ridiculous to me.

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Oct 10 2014

AutoHotKey: Tracking Emails Simple


886 AutoHotKey: Tracking Emails SimpleWhen you’re working on various projects, tracking emails in Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, various subjects can be daunting. I think everyone’s aware that email has some obvious limitations on tracking, but what’s interesting is that there’s not been any advancements with being able to follow email threads were conversations with email in a long time.

Unfortunately, when you send an email the only thing that you can track an email by is the subject line. And unfortunately, if someone changes the subject line of the email somewhere down the road, your email program will lose the ability to track down the entire email conversation.

I haven’t seen any applications that focus on reconstructing or tracking email conversations. It only seems to work if the subject line remains the same across the whole conversation. But there’s another way, a simple/easy way to track your email conversations even if the subject line changes. The solution is AutoHotKey.

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Oct 06 2014

Screencasting competitors: Roku, Matchstick and Chromecast

209 Screencasting competitors: Roku, Matchstick and Chromecast

Roku, Matchstick and Chromecast have made this past week very interesting for screencasting. Roku announced that Roku 3 and the Roku stick users will be able to mirror broadcasts from your Windows and android phones [oddly leaving out Apple] to your living room TV, but bigger than that was the surprise kick starter of Matchstick.

With more and more people getting their entertainment and media from the Internet, people don’t want to be tied into just being able to get that information simply from your phone or tablet, they want to be able to put it on their large TV screens. Chromecast was first to get into screencasting or screen mirroring with a dongle.

But this past week has shown that much greater number of customers are very interested in getting their content onto their living room TV. The Kickstarter project for Matchstick got founded in one day; even exceeding what they needed. And to go so far as be sold out on several of their initial offerings.

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Oct 03 2014

Windows 10: Installing with VirtualBox

Windows10 logo thumb Windows 10: Installing with VirtualBox

The evaluation version of Windows 10 has been released by Microsoft for savvy PC users try out. If you’re one of the many users who hated Windows 8, you may want to check out the evaluation version to see what’s in store going forward. It is rather nice to mention that Microsoft has wonderfully agreed to upgrade all Windows 8 users to Windows 10 without charge. I guess that’s the price for being a guinea pig.

Some users may be uncomfortable with installing Windows 10 on their PCs on a separate partition, so I have decided to document the installation process Windows 10 with VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a virtual machine environment that allows you to install Windows 10 in a sandbox environment and doesn’t require you to repartition your hard drive and there’s no risk to your system if something goes wrong.

The two main things that you’re going to need are:

  • a copy of VirtualBox
  • and the ISO evaluation version of Windows 10

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