Jan 09 2015

Review: IRulu 7″ Quad Core Tablet [X1s 1749]

img_54b0838a53f8b Review: IRulu 7" Quad Core Tablet [X1s 1749]

From time to time, I get the opportunity to review tablets from iRulu. I purchased my first iRulu tablet off of eBay and I have to admit, in almost the past two years, iRulu has made a lot of improvements to their android tablets. IRulu has started focusing on not just android tablets but now smartphones.

But the android tablets continue to get better and better. One of the latest tablets that I got from them was the iRulu 7 inch quad core 1.4 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and he has a new IPS display screen.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a review on anotherAndroid Tablet [R1710]" href="http://www.lehsys.com/2014/10/review-irulu-7-quad-core-android-tablet-r1710/" target="_blank"> iRulu tablet that was 7 inches. At that time, I thought that was my favorite tablet. It performed very well and did everything that I wanted to. When I was given the opportunity to review this tablet, I want to walk into it and try to make as objective as possible, but I must admit the new IPS screen really impressed me.

Device Packaging

This tablet comes with iRulu standard packaging; a cardboard box with Styrofoam inside. The tablet is wrapped in bubble wrap. The tablet comes with a power supply, two USB cords, a stylus and a brief users manual [very general]. For your convenience/reference, I created an un-boxing video of the tablet.

Initial impressions

One of the first things I always look for with the iRulu tablets is to make sure that when the tablet first comes out, how does it feel on the hands? In my opinion, the 7 inch tablets are probably the most convenient. They’re bigger than the standard smartphone and the smaller than those gigantic tablets, but you can still get all the information you’re looking for and the displays are usually good enough to get everything on their without having to get a microscope.

The edges of the tablet are refined. Does no rough edges or catchy points. The tablet came with a screen protector already applied to the tablet. The front WebCam is located at the top right hand side, which is the .3 megapixel. The power button and volume controls are also located on the right-hand side. You have inputs for memory expansion power cable mini USB and the 3.5 mm headphones.

On the back, you have your small port for doing a tablet reset in the bottom left-hand corner. In the top left-hand corner, you have your WebCam, which is the two megapixel camera. I would recommend using the cameras in very good light; the tablet does not come with LEDs to illuminate the targets. On the top right hand side of the tablet on the back is the singular tablet speaker.


  • Android operating system 4.4 KitKat
  • Quad core arm cortex A9 1.4 GHz processor
    the 1.4 GHz Quad processor provides great performance and more than enough for applications and games.
  • Mali 400 GPU, IPS five point touchscreen, 1024 X 600 HD display
    the new IPS screen allows for much more visibility at angles in comparison to other tablets in the past
  • WebCams on front and back [no flash]
  • Bluetooth 4.0
    I was able to test out my Bluetooth headset, keyboard and the sound cannon without any issues at all.
  • Wi-Fi B/G/N
    I didn’t have any issues with connecting to my Wi-Fi N network.
  • internal storage 8 GB/expandable storage to 32 GB
    I used the USB miniport to connect the tablet to an external hard drive and a jump drive; I also tested a wireless USB keyboard.


  • Had some difficulties with using the stylus with the tablet; it didn’t work as well as I would like to. I believe iRulu is already aware of this.
  • WebCams on the front and back of the tablet are satisfactory, but I would’ve loved to have seen higher resolutions for taking pictures and being able to share those.
  • I would like to see iRulu produce some tablets with the speakers in the front; to get the full effect of the capable sound.


iRulu has made some great strides in progress in improving their android tablets over the past two years. From the very first tablet that I purchased from iRulu have been huge steps in progress. IRulu is not solely focused on android tablets anymore, they’re moving onto smartphones and having great success. Some people argue that because these tablets are under hundred dollars, they’re not worth it; I would strongly argue that. This android tablet is a strong performer, it has a great processor and the display is very nice. The tablet gives you full access to the Google Play market, Internet access, games, applications and the ability to watch streaming content, all within a 7 inch compact design. I think this is a great tablet.

Working with technology on a regular basis, and having done quite a few reviews for android devices, I know what’s good and what’s bad. I never recommend any device to a friend or family member a device I wouldn’t have for myself. I wouldn’t have any problems at all suggesting this tablet or giving it to someone as a gift.

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