Slick new iPhone 7 case restores the headphone jack

image_thumb-17 Slick new iPhone 7 case restores the headphone jack

I think it’s always funny when you see companies trying to dictate the path of technology in such a way that it angers people.

Apple’s newly released a new iPhone 7 it’s causing a star with the absence of the headphone jack. There was a lot of discussion about the release of the iPhone 7, especially around the fact the new phone was not going to have headphone jacks. Apple presented several reasons why the headphone jack was being taken away, but the most compelling were that there’s a lot of third parties that have devices that interface with the iPhone 7 through the headphone jack.

The backing argument was that these third parties who want to use the iPhone 7 headphone jack were able to do this without paying any kind of royalties. That means that Apple was missing out on a whole new revenue stream for people who wanted to interface with the iPhone 7. In order for Apple to get in on that business, they have to remove the headphone jack and replace it with something more proprietary; something requires royalty fees if you want to use your device with the iPhone 7.

Well, someone has come up with a very slick solution for the absence of the headphone jack with the iPhone 7; create an iPhone 7 case called FUZE that has the headphone jack built into it.

image_thumb-18 Slick new iPhone 7 case restores the headphone jack


You can watch their video here:

Right now, right now they have a campaign going on Indiegogo. At the time of this article, they raise approximately 70% of their goal of $60,000 and they still have roughly a month left. The early bird special for the FUZE case starts at $49.

I think this is a great solution and it’s just typical of people working around bad design problems.

Typical Apple or iPhone users are used to paying a lot of money for accessories for the iPhone. Apple recommends that people purchase an iPhone case and this is a mashup of both those ideas.

Unfortunately, I would expect to see lots of iPhone 7 cases coming out doing very similar things, especially from China. But this idea was brilliant and a much better idea than the stupid pigtail that Apple wanted to sell its customers.

image_thumb-19 Slick new iPhone 7 case restores the headphone jack

In-your-face Apple. [mic drop]

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