Nov 28 2014

Review: IRulu X9 9 inch Android Tablet [x1943]

review-irulu-x9-x1943-9-inch-android-tablet-19185 Review: IRulu X9 9 inch Android Tablet [x1943]

This is a review for the iRulu eXPro X9 9 inch Android quad core tablet. It comes preloaded with Google android 4.4, KitKat. It has a 9 inch capacitive touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution for nice clear pictures. The iRulu tablet is running the AllWinner A33 quad core processor at 1.3 GHz, with the quad core Mali- 400 GPU. The tablet comes with 1 GB of memory installed, which make sure that you can play all the latest games and applications from the Google Play market.

As an improvement over any previous tablets I’ve seen from iRulu, this particular tablet allows you to have a total of 64 GB of expansion space on your microSD card; as opposed to the standard 32 GB. This’ll make sure that you have all your music and movies loaded that you would like to watch for hours of entertainment.

The tablet has communication abilities for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (b,n,g) and 3G communications (with a dongle), but the 3G communications does not include the dongle with the tablet.

Device Packaging

The standard packaging from iRulu is a small cardboard box with Styrofoam packaging inside of it. All angles of the tablet are covered during shipment. Everything short of someone running over it with a truck, the tablet should be in very good shape by the time it reaches its destination. I personally have never had any issues with having tablets delivered through the Postal Service, or couriers.

Initial impressions

review-irulu-x9-x1943-9-inch-android-tablet-19181 Review: IRulu X9 9 inch Android Tablet [x1943]

I continue to be impressed with iRulu’s production of their android tablets. Since my first purchase of an iRulu tablet, iRulu has continued to make improvements on their design and performance of their tablets. Typically, when I receive an iRulu tablet, the tablets are fully charged and I’m able to use the tablet immediately upon and packaging; this time was no different.

The finish of the tablets are typically refined, but this particular tablet, on the outside, what you typically would hold, the tablet the edges seem a bit more catchy or sharper on the fingers. The overall weight of this 9 inch tablet is very acceptable [1.5lbs] and there’s no problem with being able to carry this time around or use it for casual use. The dimensions are 9.4 x 5.8 x 0.4 inches.


review-irulu-x9-x1943-9-inch-android-tablet-19183 Review: IRulu X9 9 inch Android Tablet [x1943]

Upon using the iRulu 9 inch tablet for the first time, the bootup process on the tablet only took about 30 seconds, if that. If you reboot the tablet, it gives you the option if you want to do a quick reboot next time; booting up in about five seconds.

Some of the applications that I tested this tablet with were Plex, Netflix, Antutu benchmark, Skype, Google Earth, Beach Buggy Blitz and Autodesk Sketchbook. I chose this range of applications to put the tablet through various tests of communications, playing video, benchmark testing and to test the capacitive screen on the tablet.

According to Antutu benchmark version 5.3, the performance of this particular tablet was 16,202. having a score like that from Antutu for an iRulu tablet is definite progress. I played with other iRulu tablets that have lower scores, that have performed very well. Based on results from the benchmark, Antutu says that this tablet has average performance and is better than 50% of the tablets that it’s tested. Game performance for this tablet is better than 30% of other devices and the battery performance of this tablet is better than 50% of the tablets it’s tested.

review-irulu-x9-x1943-9-inch-android-tablet-19188 Review: IRulu X9 9 inch Android Tablet [x1943]

In testing applications like Plex, Netflix, Skype and Google Earth, I think the tablet performed very well. I never saw the tablet being jumpy or leggy in response when dealing with playback of video or handling graphics; that was never an issue. Applications loaded smoothly and quickly and I was able to access the Google Play market without any issues at all.

There’s been several iRulu tablets had tested and I’ve never had any problems with the graphic chips that they place into their tablets, but one thing I do see with their tablets is there deficiencies with their WebCams. While the Skype application works just fine, the thing that hurts the iRulu tablets the most is the low level of resolution on the web cams. So while it is able to run Skype and are able to do video chats back-and-forth the resolution of the chat session is not going to be great; this may hurt a consumers impression of the tablet overall. But the cameras on the tablet do work and they seem to work a little bit better especially in brightly lit areas.

A small problem that I found with this tablet is that looking at the screen at a particular angle is an issue. Looking at the tablet and tilting the tablet to the right, where the left-hand side is closer to you, gives a photo negative effect; where you can’t see the display of the screen correctly. You see the same problem as well if you’re looking at the images on the screen at an angle from the top, where the top of the screen is closer to you.

The iRulu tablet I received, I believe it may have been an early production model, because in my testing for the tablet, I noticed that I don’t have a photo gallery installed on this tablet. It’s not listed in the installed applications. Somehow the application is installed, but you don’t have access to the photo gallery unless you take a picture and then look at the picture directly after. There is a photo gallery widget that you can access your gallery that way, but by simply going to the application listing, the photo gallery is not showing up.

Battery life is always a top priority with anyone who’s going to be purchasing a tablet. I’ve been testing the iRulu x9 9 inch android tablet for about two weeks and unfortunately, with the tablet that I’ve got [possibly a defect], I’m not able to get more than 8 to 10 hours of standby time out of this particular tablet. I have other iRulu tablets that have roughly 5 days of standby time; this tablet is a high exception.


  • This tablet has a fast quad core all winter 1.3 GHz processor with 1 GB of internal memory
  • it has a quad core GPU for faster processing of graphics
  • expandable storage space up to 64 GB microSD card
  • built-in communication options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G [dongle not included]
  • access to the Google Play market; thousands of games and applications
  • seems well-suited for casual or better use, well beyond just web surfing


  • the outside edges of the tablet were not refined; somewhat sharp and catchy to the fingertip.
  • The speakers for the tablet are in the back
  • the WebCam for this tablet, front and back, are functional, but could be better
  • this tablet uses a TN panel which causes problems seeing the image from angles,
  • battery standby time limited to 8 to 10 hours


After doing several reviews for iRulu, I find that this tablet performs well, but I don’t find that this tablet is consumer friendly. In my testing, the issues with the battery, the photo gallery and the issues with the display screen are going to be factors for the average consumer. More and more customers are expecting to have tablets that are driven to multimedia, more than just functionality. If I’m being honest about the rating on this tablet, and I am, I would give it 3 out of 5.

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