Apr 25 2015

Stop eM client Operation Errors

review-em-client-v6-19115 Stop eM client Operation Errors

I really hate to go into this, but eM client has become very frustrating over the past couple weeks. EM client is an email application that looks very close to Microsoft Outlook and has a lot of the same functionality.

The problem that I’ve been seeing lately is that while using eM client, the applications popping up a bunch of operational errors. There’s nothing in the application that allows you to handle the operation errors. And it seems like recently that I can’t even come back to my desktop without the application having a modal window in the middle of my screen that tells me that eM client has had a problem and there was an error.

Apparently, with eM client, there’s errors with the application all the time and they want to report every single error that you get with eM client.

I know there’s problems with eM client communicating with various services on a regular basis, I’m not necessarily concerned about it, it’s just part of having an Internet connection. What I don’t need from eM client is a pop-up modal window reports excessive errors of communication.

I reached out to eM client reps several weeks back and according to them, their development team is aware of the problem and they’re going to make corrections. Unfortunately, my patience has worn thin, so I created a AutoHotKey scripts to monitor my desktop Windows.

It’s the modal window pops up called Operations, I look to see if it reports any errors, it’s so, it closes the window.

Here’s AutoHotKey script:

appname=eM client Error Handler

ifwinexist, Operations
traytip, %appname%, Err window found again.
winactivate, Operations
Wingettext, actwin, Operations
if actwin contains error
traytip, %appname%, Errs found again.
Winclose, Operations

sleep, 1000
Traytip, %appname%, You’re welcome. LEHSYS.
sleep, 10000

That’s all there is to it.

If you’re interested, you can download AutoHotKey from their website.

You can also download the executable of the scripts from here.


If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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