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Recently, I picked up a you U8 SmartWatch for doing a review. In the past, I’ve made comments and posted articles about how I think the concept of SmartWatches is just a horrible idea. The whole driving factor behind SmartWatches is for manufacturers to simply prove that small devices with limited abilities can be manufactured and people will buy them simply because they’re small and they have a touchscreen.

I didn’t purchase the U8 SmartWatch because I wanted one. I purchased a SmartWatch because I wanted to get a general idea, hands-on, with one of these devices so that I can give a hands-on honest opinion. I chose the U8 SmartWatch because it’s one of the most economical SmartWatches that’s out right now.

Device Packaging

When I received my U8 SmartWatch, it came in the US Postal Service and the package are simply left in my mailbox. There is nothing fancy about the packaging; just a simple bubble wrap bag with a box inside. The box for the U8 SmartWatch is actually pretty nice; it’s rugged, simple and yet very functional.

Inside the box the SmartWatch is wrapped with a nice heavy foam. The SmartWatch comes with a short USB cable for charging, it also comes with a small piece of metal bits used to pry the backing off of the SmartWatch; presumably to replace the battery.

I was surprised to find that the U8 SmartWatch that I received did not come with any documentation/instructions at all. The set up and usage of the U8 SmartWatch, I guess, is supposed to be completely intuitive and any person who wants to use the watch should have a solid understanding of the android platform and how other technologies work with it.

Initial impressions

My initial impressions of the U8 SmartWatch, before I even turned it on, was that the watch itself was very clean looking. The design seems simple enough. On the right-hand side you have the activator for the screen to come on and on the left-hand side, you have a speaker and a microphone opening; as well as a port for the USB cable for charging.

img_55ca054e53e1f Review: U8 SmartWatch

On the face of the SmartWatch you have your back button, your general selector button and then on the left you have a button to take you directly into your applications.

The overall feel of the U8 SmartWatch was nice. the phase of the SmartWatch seemed simple enough. One thing that concerns me however was that the wristbands, while they felt very comfortable with a soft rubber feel, the wristband itself was a little short. I’m not sure how big the adults were that sized or fitted this particular SmartWatch when it was being designed but this should have been other options.

When I put the SmartWatch on to my wrist, I only had about an inch left of band left. Because of this I found that the SmartWatch would continuously become a nuisance on the backside of my wrist [always flipping around and getting in the way].


Understanding that the U8 SmartWatch is not a high-end item in this review is being done simply to satisfy my personal curiosity, I wasn’t greatly interested in extensive SmartWatch features. Unfortunately, my testing with this SmartWatch was far less than impressive.

The SmartWatch is supposed to have the ability to play music, answer calls, make calls, push notifications, pedometer, etc.

As you’re trying to set up the SmartWatch with these various functions that the device is supposed offer, I kept getting notifications that I had to install ‘BT Notice’ from the Google Play market. I never could find the exact application for this particular watch. I tried several applications that were supposed to be compatible with SmartWatches, nothing ever worked.

The pedometer worked. I was able to play music through the SmartWatch; the sounds that I heard were not overly impressive, but it is a SmartWatch with a very small speaker. To simply say that it worked may be enough for the makers.

Again, unfortunately, a lot of the features of this particular SmartWatch I was unable to test. I received a lot of error messages from the watch itself and from my smart phone [Samsung Galaxy Note 4] telling me that the connection to the U8 SmartWatch had been lost.


  • Appearance of the U8 SmartWatch with simple and contemporary
  • The wristband was soft rubber and nice to the touch
  • The capacitive screen for the SmartWatch seem to work fine
  • Battery life on this SmartWatch had a full two days of standby time.


  • As a SmartWatch, the time display should never go away; this one didn’t stay on and you have to press the button to view the time.
  • Bluetooth connection to my smartphone continuously dropped making the use of any of the smartphone/Bluetooth SmartWatch abilities nonfunctional.
  • The wristband for the SmartWatch seems to be not meant for full sized adult.
  • No documentation comes with the U8 SmartWatch
  • Missing an official U8 SmartWatch application [android] from the Google Play market
  • The processing power of the SmartWatch seems very limited. Moving through the applications and swiping the screen seemed jumpy and clunky.
  • Very disappointed to find that the U8 SmartWatch, being Bluetooth and connecting to my smart phone, does not automatically synchronize with the time it’s on my smartphone.


Very simply, stay away from this device. You can find these U8 SmartWatches on eBay and Amazon, and you can purchase them from iRulu as well. These are horrible, horrible, devices with zero quality. Even from what I saw and what I was able to do with this SmartWatch, I still find that the overall application/use of a SmartWatch is ridiculous.

If you have any thoughts on this, let me know in the comments below…

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