WalknBook IRulu w1002 Drivers [Windows Tablet/PC]

review-irulu-windows-tablet-w1002-20050 WalknBook IRulu w1002 Drivers [Windows Tablet/PC]

This is a quick post, and it’s really inspired by the trouble it takes to find drivers for Windows devices. From PCs to tablets, Windows requires drivers and without them stuff just doesn’t work right. Right? Right.

So this brings us to the post of today for the IRulu w1002 WalknBook Windows tablet PC. It’s a great tablet PC, but in some cases they might need to be wiped, reformatted and reloaded. This brings us back to requiring drivers.

The W1002 doesn’t come with an installation disc or an os on a jumpdrive; it has a separate partition on its SSD with the installation files on it. If that SSD goes bad, or you are starting with a whole SSD, you’re going to be left with going on safari searching for drivers. Of course the Windows operating system will load, but there’s the searching.

It’s such a pain!

As a suggestion to Microsoft, any time a Windows PC/device loads any device driver, it should be checked to see if it exists in their/Microsoft driver database. If it doesn’t, the Windows operating system should force the upload of that driver to their system; to ensure everyone has the latest driver, or a compatible driver. There should never be a situation where a user has a Windows device and can’t find a driver for it.

So, I was recently contacted by a person in just such a situation and needed the drivers. I completely understood his situation and gladly provided an extract of the drivers I had on my w1002 tablet PC.

We used Double Driver. I downloaded the application from MajorGeeks.com; it’s one of those applications you can just download and run without installation [I love those!].

The extraction of the drivers took about 5 minutes, I compacted them into a single ZIP file and he was able to download them from my website. I just wanted to share those with anyone else if they are in the same boat.

You can reload the Windows operating system, load the Double Driver application, download this driver extract and then restore the drivers to the IRulu w1002 WalknBook Windows tablet and you should be back on your way.


Here’s the download link:



If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…


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