Review: iRulu 10.1 inch WalknBook PC tablet [w1007]

iRulu_WalknBook_W1007_Windows_tablet_PC_thumb Review: iRulu 10.1 inch WalknBook PC tablet [w1007]

PC tablets that are able to run Windows 10 are starting to become more popular. Recently, I got the opportunity to take a closer look at iRulu’s new WalknBook. It has a 10.1 inch screen [IPS], runs Windows 10 home edition and it comes with a detachable keyboard.

The specifications for the tablet are not high-end but the tablet makes itself a great contender for people who are looking for PC tablets that are running the latest operating system and is capable of running your standard applications, without having to compromise going to android or iOS.

Device Packaging

The WalknBook came in the mail by the USPS. In my particular case, it was small enough to fit in my mailbox. The packaging of the WalknBook tablet comes in a sturdy cardboard box as to make sure that the tablet arrives in one piece and in good condition.

Here’s a video of the iRulu WalknBook W1007 unboxing:

Initial impressions

Having done a previous review on another WalknBook version, I’m really impressed with these PC tablets are coming out. I believe this particular PC tablet is the third revision of the WalknBook. I had done a previous review on the WalknBook W1002.

This version comes with Windows 10 Home version preinstalled; you don’t have to upgrade from Windows 8.

One of the first things you notice about this PC tablet is that it doesn’t have this cheesy plastic case to it. When you pick up the PC tablet it has this study feel to it, it doesn’t creek or crackle, or make weird noises when you’re holding it. The outside of the case has a smooth feel to it and the outside doesn’t catch your fingers as you move them along the edges.

w1007-keyboard_thumb Review: iRulu 10.1 inch WalknBook PC tablet [w1007]

The PC tablet doesn’t weigh very much, it’s under 3 pounds. There’s a nice case that comes with it; it doubles as the detachable keyboard. The edges of the case are magnetic, so folding them together will create a kickstand for the tablet to sit on a flat surface; quickly converting your PC tablet into a laptop.

High Points

CPU (1.83 GHz)

So one of the first things I wanted to look at was the CPU. The iRulu WalknBook W1007 PC tablet has an Intel Atom Z3735F processor [quad CPU]. The Intel Atom processor is in the same series as what Microsoft uses for their Microsoft Surface tablets. The 3735F processor is just a few hundred megahertz slower than the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet.

The Microsoft Surface 3 tablet has a burst speed of 2.4 GHz. This particular tablet has a burst speed of 1.83 GHz. It’s slightly less than the Microsoft Surface 3, but it still give you great performance.

Memory (2 GB)

As with the Microsoft Surface 3 tablets, the iRulu WalknBook W1007 comes with 2 GB of memory. It seems to be standard and bare minimum for running Windows 10 on these small portable devices. My just looking at the tablet, without cracking open the case, there’s no way to upgrade the RAM on the tablet. It may be possible to upgrade the RAM on the tablet, but I wasn’t willing to try to damage the tablet in efforts to find out.

Storage (32 GB)

The W1007 comes with and advertised a 32 GB of storage, 28.2 GB actual, and half of that is used for the operating system. So immediately after starting up the tablet, you’re going to have roughly 14.6 GB of application storage space. This is actually pretty standard. You can actually load lots of applications and 14 GB of space, but if you need more, it is expandable to hundred 128 GB with a microSD card.

For my testing, I inserted a 64 GB microSD card for storage just to make sure that it worked and it worked fine. I would suspect that if you going to be using this PC tablet on regular basis, being mobile and running larger applications, expandable storage would be an obvious choice.


I think the graphics in this tablet worked flawlessly. I never had any problems with swiping or gestures or any evidence of lag opening applications opening menus.

w1007-game-play_thumb Review: iRulu 10.1 inch WalknBook PC tablet [w1007]

I opened a few older games, Quake 3 and Enemy Territory, and I was able to run those from my server without any problems whatsoever. I felt that the graphics were being displayed very smoothly, fluidly and holding its own quite nicely. I have no doubt that this tablet would be able to run some newer games without any problems.

Here’s a video of me running through the tablet:

Special note


The WebCams on the PC tablet are not high-end. Both the WebCams for the front and the back are 2 megapixels. Personally, I would like to see the WalknBook manufacturer upgrade the rear camera is something a little bit better to something like eight megapixel, while leaving the front camera to megapixel for video chat. Obviously this is a mobile device and I think that taking pictures and doing video chat sessions with people would be one of its selling features.


The PC tablet comes with a proprietary charger from iRulu. The charger plugs into the wall and in the plug goes into the tablet, but it is nice to know that if you don’t have your charger with you, as long as you have a standard USB to a micro USB connection, like with most smartphones, you’ll be able to charge this tablet. I found this option to be very convenient. Note; using the USB cable for charging takes longer and it will not sustain the tablet PC for ongoing use; you’ll need the charger that comes with it for that.

The standby time on the tablet, with my experience, lasted about three days. Depending upon what you’re doing, depends upon how long the battery is going to last. In my testing, I was able to use the tablet for five solid hours before the battery indicator got to where I thought was critical. So you’ll be looking to charge this tablet about once every two days for casual use.


Having done a previous review on an iRulu WalknBook W1002, I can easily say this is a step up. The PC tablet comes with Windows 10 Home edition. This is an excellent portable device that’s running a full Windows 10 operating system so you don’t have to compromise between android and iOS applications; you can run your standard favorite Windows applications. You can easily switch between tablet mode and being a laptop just a matter of seconds. It doesn’t have any problems with playing movies, music or playing games. At the time of this article, this particular tablet can be purchased off of Amazon for roughly $160. That’s a great price for a Windows operating system, and a portable device that this convenient.

Credits and Reference

IRulu [Amazon]

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