Oct 05 2016

Review: iVUE Horizon Pro 1080p HD Camera Glasses

image_thumb Review: iVUE Horizon Pro 1080p HD Camera Glasses

A while back I got an opportunity to do a review on iVue’s Horizon Pro 1080p HD camera sports glasses. People who like to do activities like to be able to record themselves, but trying to record using a smartphone while doing activities is kind of difficult. IVue has come out with a pair of sport camera glasses that has the camera built right into the center of the classes. They’re built really sturdy and water resistant.

What comes in the box

When you purchased the glasses, here’s what’s in the box.

Unboxing video:

image_thumb-1 Review: iVUE Horizon Pro 1080p HD Camera Glasses

Comes with a carrying case, a bag for accessories, extra earpieces, extra lenses [clear] USB cable, cleaning cloth user manual and a securing strap.

My item came with a 16 Gb micro SD card and an adapter card.

Using the sunglasses for the first time

The first thing you want to do before using the glasses is make sure they’re charged. You simply take the USB cable that came with the glasses. Plug one end into your computer and one end into the glasses. After charging, you’ll get about 1hr of recording time.

The frames are made out of a rubberized black plastic that makes them more weather resistant. The lenses on the sports glasses are polarized to block UV rays.

Dead simple to use

After the glasses have been charged, you simply insert your micro SD card. The Horizon Pro 1080p supports a micro SD card up to 32 GB.

image_thumb-2 Review: iVUE Horizon Pro 1080p HD Camera Glasses

IVue’s sports glasses are very comfortable, just like any other pair of sunglasses.  The camera lens for the glasses is mounted right between the two lenses. With the camera mounted right between the two lenses, with a 90° angle lens the camera is going to capture pretty much everything that you see.

image_thumb-3 Review: iVUE Horizon Pro 1080p HD Camera Glasses

When the HD glasses are turned on, there is a LED light just above the bridge of glasses on the inside that shines solid. If you’re recording video, that LED flashes. If you’re recording video and you need to pause, you civilly press the button and the glasses will make a beeping noise. Anytime you move into a different mode with the glasses it produces a beeping noise.

image_thumb-4 Review: iVUE Horizon Pro 1080p HD Camera Glasses

IVue’s Horizon Pro 1080p sport glasses records in 1080p/720p at 60 frames per second. So no matter how much things are changing in front of you, you get a crisp and clear picture.

Viewing the movies

iVue has applications for iOS and android to be able to wirelessly connect with your HD glasses. The Horizon Pro 1080p also serves has Wi-Fi ability, so you don’t have to remove your micro SD card to offload your videos.

On the side of the glasses, there’s the option to turn on the Wi-Fi and turn it off. Keeping in mind if you turn on the Wi-Fi, that uses the battery more. But using the Wi-Fi, you don’t have to remove the micro SD card, you can simply transfer your movies wirelessly.


Technically, the glasses record audio fine, but as you start moving at a higher rate of speed, there’s a lot of wind noise. You can’t seem to get it all out. I think maybe more could’ve been down to dull it, but it’s not a massive deal.


I take preference to the glasses. They are compact and stylish enough not to look dorky. The glasses do what they say and even if they get a little damp it okay. The wi-fi access to the glasses was a bit wonky, but you can always remove the micro SD card and plug it in elsewhere. The price tag on the glasses is about $180. Depending on your plans for recording your activities, this might be your choice, but iVue has other versions.


Thanks to iVue and TetonWebstores.com

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