Hulu’s Free Streaming Service Is No More

image_thumb Hulu’s Free Streaming Service Is No More

Unless you’re living under a rock, streaming content is becoming big business. Depending on who you ask, streaming content is a threat or it isn’t. If you’re looking at streaming content from the large networks, streaming content is not that big of a deal. If you’re on the side of the Cord Cutters, streaming content is a huge deal; and that market is very competitive.

Hulu recently announced that is going to be doing away with its free streaming service. Going forward, if you want to use Hulu, you’ll have to use their premium services with ads or without; roughly 8 dollars and $12 a month respectively.

Honestly, it seems like that Hulu would’ve made this decision a long time ago. There’s just not enough revenue to be made in having a free service based on just providing limited commercials. It’s a good short-term solution to get people to try Hulu, as an introduction but it’s not a long-term solution for Hulu itself.

Back in January, Hulu started offering a new premium service that has no commercials; basically mirroring what Netflix does. That new premium service was basically being offered to the public for roughly $12 a month. I think for most people adding an additional four dollars a month to avoid the irritation of commercials is worth it.

I think what Hulu is trying to do is get serious about offering streaming services and stop wasting or losing money on offerings that just aren’t working. Like Netflix, Hulu is starting to understand that adding original content, movies and other exclusives, is what’s going to pay off in the future.

Hulu has seen some big growth within the last two years. Hulu recently reported that they have roughly 12 million subscribers and still moving upwards.  In comparison to Netflix, which has over 77 million subscribers, that’s really not a lot, but between 2014 and 2015, Hulu’s subscriber base almost doubled; that’s a big jump.

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