The FCC Says That Cable Customers Can Ditch Their Cable Boxes For Streaming Services

image_thumb-10 The FCC Says That Cable Customers Can Ditch Their Cable Boxes For Streaming Services

This past week should have been pretty exciting for customers who are fed up with their cable companies and Cord Cutters alike. Last week, the Federal Communications Commission ruled that customers should be able to get their cable through other venues besides having to rent a cable box.

This means that customers should be able to avoid having to pay for the traditional cable box they have to get from the cable company, they should be able to purchase their own cable box [independently] and you should be able to start getting your cable subscription programming through other venues like Amazon fire TV, Apple TV, android TV and streaming media boxes like Roku.

Since becoming the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, surprisingly, Tom Wheeler has been working on the behalf of Internet customers and cable companies since being appointed.

It’s really nice to see that the SEC is moving forward with solutions like this for customers. It’s nice because there’ve been third-party solutions to streaming media to various devices by hacking cable boxes to stream live TV; like SlingTV. And then there’s the tragic story of Aereo TV, which I think helped spawn this change by the FCC.

With the introduction of allowing for third parties to come in and provide their own cable boxes, we could be looking at a revolution in media consumption mixed with the Internet interaction.

It’s no secret that cable companies have some of the worst customer relationships. Comcast and Time Warner both have horrible reputations for customer service. The way customers consume their media has changed dramatically over the past couple of years and this is a strong signal to the cable companies that customers want more options and the options that are being presented to them are far below par.

Technically, Cord Cutters have been blazing the trail for the FCC to follow for years. Cable companies once thought that Cord Cutters were just a fad, but that fad has turned into a legitimate fear now. Cord Cutters have been a primary example of getting your media anywhere that you want, how you want. There also about paying for what you want and not being provided 900 channels of junk.

Streaming media services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have become exceptionally popular over the past couple of years. To stand out more, Netflix and Amazon have started on a path of creating their own independent content; producing movies and TV shows. This just reinforces that customers are tired of traditional cable programming and they want their media anywhere they are.

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