Review: iRulu 7″ Quad Core Android Tablet [R1710]

671 Review: iRulu 7" Quad Core Android Tablet [R1710]

A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to review another iRulu 7 inch android tablet; it’s the R1710 with quad core processing, running the latest operating system android. I’ve done other reviews for iRulu before, but this tablet in particular has become my favorite because of its lightweight, portability and performance.

In this article, or take just a few minutes to run down some of the things that I found notable about this tablet.

Device Packaging

Having done several reviews for iRulu, with smartphones and tablets, the packaging that iRulu puts their tablets in is fairly standard. The tablets come packaged in a cardboard box with Styrofoam insulation. Inside, still find the quick users guide, the mini USB power cable, a stylus and an additional USB pigtail, that allows you to plug a standard USB devices. I received the R1710 tablet through the United States post office. There was no special packaging, I just found the tablet in my mailbox.

Initial impressions

My initial impressions of the R1710, and the first thing I noticed, without light the tablet was. The iRulu tablet comes with a glass protector already applied to protect the screen, which I thought was very convenient. As with the other devices that I received from iRulu, the tablet came fully charged. To begin using the tablet, I just have to press the power button; it took only a few seconds for the tablet to power up and I was able to start using it.

380 Review: iRulu 7" Quad Core Android Tablet [R1710]

I have actually tested other tablets from iRulu using 9.7 and 10.1 inches and while I thought those tablets were very nice, after working with the 7 inch android tablet, I think that the larger tablets are now bit more inconvenient. I feel like the 7 inch tablet, for me, is the perfect size for portability and usability for recreation.
Looking at the face of the tablet, there’s a WebCam at the top for videoconferencing [.3 megapixels]. On the back of the tablet is a WebCam for taking pictures [2.0 megapixels]. The WebCams are not high definition so high-resolution pictures are not going to be something that you can achieve with this tablet, but it will capture a good enough image to share with somebody else. Taking pictures with this tablet seem to work very well when you have good lighting.

On the right side of the tablet you have your volume buttons and your power button. On the left-hand side of the tablet is a small opening for storage expansion, up to 32 GB. On the top of the tablet you have openings for headphones [3.5 mm], the microphone, a micro HDMI in a micro USB port. On the back of the iRulu tablet, at the bottom, is the speaker output.

Try testing only sports with my personal equipment. The micro USB is where the tablet is charged, but also gives you the ability to plug in the USB pigtail to plug in other devices like a jump drive. The mini HDMI output worked flawlessly. I simply plug in the HDMI cable into the tablet and the signal came up automatically on my TV; the picture quality was very good— it wasn’t fuzzy at all. And the sound output by the headphone jack works very well, especially hooking it up to my sound cannon.

Here’s my video review:


The tablet comes with a 1 GHz Quad core processor, 8 GB of internal memory, 1 GB DDR three, Wi-Fi and dual cameras. This tablet does not have Bluetooth capability. The tablet comes preinstalled with android 4.4 KitKat operating system. The resolution of the touchscreen is 1200 X 1920, which provides a very nice clean picture. The tablet supports USB dongle for 3G communications, but I think most people now are just using tethering.

Here’s a screenshot of some of these specifications:

831 Review: iRulu 7" Quad Core Android Tablet [R1710]

iRulu R1710 specifications


  • This unit is lightweight, portable and it’s easy to hold with one hand.
  • The resolution of this tablet is good enough for watching movies or playing video games, even browsing the web.
  • This tablet is a tested with Netflix, Hulu and Plex and video playback from all those services, this tablet worked very well.
  • The battery life of this tablet is pretty good, about 3 to 4 hours. And up to five days on standby power [personally tested].


  • This unit does NOT have Bluetooth. This puts it at a disadvantage because now the external devices have to be wired, by either USB or through the headset connection.
  • The speakers for this unit are mounted on the back of the tablet.


The price of this tablet is roughly $100. So, for $100 you get a quad core processor with a good display. You’re able to do videoconferencing, play video games, surf the web and you have access to Google play market [virtually unlimited games applications]. The battery life for this tablet seems to be pretty good. I haven’t been disappointed with its battery life or standby performance. I find that the 7 inch screen is a little more convenient in keeping in my pocket versus toting around a larger android tablet. And for this particular tablet, I find that it’s perfect for me to keep in my living room for doing random searches, looking up images, browsing the web for playing a quick game.

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