Aug 31 2016

Sling TV adds NBC Channel; kinda

image_thumb-8 Sling TV adds NBC Channel; kinda

I just recently did an article about Sling TV adding the NFL channel. I think it’s great that Sling TV is gaining more speed and more acceptance with the Cord Cutter community. They are providing a service that everybody wants; streaming channels to just about any type of device. Essentially, Sling TV is a digital/Internet antenna for your mobile device.

Right now, it seems like everyone is fighting to provide their own media channel. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox all have their own individual streaming channels, of sorts. Most of the channels don’t have live streaming TV, they offer playback of episodes that were viewed previously.

Sling TV was supposed to be different in the aspect that it provided live streaming television, but somehow they’ve cut a deal with NBC to incorporate their broadcast lineup [playback only], mixed in with their live television streams.

I look at this as the equivalent of Netflix cutting a deal with NBC. At least Netflix has that business model in place. Netflix does not stream live television and doesn’t confuse customers without offering.

image_thumb-9 Sling TV adds NBC Channel; kinda

Somehow, Sling TV has made the connection that it’s okay to mix the business model they have right now of streaming live television with somewhat of a DVR episode playback option just to have NBC television shows. The good side to this is that for people with Sling TV, they can get NBC television shows included with their service; it’s not live, but it is their shows. It’s better than nothing.

So, technically, Sling TV is only adding the playback of previously aired shows us not adding live television. If you’re looking at using Sling TV with NBC, to watch sports programs, this may not be the solution for you. Unless NBC is going to let you watch stored sports broadcasts, or if you enjoy watching sports a day late.

Sling TV says that if you currently have a Sling TV orange subscription, you can add five dollars to your subscription, going to the Sling TV blue plan. It works out to about $40 a month. Still much cheaper than cable.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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