Aug 23 2016

Netflix Raised Their Prices, And I Don’t Care

image_thumb-1 Netflix Raised Their Prices, And I Don’t Care

I normally get upset if I get a notification from a provider about rate increases. I mean who openly thinks that increasing prices on services is a cool thing? Only the service provider. But you know what, I got my notification earlier this month from Netflix that my service rates were going to go up. I one of the many people that were already using Netflix and got grandfathered into a price moratorium, but sadly, that time is past. I’m going to have to start paying more for my Netflix service. Almost an extra $25 a year.

And I’m more than happy to…

Flat-out, Netflix has ruined network television for me. I absolutely cannot stand commercials anymore. They come across as a complete and utter waste of time. Watching network television now with advertising is like watching a monkey throw feces on a wall, hoping that it writes compound words. Highly unlikely.

I think one of the most irritating things about network television is that they blindly throw advertising at you. They have no idea who you are, what you like or what you do with your free time, but they want to continue to throw experimental drugs/prescriptions in your face and teach your kids of what erectile dysfunction is by simple bombardment.

I read the article a few weeks back about how Netflix saves about six hours a year in just commercial time. That’s incredible, and it’s the same reason why I love Netflix.

I live in Chattanooga, TN [Gig City], using EPB fiber. I have access to the fastest residential Internet speeds in the United States [10 Gb]. The level of clarity that I get from Netflix is outstanding. The picture is perfectly clear and with Netflix, I can watch my TV shows anywhere.

And you really have to respect Netflix in the aspect that it’s really setting the bar for streaming television/media. The number of Hulu users doesn’t even compare to Netflix, but even Hulu has recognized that their service can’t exist with commercials. Hulu realized they have to offer service with no commercials; roughly raising their monthly fees to $13 a month.

Other services like Amazon prime, I think, are going to continue to be underperformers because they don’t offer their service for a flat fee, they charge you per episode. Netflix pretty much defined the whole concept of ‘binge watching’.

Within the past couple of years, you’ve seen services like HBO and SlingTV enter into the market and if they want to be successful, they’ll have to keep copying the things that Netflix has proven successful.

Now, please excuse me, I have to get back to binge watching shows and movies, avoiding offensive commercials and enjoying myself immensely.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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