Jan 01 2015

LEHSYS 2015 Tech Predictions

img_54a4588e2e87d LEHSYS 2015 Tech Predictions

So yeah— 2015 is here, and this is the first post for LEHSYS for this year. I just thought it would be fun to make a couple of predictions for this year and see how they roll out, to see how close I am at the end of 2015. There’s been a lot of content and news to cover in 2014 and it’s fun to look back on everything it’s been taken in from the past year and see what might be good and bad points for the future.

So here’s my top 10 list for 2015—

  • Windows 10 – success

    img_54a459e31899e LEHSYS 2015 Tech Predictions

    I think the release of Windows 10 is going to be one of the best releases from Microsoft in a long time when it comes to their operating systems. The technical preview that Microsoft offered earlier this year shows a lot of promise. Microsoft has obviously listened to their customer base, they seem to be more open to new ideas right now and their ideas of having a unified operating system is right on track with what everyone else thinks.

  • Android operating system – continuing to dominate
    The android operating system, I think, will continue to be the most dominant operating system available for mobile devices. I see the android operating system becoming even more common with tablets, Smart TV’s and automobiles. Apple’s operating system will continue to be competitive but I see its market share slipping more towards the end of 2015.
  • Google Android TV – making streaming more competitive and interactive
    I see the release of Google Android TV being a big release for streaming devices. I think that the entrance of Google Android TV is going to be strong competition for Roku. The android operating system offers a lot of benefits like applications, games, web browsing, social networking and channel availability that are not available with Roku. Unfortunately for Roku, android development is extremely strong.
  • Security problems – those darn passwords
    I believe that were still going to see plenty of security breaches and situations where millions and millions of user passwords are compromised, where department stores continue to have their systems hacked and consumer information stolen. Unfortunately, user IDs and passwords are overly common and just about every variance of user ID and password has been used and thanks to companies and institutions not securing your systems well enough, hackers have more than enough variances for a brute force attack to hack just about any account. I see more discussions about security of authentication coming.
  • Online movie releases – thank you North Korea

    img_54a459332f8d6 LEHSYS 2015 Tech Predictions

    While it’s completely unfortunate for Sony entertainment to have their systems hacked and to have their property stolen and their systems damaged by malicious individuals, the best thing to come out of the Sony hacking scandal was that for the first time, a major movie was released online to the public through several services. Online movie rentals of the new movie exceeded those of what the movie theaters brought in. I think this event shows that there’s a real market for movie production companies and distribution companies to release new movies directly to the public through online streaming services. It’s possible that in one to three years, we might start seeing new movies released online immediately.

  • Ultra HD television – dead before it starts
    It’s really interesting to me that Ultra HD television is on its way in. 4k televisions are being advertised in commercials and were also seeing hints of Ultra HD televisions that are 8k; so early in overshadowing the release of new technology making it old technology before it’s even in place. Consumers can start seeing rapid decreases in high-definition televisions, resulting in great deals for people who have been holding off on buying that huge flatscreen TV. I for one am very thankful to see the end of the rush to create 3-D televisions and 3-D media for everything.
  • TESLA electric cars – you have to love this
    img_54a45902c7240 LEHSYS 2015 Tech Predictions
    Tesla automotive has been one of the most exciting automakers in the past couple of years. If showing themselves to be highly motivated and innovative with their designs. There pushing the market of electric cars to the limit and forcing customers to see automobiles in a new way. Tesla has done more to push the automotive market perspective than any other car dealer ever. Not only is Tesla creating cutting-edge like vehicles, they are also building in the infrastructure required to support their vehicles. First, they were building charging stations, now in their newer vehicles, Tesla is going to allow owners to pull into a battery replacement station and replace the car’s battery within under three minutes. Tesla is going to be very exciting to watch.
  • Lower Phone Bills –  it’s about time!
    I have to admit that I’m very excited to see that phone carriers are in the process of fighting over who can provide the lowest cost phone service to customers. It’s very similar to what home phone customers saw back in the mid-90s with long-distance service. It’s very obvious that phone carriers have been price gouging customers for a very long time and customers are now more motivated to have contract free phone service, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited talk time. It’s my opinion that the carrier who comes out with an unlimited talk, text and data plan for acceptable low rate is going to set the bar for the new level of cost for phone service.
  • Web e-mail services like Outlook.com – can you believe it?
    Several years ago, everyone was using email clients locally installed on their desktop PCs, but now people are transitioning more to web-based email interfaces through their web browser or through their mobile device. For the most part, whether email services have been disgustingly ugly. They don’t have the usability and options as their desktop counterparts; pointing at you Gmail.

    But Outlook.com really made a big impact with me this year on the complete redesign and transition from Hotmail. The user interface for Hotmail.com is very clean and capable and I think that more web email services are going to start transitioning to something that looks like Outlook.com; something more professional looking and full of features that people are used to seeing, like message filtering/sorting.

  • 4k Streaming content – watch for confusing standards.

    img_54a45a3ed86c6 LEHSYS 2015 Tech Predictions

    There’s been a lot of discussion this year about streaming 4k content from service providers like Netflix. I’m really interested to see how Ultra HD streaming content works out. Ultra HD streaming requires a new video codec to compress the video even more than it has now, with H.264/MP4. The challenges with Ultra HD streaming is going to be making sure that all the people who want to receive high-definition streaming content can handle the new video codec which is H.265/HEVC.

    The new codec standard has been released, but a lot of applications and services do not support this video format yet, which makes it highly difficult to deliver that level of the resolution. I see Smart TV providers pushing out updates to older TVs to support the new compressed format and I see other streaming service set-top boxes struggling to update their services as well.


If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, let me know in the comments below…

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