Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v11

image_thumb Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v11

In a time where everything is stored on solid-state drives, USB drives, SD cards and microSD cards, people tend to forget that the storage options can fail. Pictures and videos can be deleted by accident or they can become corrupted and you can lose them altogether. You would think that the respective operating systems would have this ability for recovery if something goes wrong, but most operating systems don’t have a robust ‘data recovery’ option built-in. Users are left to their own resources to find a good solution.

While there are a lot of options out there for data recovery wizards EaseUS has been in the data recovery business for a while and has a very good reputation, and thankfully they offer a free utility to cover data that’s been deleted, formatted or lost from most storage devices.

Where To Get The Software

EaseUS offers their data recovery Wizard (v11) software for free off of their website. You’ll have to worry about going to a brick-and-mortar store, as long as you have Internet access, you can download their easy to use software in just a matter of minutes.

image_thumb-1 Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v11

The installation file for their free software is under 17 MB. If you have a high-speed connection, it only takes a couple seconds to download the file. The installation of the EaseUS data recovery Wizard is very simple. Like the installation file, the installation only takes a couple of seconds using the default settings.

EaseUS_thumb Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v11

The software is compatible with the Windows operating system and Macintosh. It’s Windows compatible back to Windows XP. It has minimal requirements for CPU, RAM and disk space, and it supports all of the current/standard file system formats. Here’s a link to the software’s specifications page.

My Initial Impressions

Upon opening the EaseUS data recovery Wizard for the first time, the software goes through a process of scanning your drives to see which one may have potential issues. Depending on how many drives you have, this could take some time. In my case, it took about 30 seconds for the software to scan my system and provide me with a summary display.

image_thumb-2 Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v11

The summary identified my reserved system area, for the Windows 10 operating system recovery, and it also identified a lost partition on one of my removable storage devices. At the main form, there’s no options for customization and no file menu to look through.

If you do find the software is a good solution for you, upgrading to the Pro version is very easy. The upgrade option is at the top of the screen, in the shape of a key (an orange), and it takes you directly to EaseUS’s website to purchase a license. The next step up from the free version is the Pro version.

Choose the partition you’re having problems with and then choose the SCAN option at the bottom.


Depending on the size of the partition, the deep scanning of the partition may take a long time to find all the available files that can be restored. EaseUS data recovery Wizard will automatically handle the data recovery process. In my case, it went to the process of recovering a partition automatically; finding four (4) files.

image_thumb-3 Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v11

Whatever the EaseUS data recovery Wizard finds, you’ll be able to browse through those directories and folders to select what you want to recover. The user interface is very easy to use, it’s just a matter selecting what to recover.

To make sure that you don’t lose any more data, the restored/recovered data will need to be written to another location, so make sure that you have enough storage space in the new location.

On EaseUS’s website, they have the software documented very well. You can find the User guide information here.

Strong Point

  • This is a free data recovery tool As you can download from EaseUS’s website.
  • As a free tool, it’s not inundated with excessive advertising.
  • The software offers a total of  2 GB of data recovery service  (500Mb base + 1.5Gb w/Social media sharing).
  • Data recovery can be done from hard drives memory cards and other removable storage.

Weak Points

  • None (as free software)

Special Note

The summary display makes a point to indicate that with the free version of their software you’re limited to 500 MB of data recovery. So this should allow you to ensure that the software is going to be suitable for you and it gives you an opportunity to test its viability. But if you do share the software through a social media service, you’ll get an extra 1.5 GB for data recovery.


In trying to be objective about the software, I would like to think that the software is designed in such a way that the user interface (GUI) is designed to be as simplistic and straightforward as possible. In stressful times like data recovery, I think it’s important that the user interface is as streamlined as possible; this works well with experienced users as well as novice ones.

In my experience in testing, the hardest part about the software was choosing what to restore; with everything else, the software makes it very easy to install and select what needs to be recovered.

Hopefully, you’re not running into a data loss issue on a regular basis, but if you are, this is going to make a good piece of software to have around; free or purchased.

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