Nov 18 2014

Review: eM Client v6 – Organized and Robust

review-em-client-v6-19115 Review: eM Client v6 - Organized and Robust

I did a review of eM client back in 2012 for the release of version 5. Version 6 has been released and eM client is one of the most robust email clients that’s freely available on the Internet. It’s been referred to as the Microsoft Outlook killer. The user interface of eM client looks very similar to Microsoft Outlook and he has a lot of the similar functions, but it also has some additional features that Microsoft Outlook doesn’t support.

While a majority of people have compromised on the standards of an email client, eM client has embraced the importance of handling email, organizing it, but also keeping track of calendar events and personal tasks; it’s a personal information manager in one package. People who are serious about their communications and organization lean on applications like eM client help them organize and keep things on track.

Web interfaces are still seriously behind on capability. Web interfaces are functional, but they’re not fluid, they’re not natural and they’re not robust. eM client is an application serious about managing your communications, events and tasks in making it easy for you to get things done.

Software Packaging

eM client is a Windows application that can be downloaded from the company’s website []. eM client is a relatively small download from the website; not even 15 MB.

review-em-client-v6-19117 Review: eM Client v6 - Organized and Robust

The installation of the software is uneventful; all users have to do basically is click on next all the way through the installation. You don’t have to worry about any ancillary software or declining any special options.

Download page here

Initial impressions

A couple of years ago, when I did early review for eM client, the company was still working on getting everything going for the application. EM client was referred to as the “Microsoft Outlook Killer”. It has a lot of resemblances to Microsoft Outlook, but it also adds some extra stuff. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Outlook, eM client is going to be a cakewalk to get used to.

review-em-client-v6-general-19119 Review: eM Client v6 - Organized and Robust

I really like the way the application looks; comes across very professional and ready to do business. The main user interface for eM client has basically four panes. on the far left, you have your inboxes, then a listing of the incoming emails, a preview of the selected email and then on the far right, you have the additional features and functions that you would normally find with the Microsoft Outlook add-on Xobni.

The benefit to having the Xobni functionality built into the application is that when you click on email, you get a quick snapshot of all previous conversations that you’ve had with that particular contact/person, but you also get the option to look up all attachments that have been exchanged as well. This is an extreme timesaver.


eM client has a Smart folders that has all of your inboxes concatenated into one place, so you don’t have to click around each individual email account to check to see what’s coming in; it’s very convenient. The application also has options for calendar, tasks and contacts. And if you used to using Microsoft Outlook with Xobni, you also find that eM client integrates a lot of functionality into their application by default.

review-em-client-v6-general-19126 Review: eM Client v6 - Organized and Robust

eM client also supports multiple themes if you want to see something more modern or something a little more familiar to what you’re seeing with Microsoft Outlook. The application also has some big bonuses over Microsoft Outlook that you don’t see with other email clients; it’s able to synchronize your web email accounts and calendars with the application. eM client  has an account wizard so that when you’re setting up new accounts, the application already knows its abilities with that particular web service and prompt you to synchronize with it.

review-em-client-v6-general-19128 Review: eM Client v6 - Organized and Robust

There’s a lot of great functions with eM client I can’t mention in one article, but one of the features I really like about eM client is the efforts it’s taken in the refinement of adding the abilities of instant messengers from various services and integrating it into one application, so that not only do you have the ability to email people, if you have a supported web service/instant messenger that eM client supports [which is quite a few; including Facebook] you can contact those people directly through and instant message.

I would like to quickly mention that the efforts that the eM client has put into the calendar does not go unnoticed. eM client’s  calendar functionality, in my opinion, matches that of Microsoft Outlook and then some. It’s clean, fast and easy to use; AND Microsoft Outlook does not provide the weather outlook for the next five days.

review-em-client-v6-19121 Review: eM Client v6 - Organized and Robust


  • eM client has the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook; very professional and clean.
  • it supports multiple email accounts [support for web-based email and exchange].
  • by default, the application supports instant messenger with various web services.
  • eM client has calendar and task functionality that can be synchronized directly with your Gmail or account.
  • Moving from one email client to the next is extremely easy because of eM client’s in portability from applications like Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail [plus others].


  • no major flaws come to mind as I was going over version 6 of eM client.

Minor note

During the use of eM client, I received a lot of notifications from the application about having difficulties reaching various web services for synchronization. Periodically, Web services go down or Internet traffic gets interrupted. I did find that the notifications from eM client about communication problems were a bit excessive. eM client could blink an icon in the bottom left-hand corner as opposed to the constant pop-ups of communications errors.

review-em-client-v6-general-19123 Review: eM Client v6 - Organized and Robust

In the future, I hope that eM client allows users to be notified of communication issues in a little less annoying way. If there was a way to turn this option off, I didn’t find it.


My overall opinion of eM client is that it’s very nice and professional. for those people who have been used to using Microsoft Outlook, eM client should be very familiar. The application goes a long way towards trying to concatenate all of your communications, calendars and tasks into one place; to help you organize. The application also builds in some additional features that Microsoft Outlook doesn’t have, like the integrated instant messenger that supports communications to an array of web services, the addition of aggregating services to see past conversations and attachments when selecting a particular email/person.

eM client is substantially cheaper investment than Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook does not have the features that eM client does without having to purchase or install additional add-ons.

eM client is free if you have a singular account, but if you have multiple accounts, [like most people do] after using eM client for just a little while, you realize how important it is and how easy it is to use the application. It’s a strong performer and easily makes it into my recommended list.

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