Windows 10: Great OS, bad supporting software

Windows_10_bad_software_thumb Windows 10: Great OS, bad supporting software

Windows 10, from its base release, seems to be a really good operating system. All irritating stuff from windows 8 and 8.1 seems to have been refined and fixed. Microsoft returned the start button and mixed in a little bit of the Metro tiles. Everything seems to have a little bit of an adjustment to it, so you can personalize exactly what you want to see.

But after playing with Windows 10 for about a week or so, one of the things I’ve noticed about the operating system is that it’s not the operating system itself, it’s the supporting software this supposed to make the operating system more robust.

I’m talking about applications for mail, calendars, handling video, video playback, managing music, etc.

Microsoft has done a horrible job of releasing Windows 10 with a slew of substandard applications that are supposed to be what makes users happy about using the new operating system.

Microsoft Mail

The new Microsoft mail is missing so many features that I don’t want to go into all of them, but to point out a simple one; it doesn’t have the ability to select multiple emails by using shift select. There’s no option in Microsoft mail to be able to delete all; it’s stupid.

And something that seems to be a little bit more obvious in the stupid department is that Microsoft mail does not have an option for contacts. There’s no way to manage your contacts in Microsoft mail.

Microsoft_mail_Windows_10_no_contacts_thumb Windows 10: Great OS, bad supporting software

Microsoft Calendar

Another one might be Microsoft calendar. If you open up Microsoft calendar, in order to use the application, you have to use a Microsoft account. Even if you don’t use Microsoft to maintain your calendar, you have to create an account. So let’s say that you create your account but then you add your Google account to Microsoft calendar, you can’t delete your Microsoft account from the calendar application; it’s stupid. And the Microsoft calendar also has no search function and no option to synchronize.

There’s nothing in the application that allows you to go in and force the calendar to synchronize an update. Users don’t even know what frequency the calendar updates; every 10 minutes, every five minutes, who knows.

Video Playback

Windows_10_VLC_video_playback_thumb Windows 10: Great OS, bad supporting software

Video playback on Windows 10 is a joke. The video playback application with the operating system is so limited and embarrassing to Microsoft. Microsoft is doing the same stupid thing they did with Microsoft moviemaker they did they did with this latest release. The video playback application does not support multiple video formats, unless you load the proper codecs.

When it comes to video playback, you would expect operating system to be at least robust enough to be able to play multiple video formats without having to load some ancillary video codec.

Take for instance VLC. VLC is a free application that’s been on the Internet for years. It plays basically any video format that you can think of, and probably some that you didn’t even know about. VLC has functions that you may not ever use, but it’s a free application, it’s very powerful and people love it. Microsoft’s video player doesn’t come anywhere close to VLC’s ability.

I was blown away by the fact that Windows 10 doesn’t have the ability for Blu-ray video playback. If you want to play a Blu-ray disc on Windows 10, you can’t do that. You have to have a third-party application like VLC that can play the disc; in some cases, some users are not able to play DVDs; which is insane.

Microsoft claims that it’s because they have to pay extra for licensing. VLC is free. It plays Blu-ray discs and DVDs, and basically any audio/video media format. I say Microsoft is full of crap.

Video Editing

Windows_movie_maker_Windows_10_thumb Windows 10: Great OS, bad supporting software

Again, this is a horrible example of Microsoft not doing a thing to improve the user experience when dealing with video formats/editing. Pretty much every mobile device that’s on the market now comes with a digital camera. And most of those devices have the ability to record video. A large majority of people who record video or take pictures want to be able to incorporate that into some sort of video playback so they can share it with their friends.

Windows movie maker comes with Windows essentials. Like video playback, Microsoft expects the users to load the required video codec’s manually. Most users don’t even know what a video codec is. Microsoft unloads the whole responsibility of understanding video codecs to the end-user and then when the application doesn’t work right or blows up in their face, Microsoft says it’s your responsibility; even to go so far as to tell the users to purchase the proper codecs.

Again, you would think that the latest release of a Windows operating system would have support for all the standard video and audio formats that are on the market.

Windows Media Center

Windows_Media_Ctr._Windows_10_thumb Windows 10: Great OS, bad supporting software

I think this is where Microsoft kind of screwed up a lot. Windows media Center has been included with the Windows operating system for a while, but Microsoft said they removed Windows media Center from Windows 10 because there wasn’t enough people using the application. This is where I think that Microsoft was actually ahead of its time, and by removing Windows media Center from Windows 10 is actually a large mistake for them. Microsoft should’ve invested more in Windows media center and understood that eventually more users are going to be digitizing their video libraries and they’re going to need an application like this to serve up the data.

This would’ve been a great opportunity for Microsoft to incorporate adverts into serving up audio and video files to other streaming devices. It’s just something else that Microsoft has taken away from the users who could be enjoying the Windows operating system more.

Fortunately, thanks to the hackers of the world, there is a way to install Windows media Center on Windows 10. With any luck, Microsoft will figure out that they screwed up and, like the start menu, add Windows media Center back into the operating system.

I’m not a person who’s ever used Apple products, but I really like the way Apple treats their customers when it comes to offering base abilities. Managing music, watching videos, managing photos, etc. Microsoft just released the latest and greatest version of their operating system and they continue to embarrass themselves by not adopting and supporting basic services and media formats.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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