Jan 26 2015

Having problems with Windows Movie Maker 2012?

It’s a bit entertaining to spend a time in the Windows support forum for Windows Movie Maker 2012. It’s like watching a cycle of highly repetitive issues that are never getting addressed by Microsoft.

This past week, Microsoft announced that they’re going to be releasing Windows 10 and because Microsoft seems to be renewed on their efforts to make sure their products work great across every device that Windows will run on, I wonder if they’re going to make any improvements/corrections to Windows Movie Maker 2012.

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Jan 24 2015

"Windows 10 As A Service" Is What Everyone Remembers Most


In my opinion, the biggest news last week was that Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is going to be free for users of Windows 7 and above; the upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 is free. Microsoft has already said that there are some exclusions, meaning that users of Microsoft Surface 2 and Microsoft Surface RT will not be upgraded to Windows 10.

The biggest news from the presentation was the part where they said that Windows 10 was going to be offered as a “service”. It was probably the most awkward comment that was made during the presentation. If I was a reporter in that room, one of the first things I would ask was, “what exactly do you mean by that?”.

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Jan 22 2015

Windows 10: Microsoft Desperate or Cool

Yesterday, I watched the presentation by Microsoft on their expectations for Windows 10. I thought that everything that Microsoft was talking about was mostly inspiring, but I couldn’t help but hear a underlying message.

Microsoft recognizes that they have almost two billion machines/customers using the Windows operating system. They can use that advantage as leverage to push things in a certain direction. I think that’s only natural. But what I heard yesterday was also intriguing because it sounded like Microsoft truly wants to change the entire landscape of their current business model.

The upcoming release of Windows 10 seems to be more focused on interacting and servicing the user that’s personal to them. I think Microsoft has figured out that people want to create, be productive and share.

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Jan 19 2015

Why Do People Record Vertical Video?

Ever since the introduction of mobile devices with WebCams, or cameras in general, people have been recording video, but one of the most confusing things that I see is when people record video vertically. It doesn’t make any sense.

Recording video vertically just does not fit the medium. It’s possible that we can blame the manufacturers of the devices for the positions of the cameras on the devices, but I think it comes back to the people who are actually shooting the video. People seem to forget that all the video they consume is done on a horizontal basis and that might be irritating or awkward to show vertical video the people.

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Jan 16 2015

Media Organizers: Plex vs. XBMC/Kodi

I recently was asked about my opinion towards being able to share/organize media. My immediate suggestions were PLEX and XBMC [now called Kodi]. PLEX is a media server and kodi is a front end for organizing media. One of the reasons that I selected these two applications run off top my head was that both of these applications are free. They can be downloaded for free and installed in just a matter of minutes.

But I think the important thing to do is to think about how much time and effort you want to put into managing your media server. Who do you want to share your media library with, how compatible you want to make it and you want to make sharing your content with others easy.

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