Oct 04 2016

Review: Canon Vixia HF R700 Camcorder

img_57f44423165fd Review: Canon Vixia HF R700 Camcorder

I recently picked up a new camcorder to keep track of my son’s activities with tae kwon do and football. Some of the main things that I was looking for  was a good optical zoom, HD recording, the ability to take still photographs during the recording process and to be very easy to use.

It’s kind of difficult to think that people are still looking for camcorders when most people try to use their smartphones now to record all kinds of events, but smartphones don’t have zoom lenses that get those long distance  shots.

I chose to pick the Canon VIXIA HF R700 HF R700 camcorder. It came out around February of this year. It makes professional quality recordings and has a fantastic 57x optical zoom, full HD recordings, it’s compact and easy to use.

Device Packaging

The contents of the package include the HD camcorder, the power adapter, the battery pack, a high-speed HDMI cable and a USB cable.

img_57f44a9469d08 Review: Canon Vixia HF R700 Camcorder

Initial impressions

img_57f444fca86fd Review: Canon Vixia HF R700 Camcorder

One of the very first thing that you notice about the camcorder is its weight; it’s very light. The outside of the camcorder is a smooth glossy type plastic. You’ll definitely need to use the handgrip that comes with the camcorder to make sure he doesn’t slip away.

On the back of the camcorder, there’s a small slot for the Lithium-ion battery pack. The camcorder itself serves as the charging station for the battery. You plug in the power cable to a wall outlet and the other end of the cord goes into the camera, directly below the record button. The charging instructions for the battery simply say to plug up the camcorder until the charging light goes out and then to unplug it.

So far, in my testing, I’ve been able to get 2+ hours of recording time out of it and still have about 1/3 of the BP-727 battery left.


57x optical zoom

You won’t have any problems shooting any action from a distance with this camcorder. It has a 57x  (32.5  – 1853 mm). The camcorder automatically focuses as you adjust your subject content. In my case, it’s perfect for recording Little League football games.

If you have any concerns about the size of your SD card or the video format that you want to use, the Canon  VIXIA HF R700 has options for recording in AVCHD or MP4; and an array of different sizes.

Image Stabilization

it’s hard to get a perfect shot all the time and not everybody has a stabilization rig they can carry around with them. this camcorder has image stabilization built into it so it’ll always be steady and sharp as it possible. when working with wide-angle focal lengths, it uses five different axes to help create a smooth and shake-free video.

HD Video

When you’re recording video with the Canon VIXIA HF R700, and records it in true high definition at 1920 x 1080 resolution. The pictures clear, the colors vibrant and the playback is smooth.

img_57f44a61f04e1 Review: Canon Vixia HF R700 Camcorder

When you’re accessing the menu for the VIXIA HF R700 camcorder, you do so through the 3 inch Touch panel LCD screen. When you first open the  camera up, you’ll go through the setup process making the selection simply by  touching the settings on the screen.

The touchscreen is also where you will be able to create stills of scenes as a recording in  high definition.


For a camcorder that’s very compact, it has a lot of features built right into it. The optical zoom is fantastic for trying to grab scenes from a long distance. Being able to do steals as your recording in high definition is great. The playback of the HD recordings looks fantastic on a big screen.

It’s very easy to handle, the bottom of the camcorder has a mount for a standard tripod so you can get even better results. I think the 3-inch touch panel is very nice and gives you an extra level of flexibility in dealing with the camcorder’s settings.

The Canon VIXIA HF R700 camcorder comes in just under $300, but has a lot of great features and should be considered a confident purchase.

If you have any thoughts on this, let me know in the comments below…

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