Sep 08 2015

Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14

img_55ed9b2a01b79 Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14

Recently, Nuance released a new version 14 of their speech recognition software; it’s called Dragon Professional Individual. The focus of this version seems to be focusing on individuals who want to be more productive at work using speech recognition. Huge improvements in the speech recognition and the responsiveness of Nuances speech recognition software were made in version 13. Those improvements have carried over to Dragon Professional Individual.

Some of the new features of Dragon Professional Individual is focused on the customization, like creating auto texts, transcription and being able to synchronize profiles between devices (PC/mobile device).

I started off using Dragon Professional Individual on Windows 7 professional. During the course of my introduction to Dragon Professional Individual, I upgraded to Windows 10. So my experience with the software is going to be a mixture of the Windows 7 environment and the Windows 10 environment.

My Initial Impressions

In my particular version/review, I downloaded the Dragon Professional Individual to my PC for installation. The installation file, if you download it from Nuance, is very close to 4 GB. Even so, this shouldn’t affect anyone’s bandwidth caps. Living in GigCity,  this only took me about 3 minutes to download.

My initial impressions about Dragon Professional Individual v14 are somewhat on the level with previous installations of the NaturallySpeaking software. Nothing really stands out to be out of place or unfamiliar. Installation process of their software takes several minutes to extract before you’re able to get to a point of actually using the software.

Nuance continues to use the new Dragon bar in the latest version. So the overall image of Dragon NaturallySpeaking continues to be static. However, Nuance does continue to push the friendliness of their application; giving users more natural language commands so that they can take better advantage of the abilities of their speech recognition software.

img_55edaa7206e4d Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14


Sync’ing user profiles (Dragon Anywhere)

As a suggestion that I gave to Nuance years ago, to use their cloud platform to synchronize their user profiles between PC and mobile devices, they have gotten around to doing that in this version. Nuance is offering a iOS and android application called Dragon Anywhere [not released yet; due in the fall].

Dragon Anywhere is a compliment application that will allow you to be more productive; being allowed to synchronize your settings, and words and maintain your vocabulary pretty much anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

Using Auto-Texts

Dragon Professional Individual works to remind people that are using speech recognition that auto texts can be very useful. Auto texts can be used for inserting everything from a paragraph of information to a simple email signature.

img_55edaaecaf99e Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14

Any auto-texts that you create can be managed under the managed custom commands.

The only suggestion that I would make the Nuance about managing custom commands would be to adopt a tree profile so that categories of custom commands could be created and managed. If you start using Dragon Professional Individual on a regular basis and you start using the commands heavily, you could find yourself in a situation where you have so many custom commands it’s hard to manage. But overall, having this feature out in the front like this is a very good idea.

img_55eda38792e97 Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14

In addition to this, Dragon Professional Individual is also pushing the use of new commands. This feature was available in previous versions of their speech recognition software, but Nuance really wants users to start making an assertive effort to get more out of speech recognition.

Here’s an example of adding a custom command to Dragon Professional Individual to open Mozilla Thunderbird.

img_55eda5ffadc23 Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14


I think another great tool that is in this software package is the transcription tools. Not only is Dragon Professional Individual able to transcribe the primary users voice, but also other people’s voices. Before you do that Dragon check to see if your profile has already been created, if not it walks you through the process. Other users profiles can be created as long as you have an approximate 90 seconds plus audio clip for Dragon to learn from.

img_55edab92d358c Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14

In addition to supporting WAV, WMA and MP3 files; it now supports M4a files as well. In some cases the audio can be synchronized between certain applications.

