May 06 2015

IRulu’s V1C Genius or Insanity: Rotating Smartphone Camera

I was just checking out iRulu’s website today and I noticed that they have a new smartphone listed. The new smartphone, the iRulu V1C, is one of their latest releases. I’ve done reviews on previous smartphones that they offer and they performed very well, but this one struck me with great curiosity. It also seems to be at a high level of debate inside my household whether or not it’s genius or insanity.

iRulu’s V1C smartphone has a camera that can be flipped to the front or the back. The V1C smartphone comes with a 13 megapixel camera. Most normal smartphones only have a front and rear camera. So by having this singular high-resolution camera on the smartphone that can be flipped to the front and back, is a good idea or a bad one?

You can help me decide…

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Apr 25 2015

Stop eM client Operation Errors


I really hate to go into this, but eM client has become very frustrating over the past couple weeks. EM client is an email application that looks very close to Microsoft Outlook and has a lot of the same functionality.

The problem that I’ve been seeing lately is that while using eM client, the applications popping up a bunch of operational errors. There’s nothing in the application that allows you to handle the operation errors. And it seems like recently that I can’t even come back to my desktop without the application having a modal window in the middle of my screen that tells me that eM client has had a problem and there was an error.

Apparently, with eM client, there’s errors with the application all the time and they want to report every single error that you get with eM client.

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Apr 20 2015

Review: LEAWO Blu-ray Ripper Version 7

As more people are moving to digital media libraries and running their own media servers, it’s nice to have options for converting your old disk libraries into digital ones. I was recently given the opportunity to review some software to RIP Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Based on my opinion, the most common users don’t know how to rip a DVD or Blu-ray movie to a digital format; making them portable and convenient. This is where it’s important to have software that facilitates that function for them in the easiest way possible. There’s plenty of options on the Internet that are available to do this, but today I’m going to take a look at LEAWO Blu-ray Ripper version 7.

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Mar 19 2015

Microsoft 2015: They’re making a lot of good decisions!

Microsoft has been going through some personality changes here lately. And to be truthfully honest, it’s very welcome. Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen some very positive news coming out of the Microsoft campus.

It just seems Microsoft is changed it’s attitude and it’s more open, and more one. It’s almost like they understand WHO they are now. As if they are having a premonition of who they could be, who they should be seen as and they want to make that a reality.

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Mar 13 2015

The New Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Limitations


Back on August 1 of 2014, I did a review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium. Personally speaking, I was very proud of the article that I produced; mainly because when I do my reviews they are not the typical regurgitation of the sales material that everyone else puts on their website. I try to go through the applications when I do a review and point out some of the high points of the software; things that really stand out.

It seems that I was the only website that took the time to do an installation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13, do some testing, play with the software and then report on the highs and lows of the software. In the past, I think Nuance really appreciated that extra digging into the application.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking, historically, has been a great software package. Nuance has done a great job of increasing the performance and responsiveness of the speech recognition software over the years.

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