How Smartphones Changed TV

How_Smartphones_changed_TV_thumb How Smartphones Changed TV

Advertisers have been relying on TV commercials to promote their products and services for years. However, the competition for viewers’ time has grown beyond bathroom and snack runs. Now, a large chunk of viewers use a second screen while watching TV, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This means viewers dedicate very little time to actually watching commercials anymore. However, the second screen does provide a new opportunity for advertisers that should not be overlooked.

Sixty-five percent of people who use a second screen while watching TV are simply surfing the Web. However, about one-third are using their second screen to enhance their TV viewing experience. For instance, they may be looking up additional information about a show, researching actors, or participating in live chats and forums about the show. Advertisers can create websites and apps to capture viewers attention. This presents a new opportunity for them to display advertising.

Research shows that TV viewers are more likely to make a purchase when their second screen is synchronized with the show they are watching on TV. This is easy to do with an app on a smartphone from Samsung like the Galaxy Note 5. Many people even say that the second screen makes TV viewing more enjoyable. The second screen is definitely changing the way people view TV and advertising. Advertisers need to get with the times by looking at the new possibilities to engage customers and sell products and services. Check out this infographic to find out how to tap into these new advertising opportunities and overcome the second screen problem.

Infographic_thumb How Smartphones Changed TV



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