Automated Transcriptions

The Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent agent is a small monitoring application that looks at a specific directory and will automatically launch a transcription if a file appears in a particular directory. Any file placed in that folder is automatically transcribed. Along with the transcribed text and audio files kept for corrections later on. Supported output formats are DOC, RTF and TXT.

img_55eda8cd1208d Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14

Software Cost

According to Nuance Dragon Professional Individual is going to be priced at around $300; half the price of the normal Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional package. If you’re an existing Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional user you could be looking at substantially lower costs because of specials on upgrading.

img_55edf8f23e113 Techie Review: Dragon Professional Individual v14

The Dragon Anywhere software is gonna be compatible with iOS and android and should be available in the respective markets around this fall. The Dragon Anywhere software Is a cloud-based solution for speech recognition, It uses the same recognition engine that the desktop does. The pricing hasn’t been set definitively yet,  but according to Nuance for the use of that application, it’s going to be a roughly $15 a month or $150 a year.

Strong Points

  • Dragon Professional Individual v14 seems to be pushing their users to be more engaging; to get the most out of the product. Learn the advanced functions; do more.
  • The recognition and responsive performance of the software is absolutely outstanding. Whatever changes that Nuance made with the release of version 13 of NaturallySpeaking, has carried over to this version.
  • Transcribing services are going to be a strong benefit to those who are working on the go. Being able to take voice notes and have those transcribed; including voices of others.
  • Auto transcribing agent; this application can be easily configured to work with cloud services. To be able to drop audio files into a cloud shared folder and have those discussions transcribed automatically and waiting for you when you get back to your desk.
  • The software continues to make strides into being able to take input from pretty much any location/device. Using multiple input devices/microphones, and being able to use smartphones as high-performance microphones.
  • Dragon Professional Individual seems to work very well with supported applications, mainly Microsoft applications [like Microsoft office apps]; formatting commands.
  • Dragon Professional Individual seems to have returned majority of the commands to the applications that weren’t working  previously in the release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 13. By using the option of "What can I say?", users can find out which applications support what commands.

Weak Points

  • Browser plug-ins; with my previous operating system of Windows 7 Pro and with Windows 10 Pro, I experienced the same type problems with the interaction with the major browsers that Dragon Professional Individual are supposed to support.
    • Chrome; some functions worked, like ‘show links’ & ‘ALT-D’, but I never got the formatting functions to work. I could never issue commands through the browser using the software that would let me say, "capitalize that" or "correct that". And in many cases, actually during the dictation of this article, it became extremely frustrating as the application would cause Google Chrome to bounce about the screen scrolling up and down; never staying where it was supposed to be.
    • Firefox; my experience with Windows 7 and Firefox were good. I was able to dictate into the browser and do some editing, although at some points I was unable to use formatting commands. But moving to Windows 10, the Firefox plug-in for Dragon Professional Individual did not work at all. I was not able to dictate into Firefox at all; either with the plug-in enabled or the plug-in disabled. And I made sure that I was running the latest version of that plug-in, v14.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer [Windows 7]; I had more success using the plug-in for Internet Explorer with Dragon Professional Individual. It was more responsive and I was able to issue commands for formatting. I was also able to use commands such as ‘show links’.
    • Microsoft Edge [Windows 10]; at the time of this article, I was not getting a lot of abilities from Dragon Professional Individual with Microsoft Edge; no navigation and no formatting options.


Nuance Dragon Professional Individual is a strong software package for speech recognition.The high level of accurate recognition and the responsiveness of the software is very impressive. Dragon Professional Individual points out the strong points of speech recognition and how beneficial it can be, and how much more productive one can be by using it.

By being able to synchronize profiles across devices will make it terribly convenient for those who are using speech recognition on a regular basis. The automated transcription/polling service  that was covered here would be extremely useful for those doing observation recordings or capturing quick thoughts or one-on-one interviews.

However, from Dragon NaturallySpeaking v13, Nuance is really I have to start working with more impetus on figuring out how their software is going to work when they don’t have a list of compatible software packages.

Additionally, they’re also going to have to work on the compatibility with the major web browsers because the add-ons/extensions they are offering right now are extremely frustrating; because none of the browsers offered formatting commands that worked for me that I could call productive.

Credits and Reference

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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  • Nathan S.

