Holiday Shopping + Free Shipping = Done.

image_thumb-4 Holiday Shopping + Free Shipping = Done.

With Christmas 2016 just a few weeks away and most people wanting to avoid the annual day of shopping terrorism called Black Friday, a lot of customers are turning to cyber Monday for their Christmas shopping. It makes perfect sense. You don’t have to leave your house, your safe, you might save some money, you definitely save stress and in most cases, you get exactly what you’re looking for.

I would like to say that for my shopping habits, when I’m looking for items to purchase off the Internet, I’m looking for items that come with free shipping.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s fair for people to have a warehouse full of stuff to so items at full retail cost and then charge an excessive shipping fee; it’s stupid. It’s not like the items had to be taken from the warehouse, put on a box truck, stocked on shelves in another brick-and-mortar store where it has to be air-conditioned and shown off by a overzealous salesman.

I think for the most part, people are just looking for a sensible/reasonable cost for the items are looking for and I think that when people are shopping for the holidays and they find items are looking for, as soon as they see that there’s free shipping, I think that immediately translates to a sales transaction.

I don’t even bother with retailers who charge for shipping and handling; at the scam. You simply charge for shipping, that’s it. There is no handling. The products are already being handled when they’re being shipped.

Always think it’s funny when I’m doing shopping online and I see items that have shipping and handling charges. Especially the ones that charge separately for each item that you buy; that’s another scam. It’s complete BS. If you’re buying multiple items from one place and that retailer will not combine the sales orders into one shipment cost then you should just leave [quickly].

I mean honestly, there’s not many people who have best friends that will simply just run an errand for you and not expect a little money for gas. I mean online shopping still involves someone grabbing the item, putting it in a box and then giving it to UPS. As long as the box that your shipping isn’t the size of a Miata, you should get a decent cost on shipping. You have to ask yourself how much would you pay somebody to go shopping for you? If it’s worth $7 to $11 [ground shipping], then it’s worth it, you just have to be a little bit patient with receiving your items.

Most debit cards and credit cards now have Internet buying protection. If you don’t get the item you’re looking for, you can dispute the charges; you can get your money back.

So for this year, I think that were going to see a much larger increase in Cyber Monday sales. All we have to wait for now are the sales figures.

Let me know if you are going to be staying home this year and doing all your Christmas shopping online in the comments below.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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