Will PC Games Make A Comeback?

PC_gamer_desk_thumb Will PC Games Make A Comeback?

Back in mid-2015, there is an article about PC games making a comeback. In my opinion, PC gaming has taken a big hit since the entrance of the gaming consoles.

Gaming consoles take the headaches of having to learn anything technical to make something happen. If your PC gamer, a diehard PC gamer, not only are you intelligent but you love playing games with high-end graphics. PC gamers want the absolute best experience possible, game options, customization options and if there like me, they don’t want to use a game controller.

Game consoles allow simple people to eliminate the problems of upgrading hardware, dealing with slow CPUs, software patches, and updates, etc. they do not have to learn anything, they just have to buy the console and a game and play.

What happened to PC games?

Let’s just start out by saying that without PC gaming, there wouldn’t be gaming consoles. Some of the most popular games on the market started off with PC. For instance, take Call of Duty, it started off on the PC and was immensely popular; people couldn’t get enough of it. You had Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2, but then the gaming studios decided that the game consoles was the way to go. And I think this is where PC gaming started to drop off.

call_of_duty_thumb Will PC Games Make A Comeback?

There’re so many people that are not technically inclined; they wanted simple solutions. They don’t know about CPU speed, graphics cards or required memory. Some people don’t even know the difference, they just want to play the game. If you trying to play PC game and you don’t know any of these things, your game experience may be horrible.

Unfortunately, there were a bunch of people who were not technically inclined, but they want to play games. Microsoft and PlayStation, and Nintendo, all came out with solutions to those problems with gaming consoles. With the gaming consoles, the only thing that people had to deal with was a learning curve on the game controllers.

So are PC games coming back?

The reason I believe that there’s a resurgence in PC gaming is that the consumer base is starting to have some discomfort with how the major gaming consoles manufacturers are handling the releases, the gaming quality, the network access, the modifications, the price of the games and overall customer service.

Microsoft_Xbox_red_ring_of_death_thumb Will PC Games Make A Comeback?

Was also another point that PC gamers understand as well, playing first-person shooter games with a keyboard and mouse is much more accurate and fast as opposed to using a console controller. About 10 years ago there was a study/experiment where gaming console users and PC users were allowed to play the same game, on the same network, at the same time.

The console gamers became extremely upset because they were being killed/fragged so fast; they simply could not compete with PC users keyboard and mouse controls. PC users could complete moves and tasks, special options, etc. much faster than the console users could; thus they had a huge advantage in gameplay. Ultimately, this is why PC gamers and counsel gamers are not allowed to play on the same network.

I also think that the customer base is becoming a little more savvy with technology. I think of doing this simply because they are becoming discontent with the status quo of console games.

Cost is the issue—

The one thing that I haven’t mentioned about PC gaming is that there’s a definite cost associated with PC games, not just purchasing the game, making sure that your PC rig is compatible, has the latest hardware, can get the best gameplay, etc.

PC_upgrades_thumb Will PC Games Make A Comeback?

Take for instance the new game from Ubisoft – The Division. Ubisoft lists the minimum configuration and the recommended configuration.

I can tell you from experience that the minimum configuration will never give you the experience are looking for. The minimum configuration simply means that you can load the game, but you can expect performance problems. The recommended configuration that game makers provide should be the only recommendations they make; they should do away with the minimum configuration altogether.

So the three main things about PC gaming hardware specifications is the CPU, memory, and video card. For The Division, the recommended processor is an Intel core I7 3770 or an AMD FX 8350, at least, 8 GB of memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or an AMD Radeon R9 290 [equivalent or better].

If you want to be able to play this latest game on your PC you’ll have to make sure that you meet these specifications. Let’s take a look at a few numbers.

As you can see, if your PC rig doesn’t meet the proper specifications, depending upon what you’d need, it’s going to cost at least $50; and that doesn’t include purchasing the game.

In addition to the cost of upgrading hardware, there’s the experience of cracking open the PC case, replacing the hardware, installing drivers and optimizing for gameplay— so there’s a time and effort factor as well.

So if PC gaming is coming back, this means that console gamers are getting tired of being mistreated and they want more options; and they’re apparently willing to pay for it.

But on the flipside, this explains why we don’t have more PC games. Game studios are always pushing the boundaries of graphics and doing things more complex. More complexity equals hardware upgrades, time, and money. If your customer base is too simple to understand hardware specifications on PC, they’ll have to stay with consoles and deal with it.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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