    After reading through your reviews of v13 and 14, I have a question if you don’t mind. I have 12.5 professional. I am trying to figure out if it is worth upgrading to v14 for the $99 promotional pricing they are offering. I am really just starting to use Dragon and will mostly be using it with Word, Outlook and a web based documentation and ticketing system via FireFox. Am I better of sticking with v12.5 or are there real advantages to using v14? My hardware is fairly beefy so that should be an issue (i7, 16GB, SSD, Win 10)

    • Well, the honest truth is that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 is more compatible and more applications than version 13 or 14. Beginning with version 13, Nuance started using plug-ins for the web browsers to be able to do certain things. In my opinion, and experience, the browser plug-ins have been a complete disaster— they either don’t work, they’re inconsistent, and are not updated regularly.

      I have Dragon Professional Individual version 14 at home, but I’m not going to upgrade that version at work because there’s too many applications I would be hindered with. Nuance has already reported that any application that does not have text control, that you would have to use the dictation box.

      I don’t know how you feel about the use of the dictation box to be compatible with applications, but I find it extremely irritating; considering that Dragon NaturallySpeaking worked perfectly prior to version 13. With version 13 Nuance made a decision to alienate a huge swaths of applications, making them virtually incompatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

      Having said all that, I will admit that version 13 and above does have higher accuracy and better response time with dictation. But my trade-off is being more compatible with more applications, versus the higher accuracy and responsiveness; I chose compatibility.

      • Nathan S.

        That’s exactly what I was looking for and kind of what I was already thinking. Thanks.

        Great reviews by the way. I love it when people actually use the products they review and don’t just regurgitate the sales information.

  • Dueep Jyot Singh

    I have been using Dragon since 2009, especially the French/English version and now I have version 13. With the Windows 10 operating system, I wondered whether it was really worth it, upgrading to version 14, because I normally do my work on my computer, in MS Office
    Unfortunately, because of some add in incompatibility problems with the latest version of MS office, half of the commands like save Document, save as,Set style heading 2, and other commands are absolutely not recognized by Dragon 13 when working on MS office 365, and the latest version of Office. And I just hate the screen flickering/flashing, whenever I speak a sentence in MS Office, chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. I just do not know why this happens.
    Let me admit that Dragon has made my life much easier, because I just hate the keyboard.However, I just wanted to know whether there was any way in which Dragon had any suggestion about any Transcribing software, which would allow me to dictate miles and miles of piles of files on the go, and then come back to my office, plug it into my computer and have the transcription done properly, without 99.8% mistakes.
    Believe it or not, the Sony transcribing handheld gizmo, they told me was such a whiz was bought by me way back in 2010, and I spent one hour dictating a 40 page file, of an important meeting in that infernal transcribing machine. Arrived at my office, allowed Dragon to transcribe it into a document and then spent eight hours correcting and editing the mess made of the transcription.
    So that is why today I do my dictating straight in DragonPad, and then cut copy paste it in a Microsoft office word document. I do not use the dictation box. And I just am sick and tired of that red flash blinking on the top left of my chrome browser right now, as I am talking into this message box. What on earth is it?
    So, if one could please tell me whether it is really worth upgrading to a bilingual software, I could go in for the upgrade, but till then I am sticking to my French/English version 13, which incidentally I find excellent!
    Has anybody had some good experiences with transcription compatible software? Not Sony. Please. That is because half of the time I am on the go and I need to transcribe my meetings, thoughts, opinions on a handheld, which can be transcribed properly onto documents when I have the time, but not when the mistakes are absurd and abominable.

  • G HS

    Hi Larry,

    I visit this
    Have you checked KnowBrainer 2016? They say, this application extends the command library and even creates own commands for ‘any application’. Ability to extend commands for Dragon natural speaking, DPI13, DPI14 and works faster.

    • Partially, that’s true. As long as those applications offer ‘text control’; otherwise you’re using the dictation box.

      Larry Henry