Customers aren’t making this up – Comcast Sucks

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Comcast is one of those companies who has spent millions of dollars in 2014 lobbying putting themselves in a position where customers have no other option but to use their service. The money they spent bends everything to their direction. And for the most part, Comcast has been enjoying a very comfortable monopoly type environment.

But you know, there’s a lot of people who have Comcast service that really don’t want it. The reason they don’t want Comcast service is because they suck. Comcast has been voted the worst customer service in America a couple times and it’s been rated the most hated company in America. And for those lucky few who have been able to escape the dark clutches of Comcast, and most people would say every day without Comcast is a great day.

Do you approve of how Comcast serves its customers?

  • No. (94%, 63 Votes)
  • Yes. (6%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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It’s really no surprise that when Comcast makes the news, it’s typically not because they did something great and it’s definitely not something that they’re doing its innovative, it’s typically because they have treated their customers in a very negative way.

Some examples:

  • Comcast: You can’t leave us
    Just a few months ago, Comcast had a very negative PR event happen where one of their customers was trying to cancel their service and the customer retention representative from Comcast was giving them an extremely hard time about canceling the service.
  • Comcast: All your modem belong to us
    Just a couple of weeks ago, Comcast was still fighting an ongoing customer outrage over the fact that Comcast was using their wireless routers. Were talking about the broadband modems that Comcast rents customers, and Comcast was using those devices as available hotspots; potentially exposing millions of customers personal/private information, from their private home networks.It was a huge mistake for Comcast to make this arbitrary decision, thinking that customers wouldn’t mind.
  • Comcast We hate you back, it just works…
    And just recently, the customer that was reaching out to Comcast about a billing dispute had his official name, from his billing statement, changed to ‘A$$HOLE’.I think that’s enough to make any Comcast customer, or just any customer, cringe with just how bad customer service with Comcast is; and how Comcast feels towards its customers— and within the past few days even more.


For all the millions of dollars Comcast spins on lobbying Congress to make changes to laws that benefit them exclusively, and for all the money that Comcast executives are getting for basically doing nothing is close to extraordinary.

  • HD programming/resolution to be unclear about it
    Comcast HDTV service is one of the worst broadcast services that I have seen. I’ve used AT&T U-verse and Verizon FIOS for comparison, and I can say unanimously that those two services outperform Comcast. At least AT&T and Verizon benefit from fiber optics. Comcast is still using coaxial cable, which means slower transfer speeds and compressed HD video.By the time the video feed reaches the customer’s home, it has to be decompressed and the resolution of that HD feed is compromised. Customers are paying for substandard HD service.
  • Cable boxes of inconvenience
    One of the most detested things about Comcast is that they rent their cable boxes. Customers are already paying a high fee for their TV service, but to add insult to injury they tack on additional fees for the cable boxes. And on top of the rental fees, Comcast cannot come out to your home to fix issues with your cable box in a timely manner.Comcast routinely, and as a standard, tells customers they will take over a week for a representative of Comcast to come out of their home and switch out their cable box; same goes for the remotes.Just as a point of reference for Comcast, and I being a subscriber to EPB fiber optics, the situation with Comcast happened just this past week.Ironically, basically the same issue happened to my father that also has EPB and EPB customer service came out to his house within two hours to fix the issue, with no additional fees or costs.
  • Internet service absent’us
    I continue to be impressed with the level of oppression that Comcast exhibits towards its customers when it comes to Internet service. When I was a customer of Comcast, over 10 years ago, my Internet connection throughout the day was constantly dropping. I was having problems with VPN connections, file transfers and streaming video. When I contacted Comcast customer service, I found out that [very humorously] Comcast as a Internet service provider did not guarantee a constant Internet connection, but only access to the Internet.According to the Comcast customer support representative, if I wanted to have a constant connection to the Internet and a consistent connection to the Internet, I would have to purchase a static IP address. Comcast also informed me that the purchasing of this static IP address from Comcast was also considered a business class level of Internet service; for which I would have to start incurring a much higher Internet service fee.I declined the static IP address, but you see my point.
  • The Netflix precedent
    If you really want to be impressed by Comcast and its scum dealings, you don’t have to look any further than the extortion practices of 2014 where Comcast extorted a undisclosed amount of money from Netflix simply to allow Netflix to serve their customers properly.The argument that Comcast was making was that because Netflix was the bulk of Internet traffic for their customers, and that Netflix was enjoying such success, Comcast should piggyback on that success and extort money from Netflix on the basis that they share customers and they should share profits.The humor in this situation is that Comcast promises X amount of bandwidth to their customers every month; up to 250 GB, and Comcast guarantees their customers that they can get a certain amount of bandwidth directly to their homes for a fixed fee every month; 50 MB per second.

    The interesting piece here is that Comcast customers were already paying for access to Netflix. Comcast customers were already given a limit of 250 GB at 50 MB per second to download any content that they wanted, but Comcast stepped in and said that Netflix’s traffic was special and warranted additional monies.I think everybody can see the problem with that.

  • It’s all Monopoly money
    I think what impresses me the most is that for all the hatred for Comcast and the poor services they provide, customers still have to use their service because they are a monopoly. Comcast is already reported several times that they have designated districts and geographic areas that they serve. Comcast has clearly said that they don’t compete with other cable and Internet service providers in the same area. They understand that they are a monopoly and if customers want cable or Internet service, they have to choose Comcast; there are no other options.Comcast is trying to push through a merger between them and Time Warner cable, which would make Comcast the largest cable and Internet service provider in the United States; exposing even more customers to the horrible, horrible, horrible services and customer service that they offer.


Roughly 10 years ago, when I left Comcast as a customer, I was tired of the repetitive abuse, billing issues, additional fees, rate hikes and overall just poor service. President Obama has indicated recently that he supports expansion of cable and Internet service providers into areas that traditionally have not been available to them. He also supports removing restrictions that would hinder competition.

Chattanooga, TN has one of the fastest connections to the Internet in the country, and it’s affordable. Comcast spent years suing EPB to prevent them from creating their own municipal Internet service. Now EPB has the premier Internet service for the country, it’s being used as a model for the rest of cities and towns that need high-speed Internet service; that deserve high-speed Internet service. And the main reason why these types of laws and expansions for competition are required is because the Comcast refuses to service their customers, improve their networks or increase their bandwidth speeds.

I can honestly say that every day that I don’t have to deal with Comcast is a GREAT day!


If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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