Dragon Professional Individual version 15 not compatible with Skype for Business version 15.0.4900

image_thumb Dragon Professional Individual version 15 not compatible with Skype for Business version 15.0.4900

Since the time of me being able to download and install Dragon Professional Individual version 15, I’ve had continuous problems with using the software with Skype for Business version 15.0.4900. one of the advertising points of Dragon Professional Individual version 15 was that it was compatible with Skype for Business; version 13 and 14 were not. Version 15 was supposed return that functionality, but I have yet to see it.

Over the past couple of months, at least since late September 2016, I’ve been trying to work with Nuance support on a resolution. So far, nothing.

The overall problem seems to be that if you’re trying to use Dragon Professional Individual version 15 with Skype for Business version 15 because is a very serious problem; causing the Windows operating system to stop responding.

image_thumb-1 Dragon Professional Individual version 15 not compatible with Skype for Business version 15.0.4900

The only way to exit this ‘crash’ is to do a Ctrl-Alt-Del, enter the task manager and then exit the task manager. Whatever the specific problem is with Dragon Professional Individual and Skype for Business, you can’t regain control of your operating system or the desktop until you come back from the task manager.

While I do have an open case with Nuance’s tech support, they haven’t been able to provide me with any solutions. So far the only thing they’ve been able to provide our updated DLLs that provide more detailed logging for their developers to review.

With my last interaction with their tech support, they provided me with new DLLs, and I provided them with the updated activity log from Dragon Professional Individual version 15. Response from there was they wanted me to upgrade Skype for Business to version 16 to see if the problem still exists.

The bigger problem is that Skype for Business is typically used in a corporate environment. Simply asking customers to upgrade to Skype for Business version 16 is not an easy request. Typically, Skype for Business is managed by corporate IT department and trying to get an upgrade on something like that would have ramifications corporate wide.

The surprising part is the amount of disruption that Dragon Professional Individual causes with Skype for Business.

If you have Dragon Professional Individual and are using it with Skype for Business, if you run into this error, you’ll notice that Skype for Business continues to work properly after you return from the task manager (recovery), but you also notice that Dragon Professional Individual version 15 completely crashes; it’s no longer listed as a running application. Dragon Professional Individual has to be restarted to continue using it.

This seems like a pretty big application flaw/software bug for Nuance to miss this during the QA process. Reports from the release of Dragon Professional Individual version 15 said that it was fully functional/compatible with Skype for Business, but my experience has shown just exactly the opposite of that.

For me, the process of troubleshooting Dragon Professional Individual in Skype for Business continues. While I appreciate Nuance’s efforts to try to troubleshoot the issue, I think the process has taken extremely too long to resolve; to the point I think that Nuance has no inclination to fix the problem, but to wait until customers have to upgrade until a new version of Skype for Business comes out.

image_thumb-2 Dragon Professional Individual version 15 not compatible with Skype for Business version 15.0.4900

There is a workaround for this, but it is overly inconsistent. Dragon Professional Individual, as with previous versions, has the option to use the DragonPad. The DragonPad will let you open up a small Nuance application, dictate your message, and then allow you to paste that text into the application you want. This is typically done for applications that are not fully supported by Dragon Professional Individual (which is now a fast growing list of applications since version 12.5). The problem with this workaround is that Dragon professional individual is a speech to text application, if Skype for Business is open and are using Dragon Professional Individual, an Dragon Professional Individual picks up on any sounds, you’ll have to use the task manager to regain access to your system then you’ll have to restart the Dragon application.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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