Aug 29 2016

Is Rotten Tomatoes really hurting movies that much?

image_thumb-4 Is Rotten Tomatoes really hurting movies that much?

Short answer; no- and here’s why.

And you really don’t have to look far for an explanation. The past couple of years, there’s been a shortage of blockbuster movies with a good turnout. A couple of weeks ago when Suicide Squad was about to be released in theaters, a lot of the top critics on Rotten Tomatoes was giving it really low reviews. Oddly enough, there was a petition to shut down the Rotten Tomatoes website because of all the negative reviews the movie was getting, and it wasn’t even out in the theaters yet.

Was Suicide squad a victim of Rotten tomatoes negative reviews, or was it just another situation where Hollywood has created a crap movie and is upset that people don’t like it and have a venue to voice their opinions about what they think of the movie?

After seeing the movie myself, the answer is clear.

image_thumb-5 Is Rotten Tomatoes really hurting movies that much?

Hollywood created a crap movie, pushed it to the public early, they didn’t like it, they wrote reviews on Rotten tomatoes website, and then they felt threatened that all the negative reviews were going to hurt the overall success of the movie.

Rotten tomatoes is not the problem. The problem is that Hollywood is too busy turning out crap movies; compromising on the authenticity of characters and the lack of good stories.

The latest and the greatest example of this recently has got to be the string of failed DC movies. Hollywood is working with DC and trying to churn out these great Marvel type movies, but there compromising too much on the characters and the storylines. For the diehard fans, they have to see the movies because of their fans, but at the same time when they watch the movies they become so disgusted with what Hollywood has done to the characters and the storyline, it’s a complete turnoff.

Other examples would be Jason Bourne, Ben-Hur, Mechanic: Resurrection, Batman vs Superman, Independence Day: Resurgence, Now You See Me 2, etc.

These are all big movies that the studios have pushed because they initially made a lot of money and they have huge fan bases. They think that simply by creating a movie with a matching title and some characters it’s going to be a moneymaker. Obviously, they were wrong and it has nothing to do with Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten tomatoes is just a venue for people to leave their opinions about the movies that are been made. If the studios are so concerned about getting negative reviews about movies coming out, maybe they should try to make better movies.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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