Picking BitDefender For Antivirus Protection

image_thumb-12 Picking BitDefender For Antivirus Protection

I’ve been using Bitdefender for several years. I started using Bitdefender when I started referencing the AV-Comparatives website that independently tests the performance and security of antivirus software. Prior to that, I had been using Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender. Unfortunately, by using Windows Defender, it allowed malware to infect my PC and it basically destroyed the operating system.

I wanted to make sure that I was using the highest rated antivirus software that I could find. I used the AV-Comparatives to make my decision on antivirus. At the time, Bitdefender was one of the highest rated antivirus solutions out there. Bitdefender offers a full Internet security suite to protect your PC, but they also have a free solution; providing basic protections.



image_thumb-13 Picking BitDefender For Antivirus Protection

In the chart above, you’ll see that Bitdefender performs very well, and through the independent testing, had no false positives. Bitdefender has awards for malware protection, performance, and real-time protection.

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Microsoft support (forum rep) once tried to make the argument to me that their antivirus software was better because it was made by them and that I shouldn’t use an independent testing chart to decide which antivirus solution was better. My reply to them was how then would a regular person make an informed decision about which antivirus software to use if there are no independent testing results; there was no reply.

Bitdefender (and free) works almost automatically, without user intervention. It works entirely in the background and only provides you notifications when you need to know something. If it finds anything, it places it into quarantine where you can decide what you’re going to do with your quarantined items later. In the meantime, your system is protected.

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Obviously, there are other antivirus solutions on the market, but I think it’s up to each individual person to decide based upon testing and results to pick a solution that works best for them, not just because it’s a particular name brand. But for me, I think that the unobtrusive nature of Bitdefender works better for me.

So while I use Bitdefender now, I’ll continue to check the AV-Comparatives website to track how other antivirus software’s are doing. If another antivirus software becomes more dependable or performs better than Bitdefender, I’ll consider switching over.

For now, AV-Comparatives has named Bitdefender product of the year. It makes it a good reason to stay with Bitdefender for attracting your PC; whether you’re using the Bitdefender Internet security suite or just using the free version.

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