Suicide Squad had great potential, but failed to wow audiences

img_57bb434587169 Suicide Squad had great potential, but failed to wow audiences

This past weekend, I went to go see Suicide Squad. I was really excited to see what Warner Bros. and DC comics had cooked up for a live-action Suicide Squad movie. A lot of the advanced trailers that people were seeing about the movie looked to be fairly promising. The studio had secured established actors for the movie, like Jai Courtney, Will Smith and Margot Robbie. But from the very beginning, I was very skeptical of Warner Bros. being able to put together a live-action movie that could follow through with what this movie is supposed to be about.

Unfortunately, it started with rating the movie as PG-13. I understand that studios want to be able to have the widest range possible on their audience, but were talking about the Suicide Squad. This is supposed to be a collection of people that are the worst of the worst. Warner Bros. failed to understand that and they moved forward with using kid gloves when making the movie.

You have the potential of collecting all these great characters together and mixing it with Batman and the Joker, and virtually any other DC character in that universe and making an awesome movie, and you don’t.

Movie Trailer

Synopsis of the Movie

suicide-squad-movie-characters-calendar Suicide Squad had great potential, but failed to wow audiencesIf you are already familiar with the Suicide Squad; a government agency takes a group of criminals and people with superhuman abilities [meta-humans] and basically offers them time off their sentence if they do a job. But on the flipside, this is a squad of people that are expendable. If they fail they die. If they disobey they die. If they win, they get time off their sentence, but they’re still in jail.

The driving force behind the Suicide Squad is a person called Amanda Waller. She’s ruthless and damn near corrupt. When the squad is formed, they’re all injected with a small explosive in their neck and if they do anything wrong, their heads explode.

The group has to work together to accomplish the mission, but things always go the way they want and that the basis of the movie.

What’s cool?

The high point of this movie is the fact that they made it. Beyond that, the movie disappoints with drawn-out story lines, back stories, character development, focus on military support when they should be focusing on the actual Suicide Squad. It’s one Michael Bay creates a Transformers movie that focuses on human beings [stupid].

What was negative?

I can’t say that any particular actor stood out to me as exceptional acting. Will Smith is a star actor and for the most part, I liked pretty much everything he’s done, but he wasn’t needed for this movie. He didn’t bring anything to the movie and his overall acting ability didn’t make this movie any better. Margot Robbie is another great actress; she’s dead gorgeous in the movie and fits the part of how Harley Quinn should look, but I was vested in what was presented on the screen.

There was a lot of discussion about all these actors coming together to do Suicide Squad, but to be honest, the discussion about Jared Leto, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, etc. there just wasn’t enough there to care about.

And while a lot of people will criticize Ben Affleck for playing the role of Batman, I think he’s done a pretty good job so far. He’s playing the role of Batman as a much older, wiser and more coarse version of Batman than we’re used to seeing. This Batman is unforgiving, he’s brutal and he kills people. The movie is self only has two scenes where Batman is in it; so it’s very limited.

Jared Leto played the role of the Joker. His version of the Joker was somewhere between Heath ledger and Edward Enigma. I honestly don’t know why they spent any time whatsoever on any kind of character development for the Joker. Jai Courtney played the role of Capt. Boomerang. For the most part, you can’t understand hardly anything that he says during the movie and if he says more than 30 words the entire movie, I’d be impressed. And Killer Croc has about 12 words in the entire movie. I felt like his character was completely misrepresented; he should’ve been bigger, more menacing, more gore and ferocious.

The majority of the movie is spent with Will Smith and Margot Robbie; Deadshot trying to get back to his daughter and Harley Quinn trying to get back to the Joker.

There’re quite a few scenes throughout the entire movie that are missing from the trailers that made this movie so attractive.

Another thing that bothered me about the Suicide Squad movie was that the entire movie was very dark [literally]. Everything that was filmed was done so in a dark environment. There’re times throughout the movie that it’s very hard to even figure out what’s going on because the scenes are so dark. There’s a scene where various members of the Suicide Squad are being brought out on these types of dollies, in shackles, and must be the middle of the day and the picture is still not a full brightness. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me and it was frustrating at times.

Final Verdict

Suicide Squad falls flat on its face. Regardless of how many high caliber actors you throw at it, the story was stupid, the filming was bad, the characters were not convincing it was just a general poor effort to slap something together and call it Suicide Squad.

I hate to make comparisons, but the animated version of Batman: Assault on Arkham was much better at putting together a Suicide Squad movie that was more entertaining. It’s clear to me that Warner Bros. studio was too afraid to do the right thing and make a proper Suicide Squad movie that was rated R that really represented the characters you’re dealing with. I understand it’s hard to sell something like this to kids, but this movie is not really a kids movie. Same as Deadpool was not a kids movie.

As soon as movie studios start understanding that they need to be more true to the characters versus being concerned with the monetary bottom line, I think the better the movies they make will be. True fans of movies like this, of the Suicide Squad, want to see the real life and actions of those characters, not watered-down versions that will appeal to 10-year-olds the Suicide Squad is not a group of goody two shoes people; their criminals. They should have given this project to someone who understood that.

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