Aug 26 2016

Facebook, what are you doing with your trending topics?

image_thumb-6 Facebook, what are you doing with your trending topics?

Facebook is the most dominating website on the Internet for social networking and they’re constantly looking for ways to mess around with the interface; making small changes.

I still haven’t figured out why Facebook won’t leave my personal settings alone, so that when I’m looking at my newsfeed, it leaves it on the settings that I want; not the settings in it wants. Ah, it’s okay keep jacking with stuff and see what sticks.

Friday night was interesting in regards to the main page for Facebook. On the right side, where the top typically has trending topics, they changed the layout a little bit from the normal.

They changed it to show a one line topic and the number of people talking about it. It was vague and stupid.

image_thumb-7 Facebook, what are you doing with your trending topics?

I’m not sure they were trying to do, to me, it makes absolutely no sense to give me a one line subject with no context but then tell me that X number of people are talking about it.

It’s entertaining to see what Facebook does from time to time just to try to change things up. Besides acquiring companies, selling personal data, feeding advertisements and making only very slight changes to the overall functionality of Facebook.

If Facebook is going to change the trending topics to look something like this, the least they can do is give me the summary and the number of people who are interested in it. Oh, and with the possibility of maybe showing the most popular topics first?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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