Nov 10 2014

Review: RT-MWK08 USB Mini-Keyboard Remote


review-rt-mwk08-usb-mini-keyboard-remote-19071 Review: RT-MWK08 USB Mini-Keyboard Remote

 Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to complete a review for the Eweat EW902, Android TV box, but I’ve been holding off on doing the second part of that review until I received a different remote. The stock remote that comes with the Eweat Android TV box that they sent me was not what I would consider user-friendly.

It make more sense to have a more capable remote than what they provided me. I had never purchased in Android TV remote before, so I wasn’t quite sure what I would be looking for, but I do have a much better idea now.

Just to get a better idea of the capabilities and some of the things that I should be looking forward to in the future, I purchased a mini wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Essentially it’s an Android TV remote, with a keyboard and touchpad. It’s compatible with several different operating systems, but I purchased this one strictly for the Android TV box.

The remote I purchased was from eBay, it was roughly $15, with free shipping.The model number is RT-MWK08

If you’re thinking about using an Android TV device, I strongly recommend getting a remote that has gyroscopic, touch and keyboard abilities.

The idea for the Android TV remote was that the stock remote that was provided by Eweat was entirely too difficult to use, especially in situations where I was having to type in information.

And if you’re working with an Android TV box, that’s not from Google, essentially it’s a android-based PC; you’re going to need touch ability and you’re going to need the ability to type in information very easily.


The Good

  • On the top left, you have multimedia controls for playing videos, stepping forward and stepping back; and you also have controls for controlling the volume— in my case with Android TV box— not so much for the TV or stereo system.

    review-rt-mwk08-usb-mini-keyboard-remote-general-19077 Review: RT-MWK08 USB Mini-Keyboard Remote

  • The RT-MWK08 remote itself is lightweight and is about 7 inches wide and 1 inch thick. it has a QWERTY keyboard, with a touchpad and options for left and right click; it even has the function keys at the top.
  • The RT-MWK08 remote that I received, came charged. The instructions for the unit say to fully charge the remote before using it. Charging the keyboard is very simple, you simply take the USB cable that comes with the many keyboard and you plug it into your computer or a USB charging port.
  • The mini keyboard comes with a USB dongle, from the back panel. Installation/use of the many keyboard is actually very simple. Remove the USB dongle, and then simply plug it into the device that you plan to use it with. In my case, USB dongle and the many keyboard were detected automatically by the android operating system and I was able to use the many keyboard immediately.
  • Communications of the many RT-MWK08 keyboard are done wirelessly, see don’t have to worry about having a line of sight. The responsiveness of the QWERTY keyboard and touchpad; I never had any issues.
  • The battery life of this unit seems to be pretty good because I’ve been using it for several days, on and off, and it seems to have a very good standby time. With the rechargeable battery that comes with it, there shouldn’t be any problems with getting plenty of use from it.

    review-rt-mwk08-usb-mini-keyboard-remote-general-19073 Review: RT-MWK08 USB Mini-Keyboard Remote

The Not So good

  • The width of the mini keyboard is perfect, but the thickness of the unit is a little bit awkward and is not entirely comfortable. You find yourself fumbling with your fingers make sure that you can get a good grip on it from time to time.
  • While the keyboard and the touchpad works flawlessly, I did have issues with Android TV [more specifically my Android TV box from Eweat] where the wireless keyboard was sending signals to move around with the arrow keys, but it was not working. This could be blamed on the Android TV box or it could simply be a side effect of not being fully compatible. But the indicators did show that the signal was being sent.

    review-rt-mwk08-usb-mini-keyboard-remote-general-19075 Review: RT-MWK08 USB Mini-Keyboard Remote


Overall, I think the mini keyboard performed okay and it would be fine for people who are going to be using home theater PCs or similar devices, but because I have goals of using my Android TV box beyond just playing music and videos [playing games], I’ll be looking to replace this remote here pretty soon with one that offers gyroscopic controls for playing games, or better mouse control [air mouse].

If you have any thoughts on Android TV or wireless keyboard units, let me know…

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