Oct 03 2014

Review: WonderFox DVD Video Converter

800 Review: WonderFox DVD Video Converter

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a software package that I got from a ” give away ” website for free. It has the ability to rip DVDs and convert various different audio and video formats.  Sometimes there’s points where you want to work with media and you want to create a specific type of presentation, but the thing that people run into the most often is the complexities of dealing with different video and audio formats. The quickest way to turn off someone’s inspiration for doing any kind of media presentation is to confuse them with jargon and technical points that they don’t understand.

Unfortunately, we still live in a transitional phase where device manufacturers and software companies are still thinking of new audio and video formats to work with because they think their format is better than everyone else’s; and there’s always going to be a new standard coming out, but everyone should support a “standard” on every device so that everyone can work or even playing field.

But when that’s not the case, you need software that can deal with those various different audio and video formats  and convert them into something you can work with,  or something that your audio/video software can handle natively. This is where WonderFox DVD video converter comes in very handy. It keeps your motivation for your project going and removes the headaches of having to deal with technical roadblocks.

Software Packaging

I was lucky enough to find WonderFox DVD video converter a website that gives away free software on a regular basis. You never know what you’re going to get with the free giveaways , but I was able to find WonderFox on there one day.

The way the giveaway website works is that you download a special installer, you install the software and then they give you the license key, and then you register the license key with the software company.

Any other time, you and drop by the website download the trial version of the video conversion software and see if it works for you. At the time of this article, the video conversion software was on special for $34.

Initial impressions

My initial impressions of the software is that the interface looks dead simple. The usage of the application is laid out on the main screen/form; numbered out as steps one, two and three. You simply choose the media source that you want to work with, choose the output format you wanted to be in and then choose the run button.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the WonderFox DVD video converter software, you can choose where you would like to save your output file to. There’s also an option to merge all the videos into one file.


917 Review: WonderFox DVD Video Converter

You can add source files from your local machine or you can download source files from sources like YouTube. You just copy and paste the YouTube URL and then you click on the option to download the video. But you can also choose from other sources like a DVD that you own.

557 Review: WonderFox DVD Video Converter

After you have chosen your source files, you have to choose the format in which you want to output.

387 Review: WonderFox DVD Video Converter

The last option is to choose the run button in the bottom right-hand corner. Depending upon how many files your processing and how big those files are, depends on how long it’s going to take to convert them.


  • The user interface for the software is dead simple; beginners and advanced users will appreciate it.
  • The conversion software supports a wide array of source files and allows users to file type, or by device.
  • The software package allows for batch processing.


  • None. I didn’t run into any issues at all in using the software.


There’s quite a few video conversion software packages on the Internet that are free and do what they’re supposed to, but typically there’s a trade-off of product support. WonderFox DVD video converter has a dead simple user interface, it supports a wide array of source and output formats, and does it fast by using your GPU were possible.

WonderFox DVD video converter is not free software, but the investment in the software is minimal. You do get very good support from the author, the software is updated on a regular basis and from my experience, any suggestions you make about the improvement for the software are taken under strong consideration. I enjoy using the software because it’s dead simple and it gets it right the first time.

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