Aug 13 2015

Comcast rep. calls customer STUPID; customer switches to EPB Fiber while on hold

It’s such an amazing thing to see a company like Comcast treat their customers with such complete disregard. Comcast has been named one of the worst companies in the United States as far as customer service and being the most hated. They earned this title simply by treating their customers like pieces of crap and providing poor service.

Some of the more recent experiences that we’ve heard about from Comcast was from where the person was trying to cancel their service and Comcast was giving him a hard time. Another instance was where Comcast was changing customers names to something little more explicit.

Being in the Chattanooga, TN area [Gig City], I get to enjoy the ultra fast gigabit Internet transfer speeds of EPB fiber. But there’s still a lot of customers have Comcast and simply don’t want to change the service because they’d been with Comcast for so long; they just don’t want the hassle. Some people will endure the poor service and poor customer support simply because they don’t want to change, and sometimes all they need is just a little push.

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Aug 11 2015

Review: U8 SmartWatch

Recently, I picked up a you U8 SmartWatch for doing a review. In the past, I’ve made comments and posted articles about how I think the concept of SmartWatches is just a horrible idea. The whole driving factor behind SmartWatches is for manufacturers to simply prove that small devices with limited abilities can be manufactured and people will buy them simply because they’re small and they have a touchscreen.

I didn’t purchase the U8 SmartWatch because I wanted one. I purchased a SmartWatch because I wanted to get a general idea, hands-on, with one of these devices so that I can give a hands-on honest opinion. I chose the U8 SmartWatch because it’s one of the most economical SmartWatches that’s out right now.

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Jul 15 2015

Review: PDF Converter Elite 4

I was recently approached to do a review on some PDF converter software, PDF Converter Elite 4. I’ve taken last week or so to look over the software, to play with it and test its abilities.I have always felt that the key to proper document management is the ease of use, abilities and cost-effectiveness. PDF Converter Elite 4 easily meets those requirements.

In the world of managing documents, PDF documents are the most common. From there, it makes the most sense to be able to manage PDF documents in the most effective way possible. There’s lots of applications on the market that work with PDF documents, but in some cases you may need to convert PDF documents to something else that’s more flexible when it comes to editing.

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Jun 19 2015

WalknBook IRulu w1002 Drivers [Windows Tablet/PC]


This is a quick post, and it’s really inspired by the trouble it takes to find drivers for Windows devices. From PCs to tablets, Windows requires drivers and without them stuff just doesn’t work right. Right? Right.

So this brings us to the post of today for the IRulu w1002 WalknBook Windows tablet PC. It’s a great tablet PC, but in some cases they might need to be wiped, reformatted and reloaded. This brings us back to requiring drivers.

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Jun 15 2015

Review: VidOn Media Service – Very Disappointing

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted about doing a review on a new media server software called VidOn. Most people have heard of Plex and Kodi/XBMC for streaming content for mobile devices and home theater systems. The VidOn media server is right in the same category, but VidOn, like Plex, can transcode media on-the-fly to make it available on pretty much any device [in theory].

Unfortunately, my experience with the VidOn media server and the various VidOn media applications and services have been less than impressive. In fact, I haven’t been able to get a lot of the VidOn applications to work properly, thus I wasn’t able to accurately review the product/service.

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