Nov 30 2015 Releases A New Offline Blogging App


It’s a new in the world of off-line blogging. As one of the many people who use WordPress as a blogging platform, I’m very excited to hear that is going through a major update. Eventually, the stuff that they’re releasing will make it down to other self-hosted WordPress sites.

WordPress has made great improvements towards making the blogging platform online easier to use; better editing tools, better composition tools, cut-and-paste images, media handling and supporting plug-ins, but I was really interested in the announcement that WordPress is going to release a desktop application for their blogging platform.

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Nov 27 2015

Video Streaming Is The Best Gift To Give


2015 has been a roller coaster for cable companies. Cable companies continue to see a consistent decline in cable subscribers, but they’re also seeing huge increases in Internet high-speed subscribers. It’s safe to say that Netflix has changed the landscape of media consumption.

A few years ago, the cable company executives were calling streaming content of fad, but now their opinions are different and they are threatened by streaming services that do not offer commercials and provide content anywhere.

Giving a friend or family member access to streaming media is probably one of the most revolutionary and perpetually giving gift someone could possibly give.

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Nov 25 2015

Review: Nuance’s Dragon Anywhere v1


Having access to speech recognition anywhere you go is a very powerful and productive tool to have. I’ve done several reviews about Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and about the latest release of Dragon Professional Individual v14. As a person who uses speech recognition a lot, I can truthfully say that speech recognition will boost your performance and productivity greatly. You don’t have to have a disability to use speech recognition, just understand that it’s a powerful tool that can be leveraged to get things done a lot faster.

A couple of weeks ago, Nuance released Dragon Professional Individual version 14, a continuing expansion of speech recognition software packages the Nuance offers. With Dragon Professional Individual, there was a pending app called Dragon Anywhere. Dragon Anywhere was going to give Dragon Professional Individual customers the ability to have their auto texts and custom words/dictionaries synchronized to the desktop so that dictation can be done anywhere without the loss of productivity or having to add redundant vocabulary words.

Dragon Anywhere is now available for android, and it’s worth a look if you’re a person on the go.

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Nov 20 2015

Review: Bitdefender Internet Security 2016


It’s hard to believe that there’s people in the world that are working just as hard to infect and steal your personal information as there are making a living at trying to protect you from those threats. That comparison may be off by quite a bit.

There’s quite a few vendors/products on the market that there to protect you from malware and virus infections, and more. For this article, I would be looking at Bitdefender Internet Security 2016.

Bitdefender has been rated the best Internet security against cyber threats and the official product of the year. It was also issued a gold award for zero performance impact; testing better than Symantec’s Norton antivirus.

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Nov 13 2015

Comcast Is Combating Cord Cutters With ‘Data Caps’- Sorry; ‘Data Usage Plans’


Beware cord cutters, Comcast is on to you and they’ve already made adjustments to account for your sneakiness in the future. And if that’s not enough, Comcast continues their downward spiral towards the most hated company in America by blaming their customer base for their security problem; but that’s another story.

It wasn’t too many years ago that Comcast executives were saying that streaming content was just a fad and that cord cutters were not a threat to their business model. If a few years later, and a few hundred thousand less TV subscribers, Comcast has a different perspective on cord cutters.

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